Sunday, August 18, 2013

Moth invasion

During August…something horrible happened. (mildly horrible…kinda)

My downstairs neighbor came upstairs in July and told me that there were tons of MOTHS flying around their apartment.  I figured that wasn't normal and looked it up online and sure enough they were pantry moths and it was SERIOUS.  I was freaking out trying to get a hold of our landlords but they were out of town.  About a month later I opened my pantry and a single moth flew out.  I looked around and there was another one!!!! I freaked out I was crying and steaming mad.  I called Cortney and he called the landlords.  It was horrible.  To get rid of the moths we had to throw out all of our food that wasn't in a sealed jar or can. ALL OF IT.  Like huge boxes of brownies from costco all of it.  It was horrible.  Cali came over and helped me bleach everything.  I was losing it so she really was a hero coming over and helping me. 

On all my sealed cans we had to remove the label and bleach the outside.  

Here are the kids removing the labels. 

  After we threw everything out we had the pest control guy come.  He came I think five times.  Once a month until January.  It was a big deal and cost the landlord a lot.  

It was gross.  

It is one of the reasons you can't store flour and grains long term. 
I don't store food for a long time because we rotate our food but the lady downstairs has quite the year storage of pretty perishable items.  She took out like 30 big boxes of food. 

More football…it's really gorgeous here.

Monday, August 12, 2013

August part 2

 Oliver started tackle football this year.  It was amazing seeing him work so hard and come home so tired.  I loved it. 

 No cavities fro both kids. 

First day of school 2013

Carolina, Fiona, Grace and Jack

 Ma boys

 Oliver 4th grade Ms. Bateman, Robbie 2nd grade Mrs. Anderson
Henry of course has nintendo controllers. 

 2nd, 1st, 3rd graders

I made the best peach pie. 

 More football

 Mike and Allie and Nora came for some reason.  It was great having them here. 
I love me some nora that is for sure. 

The weekend before school we visited the cabin one last time.  It is so awesome to have a place to go. 

These costco pictures were just a random trip to costco but my kids were being SO HYPER.  LIke crazy horrible. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

August part 1

In August I went to girls camp. I only went for one night because my ride got homesick and wanted to leave. :(  I had to wake up at like 6 or so to go and I woke up with horrible stomach flu.  BOOO.  I was sick most of my time up there. 

 Bus ride up. I was feeling it big time. 

 Here is Theo loving me when I got there.  It was hard being away from him and he was SOOO happy to see me. 
 I had to take this picture of the person driving me home.  I don't know her at all but she drove 25 mph the WHOLE WAY HOME.  On roads that were like 45-55 mph.  It was the most bizarre thing I have ever seen.  I couldn't believe it and it was super annoying. 

After I got home we headed up to the cabin for the neighborhood appreciation party.  It was so fun. There were games, scavenger hunts, crafts, food, raffles, horse shoes, darts…lots of stuff happening the whole time.  Cali and Joey came too. Joey loved it and was playing different games the whole time.  The kids all won tons of prizes.  It was such a good time. 

 Joey playing the guitar and singing.

 The sleeping set up


 Fiona scared.  haha

Joey playing poker

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Theo growing up

I am interrupting my catching up to log that Theo climbed out of his pack n' play for the first time yesterday. BOOOO.  I hate when my kids start getting out.

We just got back from Yellowstone.  We had such a great time.  And man is it beautiful there...
This picture isn't edited at all.  Can you believe that there are places that look like this??

Sam visits

Sam and family came and visited in August.  We had a great time and tried to fill our days up as much as possible. 

 cousin lunch. 

 Brother and sister dinner at Happy sumo. 

I don't have him in here but Justin came to the dinner as soon as he flew in from working.  It was great to see him walking in and SOOOO much fun to be with so many of my siblings at once with NO KIDS! haha. 

One of the days we went to temple square.  We ate in the Joseph Smith building at the Nauvoo cafe.  That was crazy. 14 kids in the cafe.  It was nuts…to say the least. 


We went to the church history museum and had a great time.  The kids all thought it was so fun. 

I think their favorite part was there were missionaries outside teaching the kids all sorts of pioneer games.  It looked like a great mission. 

We also went swimming at the Burkes a couple of times.  They have the best pool but somehow I don't have any pictures. 

Ohh willie mays. 

Theo barfed on the way there. haha soooo gross.