Friday, October 03, 2008


So I stayed up pretty late last night reading....and because of that I slept in and woke up 20 minutes before Oli needed to be to school. As we were getting ready to leave he said;

"mom, are you going to wear your pajamas to school today?"

Me: "yeah, why?"

Oli: "well, I don't want people to see you in your pajamas"

Me: "Oli, no one will see me (I am saying this absolutely dumbfounded), I will stay in the car"

Oli: "well, yesterday you didn't. (stay in the car that is)"

What???? I hardly ever wear pj's to Oli's school...but I did yesterday and they were not the cute kind of pj's. Cortney's flannel pants and a bright green t-shirt. I can't believe that I embarrassed Oli. I can't believe that he even cares. What is that all about??


Earl Family said...

Somedays I am lucky if I even put on a bra:0 Thanks for stopping by the other day. It was so fun seeing you. Sorry I had to run. Come again!

mumovearls said...

That is so funny One time I wore a night gown to drop off kids...

Scott & Tami said...

Hilarious...I don't think my kids would even notice what I was wearing.

*ethan* said...

im with oli on this