Wednesday, October 31, 2007


1st and foremost...I wanted to say Happy Birthday to my girl AmBea. I meant to call you all day...but I am always nervous to call people with brand new babies...just in case they are sleeping (the mom not the baby).

We had a great Halloween night. Cali and I spent the day together...I watched the kids while she went and helped with Jack's class party. Then we realized that she had to do her ward newsletter....and I needed to finish the second Jedi costume. We worked like crazy to get done by the time we were supposed to meet at KaeLynns...we all went over to KaeLynn and Jason's for some chili and scones. YUM. We were supposed to be there at 5:15 and I put the last stitch in Oli's costume at 5:14. We both tried frantically to get all 6 kids dressed and in costume. (stressful) But we did it and all of the kids looked sooo great. We walked around Jason and KaeLynn's neighborhood, and the kids seriously got soooo much candy. Her ward really gives out good stuff.
Here we are in KaeLynn's garage...the weather was SOOOO nice tonight. Our friend Britney was there with her family (she made the delicious chili). It is always so fun to get together. It really was a perfect night.
Jason...Brooklyn...Tyson...Jack and Oli. They ran from house to house and this really was the first year that Oli really got what was going on.
Rob in his bee costume. I put black ladies tights over his was so cute. He was totally mad at me though. He bawled and bawled and tried to get those tights off. He finally got used to it. He was awesome tonight. Cortney would wheel him to the front walk of a house in the stroller and Rob would run up to the door as fast as he could all by himself. He would pick out what candy he wanted and then yell THANK YOU as he turned and ran back. (he RARELY says thank you to me...I couldn't believe how excited this boy was about halloween) He stayed out the whole time we did...and filled his pumpkin all the way to the top. It got so heavy at the end that he couldn't get it up stairs. Oli never could have trick or treated this long when he was 23 months old.
Jack and two little Jedi's. I think I went a little overboard. I always do that. Especially since my children aren't even in school and no one sees them. I bet I will be so burnt out on Halloween by the time they are in school that I won't even do anything. But...if I do say so was one of the best costumes I have seen. (biased I know) And I know they will play with them for a long time to come.
Cali and Carolina...she was Cinderella...and looked so cute (man I have said that a lot in this entry).

Justin and Angelique stopped by tonight too. They walked the whole neighborhood and trick or treated with us. They really are fun. Angelique brought the cutest little treat baggies for all of the kids with a whole bunch of candy and bouncy balls for the boys and bracelets for the girls. What a great aunt! I was really glad they came. I seriously love getting together with my family. I don't have a picture of all of the kids but I will post one tomorrow. I am always kind of sad when Halloween is over. I love it. But my parents will be here tomorrow and that is the start of my crazy vacation filled fall and winter. So I guess I can't be sad...I have too much to look forward to.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

book detox

I haven't read a book for a month!!! After reading one almost every other day for the whole summer. I have been so sad and trying to get to the library everyday. It is just so hard and I have had soooo much going on. So here's to getting my kids dressed, shoes on and to the Library today.

So I made it to the library. I had a crazy morning. Ahhhh I am 1/2 of a yard short on fabric for my second jedi costume. Of course JoAnne's couldn't find the same kind of fabric I used. I just know that the cut fabric never found it back to it's place. By the time I made it to the Library I was in a pretty bad mood. I ended up with a whole bunch of books though.

I picked up Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy for Captain Emus' Book Club
I started it should be pretty good. EVERYONE and ANYONE is invited to the book club. I read the first 10 chapters today and that is all they have reviewed so far. The book is pretty good even though it is over 100 years old. It is a nice change of pace from other books I have been reading.

good day

Today was a good day. I got so much done. I love that feeling. I woke up to a mostly clean house. There were some things that I needed to straighten...and laundry to do that kind of thing. Then my visiting teachers came. Then Cali and I headed with the kids to Jack's Halloween program. It was cute. Jack is also a Jedi. Here he is at home before the program.
How cute is he?
He really does look like a Jedi...our kids have all the moves down too.
They sang a whole bunch of great spooky songs.
Jack goes to the cutest preschool. Here are my kids posed on their decorations.
Rob, Oli and Carolina hanging out in the treehouse at the preschool. Robbie was hitting the window with his fist. He is always acting like such a tough guy. When we were coming into the preschool a man was outside and he had this sweet Harley. He asked the kids if they wanted to hear his motorcycle and it was SOOOO loud. Here Rob is holding on to me with all his might (10 minutes later) because he was sooo scared. He never snuggles me so Cali had to take a picture...and I had to post it regardless of the fact that I have no makeup on. (my friend Rachel said something on her blog about people not posting bad pictures of themselves...well this post I am doing two. I couldn't pass up how cute Rob looked in them)

After the preschool thing we came over to my house and I talked to my sister in law Heather and we made plans for them (Heather, and kids, Cameron and Leah, Bob and Roberta) to come down for dinner at our house. I love having people over for dinner. I really do. We hardly ever have things over here because it is just so much easier usually at other people's house since our house is smaller than my other siblings. But it is always so fun and nice to have people over. Plus...I made some pretty delicious food if I do say so myself. It is always so sad to say goodbye to our family when they have to leave...Oli cried for a while after they left (granted it was 2 hours past his bedtime).

Grandma Berta with Rob and Cooper. (Don't mind Rob's dirty face...his face is ALWAYS dirty I don't know why)
I had to post this picture because I love how laid back (you have to say it like snoop dogg) Rob is. He has got his leg crossed and is eating a sucker in his mom's lap while I play with his that is the good life.

pretty cooper

Some pretty pictures of my nephew Cooper. He is a beautiful baby. And he and I share a he has got to be pretty cool. Cortney took these tonight...he and his mom were trying to figure out some stuff with her new camera.

Monday, October 29, 2007

picture update

I downloaded some of Cali's pictures today. We are together a lot so her pictures usually are just what I would have taken.

Here the are the kids at Burger King in Idaho City. By the outlet mall in Boise. We stopped there for lunch on the way down and on the way back this time. We usually stop at the McDonalds in Baker but we thought the kids could use a change of location. Plus this playland was big and usually empty. Tyson would help Robert and Jack would help Carolina. It was a great time.

I didn't want to leave out miss Grace...she is so cute. And so good on trips. She is such a happy little girl (she is 1 tomorrow!!).
This picture cracks me up! My mom and dad sleeping after Linh and Isaac's wedding. They were soooo tired. I love that my uncle Tom is sitting with them. He is watching a game of some sort.
Here are all the sisters...minus Sam (sigh). We took Linh to Mimi's for an informal bridal shower a couple of days before the wedding.
It is hard to tell what this picture is but when we went home last time every room was filled. (having Ike and Justin married is new for us...usually single boys have to find a couch somewhere...we are running out of single boys). Cali and I were considered a couple and we shared the bed while Carolina, Oli Tyson and Jack slept on the floor. It was crazy. It was really hard to get up in the night because there were kid arms and legs everywhere. It is my old room from it was fun to be back in there. I have so many memories in that room.
Rob and Carolina playing Cootie at Grandma Connie's.

sunday nightmare

I don't know why it is but Sunday mornings at our house are always hectic. We even have church at 1:00. I don't know why we can't get our act together and just have a nice relaxing morning before church. Today, I was awakened by a telephone call telling me that I had a meeting for Young Women's that started at the exact time of the phone call. I hurried and got ready and at least made it there to meet with our class presidency. Then I came home...reviewed the lesson I had to teach...chastity...great. I don't feel old enough to be giving this lesson. "at least I only have to teach the mia maids...they are still relatively young" I told myself (only to find out that I was going to also be teaching the Laurels...oh well...the lesson went okay...I think). Then the chaos began. I started ironing Oli's and Cortney's shirts (I have a thing with wrinkles...I hate them). In the meanwhile we were trying desperately to get Rob to take a nap for at least 1 hour before church starts. No such luck....he had a poopy diaper. Oh well no nap I guess. I quickly curled my hair and got halfway done putting on some make-up (oh well no mascara today). Cortney and I got the kids dressed...but I couldn't find ANYTHING that fits Rob. Why does he grow so fast?? Oh well....I put him in some jeans to wear hoping a nice shirt would dress it up a little. Oli on the other hand had to wear camo shoes and white socks with his black church pants. At this point I was pretty stressed out. I ripped out the 3t clothes looking for something...anything for Rob to no avail...and the house is a mess. Cortney and I are trying to get to church a 1/2 hour before it starts so we can get our temple recommends updated to the new kind. We got in the car frantically and I hate to say it I wasn't being very nice. Luckily when we walked into the church I felt so much better...just to have made it there. I seriously feel like Satan sometimes makes church so awful so I won't want to go. Does that make sense? Someone seriously came up to me after sacrament...and granted she was being sooooo nice but she said "if you need any help with your kids during sacrament I can help anytime...since I don't have any kids yet". That is how bad Rob was during sacrament.
Oh well. Sometimes that is the way it goes. It was nice getting there on time though. luckily the day turned around because we went up to SLC to Cameron's house. Mom and Dad Boice were there along with Heather, and children...and Tyler and Nicole too. We had a great dinner and it was so nice to just hang out with them. My kids love love love their Boice cousins. Seriously Oliver is obsessed. Even though his cousins are quite a bit older than him they are SOOOOO good with him and they always totally include him. It was a nice evening. Then once we were home I waited until midnight so I could clean clean my house and make up for me throwing everything around this morning in panic. So next week...Saturday is the day we get ready for Sunday. I am seriously going to set my kids clothes out and get them all ready in advance. I don't want to have to be so frantic and stressed. And maybe just maybe they will get there with matching socks and combed hair....
Oli "play" fighting with Carson...looks pretty real to me.
I love how serious they look
It seems Carson was the victor.
Pretty Leah
Tyler and Nicole...we were glad you guys were there.

Friday, October 26, 2007

halloween carnival

Tonight was our ward Halloween party. Our ward is funny...any function I have been to, all the food is gone by the time we get there. We were literally 2 minutes late and all of the chili was already gone. People were attacking what was left like vultures (me included). It was fun though. The kids looked cute. Almost everyone there was dressed up. I barely had time to finish Oli's costume so I didn't have time to find anything for Cortney and I (although someone asked if Cortney died his beard black...hahaaa people never believe that is his real beard color). Last year at this time we went to our ward thing and we didn't know one other couple. This year we knew most. What a difference a year makes.
I had my friend Sarah take a picture of us...we never have a picture with all of us. Not the best...but hey were all in it.
Rob, wasn't sure about wearing a costume. I told him he couldn't get candy without it...that changed his mind.

jedi mind tricks

for the past two days I have spent all my time sewing 2 sets of this costume. Oli and Jack are going to be Jedi's. That is the main reason why I haven't posted. I am nearly done. Why do I have to try and sew costumes? I always think...oh this will take no time at all. Then two days later...I have two sets of pants and 1 1/2 robes. To make matters worse...I am a hood short of enough fabric. So off to Joanne's for a second time. arrgghhhh. The jedi costumes you can buy are the cheap polyester ones...the cape doesn't billow when you jump off the couch. I saw them and thought...i can do better. Well we will see. I should be completely done tonight for the ward party. I will post pictures. I just know that Oli will wear this all the time I wanted it to be right. You would be amazed what you find when you google Jedi Robes. I love star wars fans...I really do. One website said and I quote..."What looks good on a Hayden Christensen ain't gonna work on a Danny Devito." Ain't that the truth honey ain't that the truth. Rob I think will be a bee (tights and really is too cute...not manly though at all) or Mickey Mouse. Now it would all be perfect if I could figure out how to give Oli a Jedi braid....
So I finished...just in the nick of time. turned out pretty dang cute if I do say so myself. the pictures don't do the costume justice. Oli was so happy. He stared at himself in the mirror for like five minutes once I put the costume on.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

we made it...

just so you know. The drive was great. We left at 6:00 Oliver slept from 8:00 on...Rob didn't sleep but sat in the back quietly the whole time. We are having a great time. I love it here. is always colder than I remember. (why didn't I bring any shoes that you wear socks with...or a jacket...)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Rexburg or bust....

the beautiful tetons
Grandma kids can't wait to see her.

So the kids and I are heading to Rexburg. Cortney is went on a hunting trip with his friends from work. He looks forward to this trip all year...infact last night he told me he is looking forward already to next years trip. He says every second of it is fun. So while he is off being a man...I thought I would have some fun too. So I am packing us up and driving to Rexburg. We haven't been to Rexburg in FOREVER. Cortney is just too busy in the summer time. I always want to go up but I haven't personally driven further than Salt Lake since I got into that really bad car accident (my cousin kristy was driving) on the way home from my grandpa Earl's funeral. There is something about rolling over and over in a fast moving car, with your baby next to you, that really spoils driving. It really made me see how fragile life is. So this will be hard for me. When we go to Moses Lake Cali drives every minute. I help the kids the whole time and she drives. She knows how freaked out I am so she drives. That is one of the reasons we have been going so much...we fill every seat in her van (also the fact that their have been one million family functions...weddings, reunions, farewells, more weddings). It won't be long before we have too many kids to ride together. It just saves so much money...and for me I don't have to drive. So wish me luck. I know I can do this. The drive to Rexburg isn't very long. I know exactly where I am I won't have to stress about getting lost. I can do this. It is crazy that it has taken me this long (the car accident was three years ago). I am soooooooooo excited to be in Rexburg. It is my second home. I love it...and we always have a great time. I can't wait to see everyone...and my kids are SOOOO EXCITED. Can't wait!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Cortney and I ate lunch together everyday for 5 years. I would leave work and meet him at his work...or up on campus and we would dine. It was so fun. Now three years later...and two kids later, we hardly eat lunch together. You is real world time. He can't leave work a lot of the time...and then I have two crazy kids. Today though he came home. We sat and ate together. Rob went to time out 3 times (for fighting each time...he pulls Oliver's hair so hard). The kids both bawled when he left. It was really good to see him but I can see why he doesn't come home for lunch. Hahaaaa.

a long drive and a big blessing.

Phewwww....we made it. Yesterday morning Cali and I awoke at 3:50 in the a.m. to get our kids in the car and on the road. Everyone thinks we are crazy for waking up so early...but I dare you to try and find people who travel with their kids as well and as often as we do. Not to brag of course...okay...a little bragging, but hey, it is really hard to drive with 6 kids under 7. The kids were soooo good yesterday. We usually stop 1 time for gas and potty and 1 time for lunch. (sometimes we pull over and let the boys go on the side of the road) Yesterday though...Oliver had a bad tummy. So we stopped 2 times in Oregon for potty breaks. Besides the two extra stops...the kids were amazing. I am not kidding. It was the best drive we have had so far. Almost all of the kids slept in the morning while it was still dark. Then again after lunch they all slept for 2 1/2 hours. It was awesome. It for some reason takes 1 hour longer to drive back. It was a great...but long day. In my family we love the call of the open road. One thing is for was my last time visiting before my parents leave. It was sad. I love Moses Lake. It was really sad for me to leave there. And really sad for me to see my parents house empty. (they are packing up big time...I think they have a total of like 20 days total that they will be in Moses before they leave) Ryan and Nena Earl will be house sitting.

Oh...I almost forgot to write about the big blessing. Oli threw up a couple of times last night. What a blessing it is that he didn't throw up in the car. Cali and I have been there before. It is pretty traumatic for the other kids...not to mention stinky.

So this weekend was great! Isaac and Linh's reception was awesome. My cousin Nena decorated...SHE IS THE MOST AMAZING PERSON. She really is. I can't believe she could make a church look that good. (please see her blog cousins ryan and my side bar for is unbelievable. You have to click on the link she has for more pictures in her entry for the's worth it) She had a huge white parachute covering the whole ceiling...with tons of those round paper lanterns. The food was great and I got to see alot of people I love. The next day we had Mike's farewell. That kid is awesome. Will be in the MTC Dec 12th to Feb 4th. My parents get in the MTC on Feb 1st so they will be in there together. How awesome is that?? What a great thing.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


So I am here in Moses Lake. I love it here. I know I say that everytime. My mom and dad are getting ready to go on their mission. My dad has like 12 days left of work. It is really freaking me out. My parents are everything to me. It will be a really hard 18 months...that goodness it is 18 months and not 2 or 3 years. So because they are getting ready to leave my mom has been cleaning out and throwing out or storing everything. We had a whole bunch of pictures that I hadn't seen. Here are a few.
Me sam, cali and Dad. At a daddy daughter campout. I totally remember this trip. I had so much fun. I love my sisters...and I am so lucky to have them be close to me in age.
Here I am lounging with whom I am pretty sure is my uncle David in my grandparents pool. Cali is in front doing her happy pose. I love this picture of Cali...I get to see this happy face...almost everyday. I also love david's short shorts and his old school soda.
Me and Zac...I hardly have any pictures of us together. Here I think I look so much like Rob.
Now this picture has always been one of my favorites...I used to stare at and think how pretty my parents were.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


what I was doing 10 years ago.
Senior year of highschool. I was having a blast. Since it was fall I was, of course obsessed with highschool football. And doing drill team. Skipping tons of school. My boyfriend had just started college at BYU so that was, um stressful...but still fun. I loved high school. I was also working at pizza hut at the time...well if you can count waiting tables 2 hours a week working. But it kept my parents satisfied. I oddly enough did a presentation for my english class on "where I will be in 10 years". I came to the presentation, with pregnancy padding...i thought then I would be pregnant with my second child, and putting my husband through medical school. HAHAA. I actually was joking then. My life now seems better than what I had dreamed up for my presentation. I don't think I could stand the stress of medical I need a lot of attention. I was going to pull out my highschool diaries and let you know exactly what I was doing 10 years ago...but I will spare you.I stole this picture from Laura's blog. I wish I had a scanner. Man. Laura and I at Pizza Hut...the night before she left to college. We went to all of our "spots" to get pictures before we left. It was a sad sad for us to be separated.

What I was doing 5 years ago
I got pregnant with Oliver almost exactly 5 years ago. 5 years ago Cortney was almost finished with College, and we were getting ready for our new life. We packed everything we owned up and got ready to move to Bend Oregon (we had visited there before 2 times and had fallen in love with it). We were going to spend time being snowbording bums. Then one night I told my mother in law..."I am sooo tired all the time I need you to get me some multivitamins" her response was "you don't need multivitamins you need a pregnacy test". Having a baby was the last thing on my mind, I was shocked when she said that. I took a pregnancy test the next day with Cortney there during my lunch break. We laughed hysterically when we saw that, sure enough I was expecting. That changed our lives. We knew we wanted to have a lot of children we just weren't going to start just yet. Oh well...sometimes I think that our Heavenly Father knows what is best for us. What a huge blessing. I didn't get to be a ski bum...but hey the tradeoff was way better. I stole this one from Roberta's blog. This is Cort and I at my Mom in Laws. I am crocheting a baby hat for our soon to be boy.

What I was doing 1 year ago.
Almost the same as I am doing now. Ohh year ago we bought this house and moved in. One year ago I started getting medicine for my RA....and my life changed DRAMATICALLY. Rob started saying "Uh-oh" and "ball", Oliver put a mini M&M up his nose, Rob started standing up. Isaac got home from his mission, Sam found out her twins were boy and girl, Cameron and Cortney put in a sprinkler system in our yard. Cali and I took 5 kids to the doctor to get a flu shot (that was interesting). That is what I have noted on my caladar. What a great year. Our family at Whitney's wedding Sept 30th ?? last year.

What I was doing yesterday.
Well since it is 1:00 am yesterday was Monday. Strike day. Cali and I went to a couple of stores. We hung out for most of the day. I made chili for dinner. We spent time hanging out as a family. Then we put the boys to bed and Cortney and I watched a couple of our shows. Then I did the dishes and that is about it.

5 places I'd rather be
1. Rexburg...I am having serious Boice withdrawls
2. Moses Lake (oh hey I am going there on last trip before my parents leave...Isaac and Linh's reception and Michaels farewell)
3. happy place
My family in Maz...2003 Christmas
I can't wait to go back we are going this year again...although Jason and Kae Lynn won't be there because they are having a baby...and Mike goes into the MTC Dec. 12th. We will miss them.

4. An island somewhere...reading.
5. A cabin in Lava hotsprings with all my peoples

5 fave treats...
we have been over this before. I LOVE FOOD. enough said

What I would do with million dollars.
I am pretty conservative with money. Pay off our house. (or maybe up grade...but not too much) We don't really have other debt...besides a little bit of student loans. Then I would what I have no Idea..
Oh...and a long cruise. that would be good.

5 fave tv shows... ( I am only going on what is showing now)
I have no idea...I love too many.
30 rock
the office
man too hard...pass...


sometimes...i go on strike. i just don't want to do the things i a supposed to do. i don't want to do the dishes...or the laundry or straighten the house. today was one of those days. i just didn't feel like doing any of those things. i didn't even get rob dressed for the day. the only problem with a strike when you are a that no one is hired to come in and do your job. no "scabbers" come (as i think they were called on newsies). i wish. wouldn't it be nice to just be on the internet searching for a new ringtone while someone else does the dishes. now i know you are thinking..."what about cortney...why doesn't he do the dishes?". well the answer is simple...his job is hard...he works long hours doing hard while i was sitting on the couch on strike he was mowing the lawn.
This could be Rob on a typical strike day. Notice he has drawn all over his tummy. I actually took this picture a week ago. I had to capture how french cut his little diaper was. He had been trying to slide it it is really lowriding.

so instead of getting a break...the dishes piled up, the laundry piled up and i was a mess all day because i can't stand it when my house is messy. ahhhh. so the strikes over. i just loaded the dishes and tomorrow i will be better.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


I just spent a glorious weekend away. We went with a bunch of friends (todd, tiff, cali, joey, celeste, darrin, sam and christina) to Todd's family's cabin in Lava Hot springs. It was so fun. We have gone a couple of times over the past 8 years that I have been married, and everytime it has been great (missed you sean and amber). The first time we went we had no children at all. The second time combined we had 9. This time there were 16 kids there. It was crazy. Not only were there 16 kids but it SNOWED all Saturday. We had planned on spending the weekend with the kids mostly playing outside without us. Instead we were inside all day with crazy kids running all over the place...playing princess and football. Our kids are growing up though and when we went last time it was 9 babies or toddlers. Now it was a lot of older kids that can play well and work their own stuff out...feed themselves....and go to sleep just fine in a strange bed. So I will have to say that 16 was easier than the 9 we had 3 years ago. I am sorry but there is hardly anything better to me than getting away with some of my best people out there...and getting snowed into a cabin. I loved it. We ate yummy food the whole time, talked and laughed until we cried, watched movies, played games, the boys took the kids for rides on the four wheelers, and we went to the hot springs. Best of all I spent almost the whole time in my pj's cozied up on the couch. I of course missed Sean and his long johns, he is the only one like me that tries to get everyone to stay up the whole night. I never wanted anyone to go to bed and I was sooooo sad leaving this morning.

Special thanks to Todd and Tiffany....I know it is really hard for them to set something up like this last weekend. Being in charge and all. I know that they have a lot of things they have to be responsible for and I APPRECIATE IT!! I am so thankful my girlfriends all have husbands I adore. Marlo said (or something pretty close to this) once to one of the husbands as advice before he married into our group..."Never try to get between these'll lose". I feel like all of the husbands are my really good friends...we are lucky.

Somehow Cali and I both forgot cameras (man there is so much to pack up for just a weekend trip...sheesh). Oh well. It was a great time though. And now we are back to start another week. Cortney is down at the course right now because there is a broken sprinkler head (come on people....can't this wait untill tomorrow?? we have tons of tv to catch up on).

Man Lava Hot springs is so beautiful. I have been looking at real estate there. Sometimes I think I would love to live in a small town but...what would I do? Maybe it would be nice.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


So the last couple of days I have been sick. I can't accomplish anything because my head is in an allergy induced haze. My eyes are itchy and my nose is itchy ahhhh. On top of that I have a little cold.

I also haven't posted because Cortney has been out of town. I missed him so much. I am so crazy, that I didn't want to post that he was out of town because what if, some psycho read my blog and came and killed us all, because he knew Cortney wasn't here to protect me (sorry that was a long run on sentence). I know, I am crazy. I have been a scaredy cat my whole life. I hate being home alone. I wondered why I am always so scared, but then Cali and I watched a rerun of 90210 a couple of days ago...the one where a creepy guy breaks into Donna's apartment and David has to save her. Well that is why I am scared. On tuesday night Oli came into my room and said he couldn't sleep because the computer was on in the front room. So that freaked me out because the computer comes on if you move the mouse or something. So he moved into my room (Cortney was gone why not...I love a kid in my bed when Cortney isn't there). I then of course had to check the house for intruders...otherwise I wasn't going to be able to sleep the whole night. So I get up my hair is a crazy mess...I go and get a golf club...and I hold it up...ready to strike if necessary. I went from room to room...I didn't find anyone, obviously. I knew no one was there but it still scared me. The whole time I was thinking of Donna from 90210. I was pretty freaked out. So then I locked Oli and I into my room (sorry Rob) and slept with the golf club next to me and my cell phone ready to call someone.

So the golf course owner took Cortney (plus the super Brian, the pro shop guys and I think a couple of guys from Orem Parks and Rec to San Clemente for a couple of days. They golfed and golfed and also drove down to Mexico and golfed a course there.
This is at one of the golf courses.
Another at the golf course. Cortney LOVES the ocean.
This is the house they stayed in. It was right on the beach. Cortney slept outside because he wanted to be close to the ocean.
All of the people that went.

I don't know more about the pictures because Cortney only got home last night around 1 in the morning. I am SOOOOOOO glad to have him back. Yeah. Now I just have to get through his hunting week later this month. sigh...