Monday, June 24, 2013


June was Jammed packed with fun. This summer has exhausted me!

 Theo and Willies first bath together.  I love them. 

 Carolina Jones turned 8.  She had a Charlotte's Web party.   (she won't eat any pork products right now!!)

 There were A TON of little girls there.  I was a little out of my element. 

 we went to ikea and got 5 kids in the play place.  Cali and I had the best time walking around with only our babies.  It was really relaxing. 
After we had to stop for hot dogs and ice cream. 

 Oliver came home!  He was SHOCKED Theo was walking and he was so happy. 

 I love seeing these two start playing together. 

 Father's day!  I taught on father's day about father's.  We didn't really do anything but tried to appreciate Cortney.  I told him I got him a cabin for father's day. 

 The kids all did swimming lessons and Rob did a gymnastics camp.  Both were huge successes.  Henry was in preschool level 1, Oli and Rob were in Level 3...they all passed and are becoming quite good swimmers. 

 We had family night with the Emig's...shaved ice.  Delish.  Cortney wasn't there...I believe he was working but who knows. 

Cortney had our 14 year anniversary.  Dang.  We went to lunch at Thai Drift...but I can't remember what else we did. It's hard to believe it's been so long.  We really love each other. 

Oliver turned 10! What a cute good boy.  Cortney and I took him to lunch for sushi.  His choice...and his favorite food.   We had a party with Cali's kids (a BBQ) in the evening and we did a couple of fireworks.  

 We have been to trafalga a couple of times (this is us on the way there).

 Theo fell in nursery and bonked his tooth.  He had to have it pulled. 

 Costco ice cream date. (plus a little ice cream in Cort's beard)

 (i took this picture of the boys on the 3d ride at tralfalga...Rob, Oli, Cortney in the front row. )

We went to dinner at Cameron's house (which is always so fun)

DANG I need to be better a blogging as it happens...I can't even remember anything!

Friday, June 14, 2013


We have been going to Oremfest (I guess it is actually called Summerfest...but we've always called it Oremfest) for 10 years straight.  We've gone HUGE pregnant we've gone sick pregnant, we've gone with BRAND NEW babies...I even went alone when Cortney had been hit by a car days before.  We are committed to it.  Honestly....I have always loved fairs but it is more of a pain than it is fun. hahaa.  This year was perfect though.  Even though we have so many kids we are getting better at it and know more what to do. 

We always try to go Friday right as the rides open up.  We had the PERFECT weather this year.  It was in the 70's...usually it is steaming hot or raining.  We met up with Angie and Qianna.  First thing we got the rides out of the way.  We sent our 3 oldest boys on their own with some tickets and took the babies on the baby rides.  We set up a meeting place in an hour and surprisingly the boys showed up right on time. 
I loved seeing these 3 jammed into one seat.  Plus the carnie was really digging Angie.  I thought he was going to ask to be her boyfriend right there. hahaa. 

Henry sure looks bored here. haha. 

After rides we went around and scoped prices for the best treat.  We got the kids 1 dollar pineapple ice cones that were so good.  The icecream was supposed to be like the dole whip ice cream at Disneyland.  It was a GREAT deal...which made me happy.  Then we each got a huge bag of cotton candy.  The kids were thrilled. 

Henry had a cotton candy beard and he told me "I look like Cortney". haha funny kid. 

I don't know how we didn't get a group picture before Angie left but here are our 10! It can be pretty hectic, but it is getting easier as we have older boys to help out. 

LOVE Fiona in this picture. hahaa. 

The big kids had just BARELY gotten home from Nauvoo. It was good to have them back but look at these weirdos.  haha. 

I sure missed my baby. 

The next day we headed to our seats for the parade.  We had saved them the day before.  It is a mad house.  People everywhere. 

Cali and I were sitting there and she just had a sudden distinct impression to look for Fiona.  Fiona was supposed to be on the road with the rest of our kids.  Joey Ran up there to look for her but she wasn't there. That is the worst feeling in the world.  Cali took of up the road, Cortney went down and Joey took went down front practically in the parade. I stayed on our blanket praying and looking left and right. After like 5 minutes Cali found her...she was walking with a mom who had seen her way down the road.  This was our 3rd kid in 10 years is the worst.  There were 2 other mom's looking for their kids at the same time.  It is just mayhem.  

I included these unflattering pictures because they are funny. I am making crazy mom faces...Cali is adamantly telling Joey something and he is just looking at his phone.  Funny. 

 We had just found Fiona at this point. 

 you can get an idea of just how many people there are. 

I am including these pictures not to be vain...but because I am never in pictures with my babies. 

Darling darling THEO.  I love him. (he totally looks like me....hahaa)

We left before the parade was over and got out of there before the traffic got bad.  It amazed me how many people said stuff to Cortney about his beard.  It was crazy. 

It is a hard tradition...but I am always glad we go.  I am wondering how many years we have before our kids out grow it....not too many I imagine.  

Saturday, June 08, 2013


GOPR1052 from ashley boice on Vimeo.

I have tons of pictures to post of our little fishing cabin but I don't have the time tonight...but i love this awesome video of the boys makes me happy every time I watch it.

cabin visit

A couple of days after school got out my parents took the six oldest grandkids on a church history trip.  They had the best best time.  I don't have any pictures from it ( can I get some??).  It was a strange thing to have Oliver gone for 10 days.  We really missed him around here.  

During his time away Cortney and I tried to go up to the cabin as much as possible to get it fixed up.  Cali watched our other 3 kids over night and we went up and painted.  It was a fun time for Cortney and I and the longest we have been without our kids since 2007.  It was like a date and we had a fun time even with all the hard work we were doing.  

Another time we took Henry and Rob but left Theo.  He is just too young for us to get anything done while he is there.  During this trip he learned to WALK.  I was so happy...we were getting worried.  He started walking at 19 months.  (june 8th)

We mostly worked the whole time but we also had the boat up there this time.  Cortney always does his best to take the kids out to do something fun.  I love these pictures of them exploring the place. 

 Up on the hill behind henry you can see a cabin roof.  That is the cabin next to ours.  We are both kinda up on the hill by ourselves.