Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Anyone that knows me and knows me well knows that I...Ashley Boice am addicted to Halloween. I love it I can't get enough of it. Growing up with Amber Merrell Jenks as my best friend is one of the main contributing factors. She was born on Halloween so every year I got to do something really fun for her birthday and Halloween. Weither it was going to a spook alley or having a spooky party with bugs in our drinks, worms in our food or a ghost cake that was on fire we always did something spectacular. Some of the best nights of my life were on all Hallows eve. Including a very memorable night in Rexburg that included staying out all night pumpkins the stadium and an old VW van. Not to mention the game of bed diving that we played earlier with tiffany, amber, missy, Laura, and Sean and someother boys I will leave unnamed. What fun. Anyways everyone (Cali) teases me now because I live for all things Halloween. I told Cali the other day that you'll be able to tell when I am rich when I have a million spooky inflatables out on my front yard and my whole house decked to the nines with all things spooky. This is a picture of Oliver he is going to be a power ranger this year as it is what he is obsessed with. And lucky me Kaelynn (my sister in law) already had this awesome costume. I don't know what Rob is going to be yet. We will see what I can find.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cute huh...

I am so board at home all alone since Cortney is off huntin'. He is gone for five days and I am so board. So board I am actually posting to this blog. Anyways I had been to every web site I could think of when I typed in a search for CORTNEY BOICE and this picture is what came up. Pretty awesome. I love it. The internet is the weirdest thing.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Our Family at Whitney's wedding

This whole BLOG idea is too complex for me...takes too much time and instead of me adding to it once a week or once a month I see it in my favorites and cringe. Just another thing that I am not doing. Great.