Tuesday, December 30, 2008

holiday fun

So I don't know how to post this picture with out putting it on super small....but I wanted the sequence so you could see Oli flying through the air thanks to his uncle Cameron.  Click on it to see it a little bigger. 

We are back from our Christmas break.  We had a great time.  Tyler and Nicole hosted us.  We always have a blast when we stay with them and they always take really good care of us.  We arrived Dec 23rd in the evening.  Along with the holidays came the worst winter weather I have seen in a long time.  It was a stressful drive up but we made it up safely.  The boys were so excited to play in the snow.  

On Christmas eve we woke up and headed over to Grandma's house (as in Grandma Berta not Grandma Great).  The kids spent the WHOLE day outside with their cousins and Cortney.  I made homemade hot chocolate and bonded INSIDE with the babies Bodin and Cooper.  I couldn't believe how long the kids lasted outside.  Cortney made a huge snow fort for them to play in.  And of course I don't have a picture of it but I do however have many sledding pictures...enjoy....

Kelton getting some air.

I love it when Cortney is all dressed up in his outdoors clothes.  He is just so cute to me.

Rob zoned out

I think I lasted a whole 2 minutes before I went inside...and that is even with a poof coat on.  It is COLD in Rexburg. 

Leah and Rob.

Rob kept eating the icicles off of Griffin's bus.  Yuck.  



Rob and Cooper.

So there you have day one of our vacation.  I will post the rest of the trip but my hands can't take anymore typing tonight. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oliver's Christmas party

I was asked if I would be in charge of Oliver's preschool Christmas party. Um...that is very overwhelming for me. I don't think I am someone with very good ideas when it comes to this kind of thing...but after a little research and the help of some other mom's it turned out so cute. First I had the kids make reindeer food. They decorated ziplock bags with stickers and then filled them with oats and glitter. I found a really cute poem online to go along with it. We read stories and then I had brought a christmas bingo game that cali had found. The website we got it off of was awesome...you said how many squares you wanted and what theme and they randomly generated however many cards you needed.
I pasted them on red poster board and got pepermint m&m's for the markers. It turned out really cute. Really if you ever have to do a game for a kids party this website is awesome. I was so relieved that Cali found this because I was going to have to draw the pictures myself. (she found the site at 10 pm the night before the party...yeah I am a procrastinator). Anyways we had a couple of other activities. I love any chance I get to go help in Oli's class. The kids are all so cute...and they love me...which helps.
Story time.

They also played musical pictures and when the music stoped you got prizes depending on what picture you were on.

At the end of the party one of the mom's had a bag of oranges and the kids got one after they said their favorite thing about Christmas. Every kid was saying "PRESENTS" and things like that and when it was Oliver's turn he said "Celebrating the Holiday's" (In a real quiet shy voice). I was so proud...even though I know he probably wanted to say PRESENTS it made my heart so happy to hear his answer. Good job Oli.

happy birthday

to my wonderful husband Cort.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Ugly sweater party

Last night we went to an ugly sweater party at our friends Ethan and Natalie's.
We had a lot of fun. I made my hair super big with crispy crunchy 90's style curls. I almost cut my bangs so I could make the "claw" bangs....
I really wanted my bangs like this picture but...they are a little too long and I thought I might seem a little crazy if I cut my hair for a joke people might not get. I had an awesome tucked in denim shirt and big hair, and make up just like I used to wear when I was like 13. (tons of eyeliner top and bottom)...anyways I was really scared that I would get to the party and no one would get it. I am friends with the hosts but they were the only people that we really knew. Hopefully people realized that in real life I usually don't wear bright magenta lipstick. Anyways here is my glamor shot from the night...
cheesy...I love it.
Our hosts...yum the food was so good. (that just reminds me)

This is Cortney after the party picking up our kids from Cali's house. WE NEVER GET PICTURES TOGETHER...so I insisted we get one. I love love how we both are popping a knee out and we didn't even plan it that way. Our feet are in the exact same postion. Awesome. I was going to wear leggings with big socks and penny loafers but I didn't have time to pull it together.

Cortney wore that sweatshirt all day yesterday. The whole day. And surprisingly this morning he woke up and put it on and wore it the whole day.

After the party we stopped by Walmart because I had to get some stuff for Oliver's class Christmas party (I was in charge...stress) and EVERYONE was staring at me. Looking me up and down. It really felt weird. Then a teenage girl was whispering frantically to her friend as I walked by "hurry hurry look at that lady"...then I turned to her and said "it was for a costume party!" and she said embarassed, "ohhh...ha ha ha".

****Update on Rob:

He had 3 stitches (my first stitches as a mother) and they couldn't really tell if his finger was broken or not (um...aren't you doctors??). Someone else is going to look at it tomorrow and give us a call. They put it in a splint (which fell off like 15 minutes after Rob got home...he was trying to be tough like Tai Lung and fight Oliver). He has an antibiotic to take so it doesn't get infected. He was a pretty tough guy at the doctors he cried real hard during his 4 numbing shots but just watched patiently while they stitched him up. I was glad Cortney was there to take him because that kind of thing freaks me out. I will post pictures tomorrow. ( i left cortney's camera at cali's)

Oh Cortney had a couple of pictures of him at the doctors. You can't really see anything here but this is my little guy getting stitches.
Too cute. poor baby.

Oliver has been saying the cutest things EVER. Hopefully I can remember some tomorrow because I have more to post about from today.

Poor Robbie

Rob got his finger shut in the hinge side of a door. So now he and Cortney are at the urgent care. Last time I talked to Cort he said that Rob was going to have some stiches and they were on their way to xray the finger. Oye. Poor poor Rob. I will update tonight with pictures when I find out more.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My kids have a fun dad...and other GREAT things

Today we woke up to glorious snow. My kids were so excited and begging me to let them out to play. What a great time of year. I really really love Christmas time. While Oliver was at school Cali and I headed over the the mall to check on a couple of things. As we walked in we quickly noticed the place was deserted. Thank you thank you snow for covering the roads and making it so people didn't want to come out today. We also saw that Santa was there and no one was in line. So we took the little kids over and they thought it was pretty awesome. Rob was the only one to sit on his lap but he was really nice (due mostly to the fact that no one else was in the mall) and talked with our kids for a long time. It was awesome.

Then when we got home Cortney watched the boys as Cali and I ran one more errand. When I got back this is what I came home to....

Cortney was out building the kids some sort of sledding ramp off of the trampoline.

We didn't have any sleds so Cortney covered them in plastic so they could slide down on their tummies. Here Oli is going down on a snowboard.

Now that is a pretty fun dad if you ask me....and luckily no one was hurt.

Then in the mail today came this book...

We had ordered the book last year on our trip to Guatemala...and have been waiting anxiously for it ever since. It was so exciting because Cortney has 42 pictures in the book (I think that was the number...and yes we counted). They mentioned him in the acknowledgments and this is what is written on the back of the book.

How exciting is that??? Cortney is now a published photographer. I think it is pretty awesome.

Okay sorry this post is getting long...hang in there.

I have been hurting. My Rheumatoid Arthritis (or RA...kind of a pain to write but not the same thing as arthritis at all....I hate when people just think I have arthritis....I shouldn't care but it isn't the same) is coming back quickly. Everyday it hurts a little bit more. I have been having a hard time sleeping and the mornings are really hard. It is just so hard for me to be patient with my children when every thing hurts. I thought I could be strong, that I could tough it out until it was time to get pregnant. But I am not even like and eighth of how bad I was before...I can't go there again. I can't. It is too scary. So everyday I have been meaning to call my doctor. I don't know how to explain to him what I need and then say....oh by the way I don't have insurance or a job, can you help me?? Ahhhh.

Well my doctor and I have a long relationship, I mean you become pretty close to someone when they are literally (or figuratively) saving your life. I called his office yesterday and left a (long) message with his receptionist. I almost started crying when I got off the phone. I just felt overwhelmed. It isn't easy to ask for help.

Anyways today he called me back. He is amazing. One of the biggest miracles in my life. In our phone conversation he said:

1. He wants to see me this week...free of charge.

2. He doesn't want me to hurt and he can get me medications...for free (or cheap)...right away...that will help me almost immediately. (and that I can get pregnant on when the time comes)

3. What goes around comes around. He said "I have been in your situation before I know how it is to need help".

What a great guy...and what a blessing. I am constantly reminded that my Heavenly Father...knows me, loves me and REMEMBERS me. Prayers are answered. When I got off the phone I was almost in tears. I can't wait to be feeling better.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gone for so long

My mom called me today to make sure everything was okay...she was wondering why it had been so long since I had posted on my blog. Everyday I keep thinking...man I should post. But nothing has really been going on. And man that neck injury really threw me for a loop. It has been hard coming back from that. HOWEVER....

Last night was the ward (our neighborhood's church) Christmas party. I am really getting to love my ward. Cortney and I have never felt at home in a ward since we have been married. This is the first one that we actually know almost everybody. It feels nice. Here are some pictures from the night...in black and white because the lighting was so bad...

It always amazes me how big Rob's eyes are...I mean my eyes are so squinty. We had a yummy dinner of turkey and ham and all the trimmin's
We took Jack with us because he had to miss his Christmas party. He said it was "kinda fun, kinda borin"...I loved it because Oli had someone to run the halls with.

Oli (he is growing his hair out...sigh...I wish he would let me shave his head...he has thick hair like my brother Ike, it has a mind of it's own.)

Rob made his "embarassed" face when he got caught putting tons and tons of butter on his roll. We all started laughing and he made this face for like a whole minute.

After dinner we traveled to different rooms to see different parts of the nativity and sing songs. I love having children at Christmas It really makes it so much fun. I love teaching my children about the birth of Christ. (although Oliver let me know baby Jesus was number one important and the second most important thing about Christmas was getting presents...ahhhh....I tried to explain to him otherwise but I think it is hard to get that out of a little boys head.)

After the nativity they had the kids come up and sing. Rob for some reason thought it was his "job" to go and sit by the pianist. He was so serious. He would just sit there silently and then when the song ended he would come back to me and then when the next song would start up again he would go back and sit by her. I asked him why he was going up there to sit by her and he said "because I have to". Too cute.

After the ward party we headed over to Cali's and she had gotten a babysitter so we all went out to the Club (thanks joe...even though I am pretty sure you don't read this). It was so fun...we never go out with them because we are their babysitter and they are ours.

Other then that we had a great Sunday. I am feeling so much better. I will try to keep the posts coming this week...I really want to post some before pictures from the re-siding job we are doing on our house....and hopefully (ohhh fingers crossed and let us have a Christmas miracle) that I will have some AFTER pictures before Christmas. We will see about that though.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Today I am thankful for....

friends and family. I really have the greatest you know. One of the biggest pluses of living here is knowing that I have people...people that have my back.

Tonight my girl Celeste brought our little family a full dinner. She heard from her sister (who was here yesterday helping me out) that I was really hurt. So she showed up tonight with her Chicken Divan (yummm total comfort food) rice, ROLLS, orange slices and apple slices...and juice for dessert. Excuse the picture....we have horrible florescent lighting in our kitchen. And we were all too hungry to mess with the settings on the camera. It was so yummy and I scarfed it down so fast. Rob kept saying "I loube (love) it". They were so excited to have juice and oranges (I really need to buy more fresh produce....yikes). Rob kept saying... "what is this??" about the juice. We never have juice and he couldn't believe just how tasty it was. Now Cortney has been taking such good care of all of us. Yesterday I couldn't even do ANYTHING by myself (lovely)...he has been my personal slave for 2 days now. But ohh we were all glad to have Celeste's cooking. Before that I had only eaten toast for every meal...until Cortney put a foot down and made me some eggs to go with them. I know Cortney was glad to have some real cooking too. Last night he made himself some spaghetti...but he said sadly to me "It doesn't have any meat in it"...hahaa. I think by tomorrow I should be back on track.

There is something so comforting about having people you are close to and trust. When Celeste came in she was in and out...I didn't have to be embarrassed that I looked a wreak...that my house was a mess...that Rob was half dressed. I didn't have to explain anything...she knows me. That's nice you know.

So thanks to all my friends and family (and not just the ones that have helped me in the last couple of days) but to all of you. I am so grateful to have my life filled with people I love.

phone update

i borrowed my sister KaeLynn's phone charger...so I am back in business.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


When we were in Rexburg in early November...we got to spend a lot of time with Whitney and her little Bodin. I hadn't had a lot of time with the little guy before so it was awesome for me. Plus...he is so soft and squishy...and it has been a long time since I've had a little one to love. One of the nights we were there I rocked him to sleep. Hmmmmm I love that feeling of a sleeping babe.

So today as I laid here in the lazy boy totally incapacitated I edited some pictures of him. He is so lovely.

Peek a boo...

Man this bright blue was really his color.

I can't wait to see him again...I hear he is walking.


Today I woke up and I couldn't move. Somehow I slept wrong on my neck and I am in excruciating pain. Wow...I can't believe how bad I hurt. Luckily I have so many great family and friends to help me out. Joey came over to help give me a blessing, and while he was here Tiffany and Todd stopped by to give us a Christmas gift. So Todd joined in on the blessing and I felt so grateful for so many things after. It really is funny how hardships usually make you feel grateful for everything you do have. (like a neck that can actually move side to side)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

no phone

I left (or lost) my phone charger cord at my mother in laws.  So if you are trying to call me...sorry.  It is really weird being so out of touch. 

red box

Rob is QUIETLY watching Kung Fu Panda and Oliver is downstairs watching Clone Wars. Who knew 2 dollars could buy me this much peace.

Cortney is working on putting new siding on our house. It is keeping him busy...he really needs some sort of project to work on or he is going crazy.

There isn't much going on. So I am posting 2 pictures taken with Cortney's phone of him and his old boss hunting last week. I love how they look like they are dressed for halloween. Hahaa.



They didn't see a thing when they went but it is mostly just fun for them to be together. Cortney really misses his friends from the golf course.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thanksgiving in the Burg

We had a great time in Rexburg. I have been there so much lately it is crazy. The first couple of nights we spent the night at Tyler and Nicole's. We love them. I have always been really close to Tyler and I couldn't be happier with his choice of wife. We really are sisters...you know??

While we were there we played Monopoly every night. Ty and Nic don't have CABLE OR INTERNET (what???) so we really had to resort to good ole' fashioned fun. Ty won every single game. It was crazy. Finally after 4 games I beat him...I won and he came in second.

Nicole and I went to see Twilight 2 more times. It got better each time. It was so fun and indulgent to go. The first time we took our mother in law and Grandma with us. Then Cortney the second time (he liked it by the way).

Thanksgiving dinner was so YUMMY. I ate until I was stuffed. We ate out at Shawn and Kandee's house which is beautiful and so cozy. It was just a great get together.

Here I am snuggled up with Rob. He kept falling asleep every time we went some where in the car. Driving to all the different sibling houses takes forever and there is no stopping or anything to look at apart from fields so he would zonk out every time. This picture was right before dinner.

The last time we were up in Rexburg I challenged everyone to and Indian leg wrestle. Last time I dominated, beating everyone...even Cortney. And trust me all my sister in laws are super tough and work out and stuff. But still my long chicken legs beat them all. So here I am all puffed up and confident when my bro Shawn just slammed me down...like it was nothin'. It was sure funny though. I love my faces.
My father in law Bob is so awesome with my kids. This trip he took my kids with Cortney to go climb the R butte. Now when I was in college boys used to ask me on dates to do that kind of thing and I refused. I thought it sounded pretty hard (I have never really been one for hiking...unless I have a four wheeler). My kids however made it all the way to the top. Oliver was pretty scared of heights so Bob had to hold his had the whole way. What a good grandpa! He also watched them while we went to Twilight and they walked from their house to the Temple...which is super far. My kids thought it was awesome and have talked about those trips every day since we have been home.
Oli let go for one second to enjoy the rocks.

At the top (I assume...not sure though having never been).

Rob wasn't scared at all. He ran ahead the whole time. Cortney kept having to yell for him to slow down.
Look at that cute kid.

Anyways. It was a great time. The weather was unseasonably warm (although still cold). Thanks to Ty and Nicole and Mom and Dad Boice for letting us crash at your houses.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

college roomies

While I was in Rexburg I got to stop and chat with a couple of my college roommates (Camille and Cambria). It was so great to see them...I was really lucky roommate wise in college. We sure had a lot of fun. So good to see you girls...has it really been so many years? (between the six of us we have 17 kids since 1999...wow)

give away...

not a give a way from me of course...no one would want something I'm givin' away. No...it is from my talented cousin Nena. Let me tell you she is amazing...mother of 4 (wild and crazy) kids...and super crafty to boot. Todays give a way is beautiful...go take a look.
seriously how does she have the time??

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Uhhhh ohhhh

we got home tonight at midnight. Oliver just woke up barfing at 1:42. I can't believe he is sick because we haven't been around anyone that was sick. Fun for us.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

kung fu

So one week and no posts...I think that might be a record for me.  We have been in Rexburg this week for the holiday.  

Rob has been obsessed with Tai Lung (the bad guy) from the Kung Fu Panda.  He pretends that he is "Tai Lone"  all day long.  Last night when I tried to get his coat on so we could go over to Tyler and Nicole's Rob said "Mom Tai Lone not wear coats, Tai Lone wear boobs like you do"

Um....I guess he thinks Tai Lone's pecks some how resemble mine???  Who knows?

Rob just came up to see this picture on the computer and said "Tai lone don't have shirt he have boobs."  Then I said "Tai Lone doesn't have boobs"  then Rob said "nipples"

What in the world.  I better just leave it at that.  Oh boy. 

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Today the BYU vs Utah game was so sad. It feels nice to have it over with though.

Joey had given us tickets to the BYU basketball game tonight. Court side front row seats with all of the food included...plus Justin and Angelique got tickets too. It really helped turn around our sour moods from the loss earlier today. It is so fun to sit so close to all of those players and to hear what they are saying. Like you are watching a high school basketball game.

Now I have a little crush on Cosmo...I have mentioned that before. I just love all of those dance moves and acrobatics. Anyways...my sister in law Angelique knows this and so the whole night she was trying to get me to take a picture with him. Finally he came by and she said "Cosmo, she wants to take a picture with you". It was totally embarrassing...and not just because he did a freak dance in front of me and I couldn't help but do one right back...but also because it took Cortney forever to get his phone ready to take a picture. Hahaaa. Awkward. Surprisingly (not really) he was shorter than me so I scrunched down for the picture. I should have know he'd be short most people that can do flips and such are on the shorter side. Anyways...embarrassing or not I have a picture with him, my kids think it is awesome.
And yes I am making a weird face...but I was literally freaking out of embarrassment. He is pretty lovable right??

Saturday, November 22, 2008


So I know that people either love or hate Twilight...and so I never really post about it...I know it is a touchy subject. I...love it. And tonight with my Ladies we waited in line and watched the movie. It was the best night. We went first to dinner and then over to wait. I loved the movie. Granted the budget on the movie wasn't very big so some of the special effects weren't the greatest. But oh, the casting of Edward and Bella...so so perfect. Robert Pattinson is smokin hot. Sorry, but see for yourself...
I seriously had a smile on my face the whole time. We were laughing and laughing and nearly screaming...I would have been screaming for sure if I hadn't been surrounded by one hundred other ladies. For now I go to sleep so tired but also so happy...I feel like I am in high school again. And if you hated the movie I'm so sorry...but as for me I adored it.