Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I forgot to say when cortney and I were in the temple, we were just walking down the hall and we passed a random guy...then the guy said "Chris Daughtry???" to Cort. Hahaaa... Everyone always thinks they look alike, it was just unexpected in the quiet halls of the temple.

Monday, April 28, 2008

oh my

Rob just gave me a heart attack. We were all outside hanging out...and then I went inside to work on dinner. Then Oliver came in and said "I think Rob went to Kempton's (our neighbor)". My heart started pounding and I thought "when did I see him last?". Cortney jumped on his skateboard and took off down the street to check at kempton's. I ran into every room in the house looking for him. I ran outside and Cortney was coming back...with no Rob. My heart sank, and I offered up yet another prayer. Cortney took off in the other direction went down the alley and side street then turned around and came back. Still no sign of Rob. I panicked. Cortney had gone as far as Robbie can walk. Where was he??? As Cortney stopped in front of our house Rob came walking out of our neighbor's back yard. He was looking at their dog! Talk about scary. I was freaking out. Luckily...he was fine. But it will probably take all night for me to calm down.


On Saturday one of Cortney's good friends got married in Salt Lake. So we got ready and basically spent the whole day together, at the wedding, sans kids. It was really fun. We snapped some pictures as we were waiting for the bride and groom to come out of the temple. This is the best one we got...it was really sunny (thus my squinty eyes and Cort's shiny head). But I have decided a picture of us together...is priceless whether we look good or not.
What a beautiful temple. I love going there.

That pretty took up most of our Saturday. Cali watched the kids, which I was so thankful for. It really is a huge deal to be gone for that long. That is a lot of babysitting to do. She was also at the doctor with Gracie almost the whole day so...thanks Joey. (poor baby gracie was dehydrated from the flu and had to have an IV)

We spent the evening trying to finish filling nail holes and caulking the trim in the basement. It is going slow, because we just have so much going on. FRUSTRATING.

Today I took the kids to church by myself. We were up and ready and dressed faster then ever before. Mostly because I had ironed and laid all the clothes out last night. Cortney had to go down to the golf course. The grass had major frost on it and he had to keep angry golfers off the grass for almost 2 hours. Poor guy. He made it to church right at the end of sacrament.

Rob went to nursery so good. He was all excited. I can't believe how he has changed over the last couple of months. Thank heavens.

Tonight I had a fireside to go to. Cortney played outside with the boys and it was just such a nice night. He thankfully took some pictures (I just haven't had any to post lately).

Cortney put up a rope to swing from and a swing for the kids in our tree. Rob just fell off trying to swing on the rope.
What a cutie. Notice in his hand is a ziplock baggie of trail mix. Man this kid is always eating.

Oliver can swing on the rope pretty good.

This is what Oli changes into EVERYDAY. I dress him cute and then the second we are home he puts on this green shirt and the blue shorts. IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY. It is by far his favorite outfit. Sometimes when I don't want a fight I let him wear it under his jeans and the actual shirt I have laid out for him.

My boys are starting to play together. HALLELUJAH.

My cousin Rachel came by tonight. She was visiting from Arizona. It was really good to see her and we talked for a long time. I love that little girl ( I say little because she is so much shorter than me...she really is the most adorable thing, i love her).

I really feel like we didn't get anything done this weekend. It always feels that way. Why isn't there enough time? Oh well. There is always next weekend.

Mom and Dad. Both of my boys keep trying to call you guys on the computer. Oliver begs me to show him how to call so he can call and talk to you guys when he wakes up in the morning. Rob had a frisbee and he kept saying "show grandma" and trying to climb on the computer chair. Of course when they actually do call you they don't say anything...but nonetheless you are on their minds.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

holy freakin smoke

Tonight I put Rob down to bed and then left to the store real quick. He was crying and freaking out so cortney went to go and get him. When he got him Rob was saying ouch ouch...and pointing to his toe. Cortney took him upstairs to put a band-aid on him and noticed that one of his nostrils was really stick out farther than the other one. Rob had stuffed a SCREW way up his nose. And Cortney was home all alone. He cleaned off his leatherman with alcohol and fished it out. He couldn't believe that he was able to get it. AHHHHH so scary I hate stuff like that and am glad I wasn't home (rude...I know). Poor baby Rob.


last night I finally set up an account with skype and I talked to my parents using a web cam. It was awesome...I saw both my mom and dad and they could see me, oli and Cort. It seriously rocked my world and made such a difference. It really helped with my homesickness. Wow. Modern day innovations are amazing. I couldn't have dreamed of something like that when I was in high school (man my long distance bills would have been A LOT less).

Monday, April 21, 2008

too much TV

Oliver just said
"my old allergy medicine made me feel foggy....but now I am claritin clear."


Man I have not had anything to post this week. Yesterday we took all 6 kids to church, it wasn't that bad. I was surprised. Oliver gave his first talk ever. I can't believe how far my shy little child has come in the last year. He got up there and talked loudly and clearly into the microphone. He started laughing for a split second (which in turn started me laughing and I had to stop for a second to get things under control...oh I was trying so hard not to burst out in laughter.) After the laughing though he kept going. I really was proud of him, the talk wasn't hard, and I said every word into his ear but....I was just so proud that he was up there...not crying. He really has become a lot more out going. It is amazing what a year can do, and that is one of the main reasons I feel so good about holding him back from going to kindergarten this year (he has a summer birthday).

Cortney has been aerating the greens at the golf course (I guess this is something that is really important...come to think of it I don't know if he is aerating them or not...all I know is they are "doing greens" this week...and that this is something important, and stressfull). It amazes me, the fact that I am married to a grass farmer. I would have never known that grass needed so much tender love and care. There really is so much that goes into it. He watches the weather constantly, because he can't let his "crop" get ruined.

So slowly but surely we are getting more done in the basement. It is hard because we've had Cali's kids everyday...and because Cortney is doing the greens, so he comes home exhausted. We did get the two doors cut down and installed on Saturday. This was a big deal because we were both really freaked out by doors. Plus we had to majorly cut them down so they will fit in a 1940's basement. We also got them all cased in and we are almost finished with the baseboards. We should have finished on Saturday but we both hadn't had anything to eat allll day and after two wrong cuts in a row we just had to get out of there.

I am really feeling the loss of my parents with Cali gone. (they get defensive when I say stuff like that but it is true) Dad...it could be worse I could be as dramatic as I was in highschool and write a dark depressing poem...and post it here. BUT since I am way less dramatic...I will just say that I really missed having mom to talk to, about the kids and such...especially when Cali wasn't here.

It is starting to warm up outside. I can't wait for it to be a little warmer. (although I know the heat is hard for Cortney...so it is a plus and a minus when it gets hot)

That is all for today. Cali gets home. So I should have more time to post this week.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

too many kids

Cali is in China right now.
No, you don't really have to come home I am glad you are having fun. I should have had it say Wish I was there.

I have been watching her kids during the day, while Linh is at work (ike and linh are watching the kids). It really is the same thing I do in my normal life, except that Cali isn't there. So it is boring. That is why I haven't been posting. I have been too busy. The kids have been good though. Just a little surprises here and there. Like yesterday, Grace covered herself from head to toe in Cetaphil cream. She seriously used like 4 dollars worth of cream. She came walking up to me and I couldn't see one inch of her clothes just pure white cream (I know I used cream a lot in that story but I couldn't think of another word to describe it). Then the older boys today found a can of spray paint. Luckily...after I checked the damage...I was really relieved to find they only painted a little rock. They are all really good though. It is nice now that Rob and Carolina aren't babies anymore. They are playing better then they ever have. Rob couldn't wait for Carolina to wake up from her nap and when she did he went running up to let her out and was crying because he thought tyson would get there first. It was much harder to watch them when they both were babies and needed to be held. Rob though...isn't thrilled with little miss grace. He keeps yelling at her "MY MOM" and trying to get in between us. That kid is going to be in shock when I have another baby someday. He keeps yelling at people "Tyson Cortney Boice" or "Carolina Cortney Boice" (I guess he gets it from me saying Oliver Cortney Boice). Yesterday he said "Oliver Ashley Boice" when he was mad at him.

Rob keeps crawling into my bed in the morning and loving me...he says "mooosic" and tries to find my ipod to listen to songs with me.

Rob cut my brand new curtains yesterday. Little cuts all over the place. AHHHHH The curtains weren't expensive (given) but I bought them for my birthday with the money my parents sent me and I never buy things that I want like curtains. I finally got them hung the saturday of conference...so they were up without getting cut 2 weeks.

Rob ate so much edamame (baby soy beans) tonight...I am really scared for tomorrows diapers.

He can be so sweet and so devilish it astounds me.

Some pictures...just so this isn't so boring.
This is a lot of what I have going on around me right now.
Oye, Rob...he'll be the death of me.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

almost done

Last week we hired someone to finish up the drywall. Man he was heaven sent. Cortney just doesn't have any time, at all. All week he worked long hours in crazy cold winds. He was chilled and exhausted all week. So for him to come home to more and more progress on the basement was awesome. So the walls are drywalled, textured and primed for painting. We hooked up all of the electrical (it worked, thank the stars). So now all we need to do is install the baseboards and hallway door and closet door, finish painting and install carpet. Man it seems like we are almost done but that sounds like a lot of work still. Ayee.

We worked all day, Cali watched the kids for a couple of hours too which REALLY helped out. Then in the evening I was priming the walls and I started getting shaky because I hadn't really eaten since breakfast. I went upstairs to make myself a sandwich and the phone rang. It was our neighbors inviting us over for dinner. We had a lot of fun, the food was great and the weather was beautiful. We ate outside. I love the first barbecue of the season. The smell, with a little bit of chill in the air. I love it. We had a great time.

Cortney took some cute pictures of the night, I will post them later.

Our host and hostess...Jed and Sarah

My boys playing in the dirt

Rob fell down on the way home and then was super dramatic and stayed down there for a long time. I just love how cute my street looks in this picture. Jed and Sarah live three houses down from us.

go to Cortney's blog for more pictures from the BBQ.

These next pictures are from Monday night's Family Home Evening.
We almost always do a little family dance time. Cortney put his camera on timer and set it on the couch. I don't know why he is trying to dirty dance with me...Every time the camera was about to click he would run over to me. Rob is the blue blur off to the side. We love to dance.

This picture is of us playing duck, duck, goose. Rob didn't really get it...he ran every time. He is about to get me in this picture. I absolutely adore the look of pure JOY Oli has on his face. Man that kid has the best laugh in the whole world. It comes straight from his belly.

Friday, April 11, 2008

utah flash

Cortney called me this afternoon and told me he had some front row tickets to the Utah Flash game. These tickets are right on the court next to the opposing team. Of course I said we should go, and his friend from work and wife came too. THANKFULLY I got all dolled up because as I was waiting with the other wife for our husbands at the front door Justin P. from Moses Lake walked by(all you ML locals know who I am talking about 2 years older than me, funny). I was immediately second guessing myself...maybe it wasn't him...it had been like 8 years since I had seen Justin. Anyways I just said his name, his full name as he walked by and he kind of turned around looked at me for a second and said "Ashley?" (ohhhh thankfully he remembered my name and recognized me, that would have been embarrassing, I always think people won't know who I am but he and I were pretty good friends). We talked and caught up as well as I could being flustered and nervous. It was crazy...then to top it off he sat directly across from me the whole game....I mean directly. We sat right next to the other team. I was really scared that I was going to get hit by the ball. But it was a fun night even though we lost. Usually when I see people from high school I am not wearing makeup, or I am 9 months pregnant and wearing sweats.  So I was really relieved that I had gotten ready. 

Rob gave me a real good kiss this morning and then he said "Yum, Yum." I love that boy.

Cali yesterday was talking about how chubby Rob's cheeks were and then Carolina said
"rob, you're chubby"
Cali: (laughing) "Rob's not chubby he is beautiful"
Carolina: "Rob's not beautiful he's cool"
That girl is so funny...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Rob: "mom olivers why"
Mom: "why??"
Rob: "no, oliver's whhhhyyy"
Mom: "Olivers why?"
Rob: noooo
Mom: "i don't know what you are talking about"
Rob : "Olivers why why why"
(he now is hitting my leg every time he says why)
Mom (with a light going on in my head): "oh Oliver lie"
Rob: "yeah" (nodding his head vigorously)

Oliver is ticked that Rob is saying that he lied

Oliver: "Rob you don't even know what lie means"

i love linh

All of the Earl's that were in town this weekend got together in between conference sessions to eat. Linh cooked an amazing spread...oh yum...I wish I had some to eat right now.
She made beef lo mein
Sesame Chicken...
and yummy spring rolls chocked with cilantro and shrimp.

It was really yummy and we had a great time. I love seeing my family...and we missed you that weren't there.

After conference we met up with the Merrell's and had a photo shoot then over to celly's for some great conversation, yummy food (marlo's blueberry pie was soooo good...my mouth is watering just thinking about it, man it must be midnight snack time) and a little bit of rock band. It was a great night and I love everyone in that family so much that I can barely stand it.

I would write more and post more pictures but I am so tired. And I feel like I might have the fidgets which means...I have stayed up too late and I will need some ibuprofen to fall asleep.

Monday, April 07, 2008

The weekend

we had a photo shoot with our Merrell's, I love them. Check it out here. I will post more from the weekend when Cortney gets home from work (the pictures are on his lap top).

Thursday, April 03, 2008

happy birthday dear justin...

So today was Justin's birthday...Cali and I thought it would be nice to take him a little treat. So we all packed up and headed down to his house. When we were walking across the parking lot I saw someone in a suit walking and talking on the phone. I yelled "justin" but right as I said it I second guessed myself, was that really him? He has just lost 40 lbs and I barely recognized him. I was hoping and praying it was him...otherwise some BYU coed would see me yelling at him and waving with 6 kids. Embarrassing. So we tried to get some pictures of the occasion...but my only photographer was Oliver so here is his work...now mind you the camera was not on AUTO and it is SOOOOO heavy (cortney has a vertical grip on it which makes it even bigger). And he had to hold it up and look through the eye hole...no big lcd square on the back. I thought he did pretty good...and he was just clicking away (thus the laughing...jack and Tyson were trying to use Justins camera to take a picture too and couldn't get the button to work)
I had to make them black and white because they were pure yellow...
He had the camera focusing nicely on the streamers above our heads.

Sadly to say my picture wasn't much better...the kids were being crazy and it looks like Robbie has a headache.
Just a cute picture of Rob on the way to Justin's.

Happy Birthday brother....I love you.

for mom...and for grandma aha...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

funny things

Funny things my kids have said this week.

He came up to me the other morning after looking out the front door and said..."i see cali...jus kiddin", it was one of the first times he has tried to trick me.

One day as Rob woke up I could hear him talking in his bed he kept sing over and over again.."pop goes the weasel" that is the only part of the song he knows. I asked him later who taught him that and he said..."uhhhh Jackie taught me that". Which is funny because I actually think that is true.

Another thing Rob is saying that is actually the bane of my existence is "you're a bad bad boy" now he actually says it "you're a baaa baaa boy" he says it to everyone and everything. The crazy part is I never tell him he is a bad boy. And everytime he gets in trouble he says "im a bad bad boy" and I tell him no you are a good boy...and he says "noooooo". It especially drives Carolina nuts...she says "I am not a boy". It really is annoying...he even says it to me when I get Oli in trouble.

Oliver is kind of past the cute things they say stage...mostly because everything he says seems to be snippy or spoiled...but here are a couple from this week.

Oliver: what have I done? I've created a monster.

Then this morning he ran to the window to see if dad was home (my kids run every time they hear a loud car driving past....cortney's samurai is LOUD) Anyways this morning it happened to be the UPS man. Oliver said "mom that man is dressed just like Indiana Jones" (he has the lego set) I thought that was pretty funny.