Wednesday, March 30, 2011

one of those days...

Today when I opened the fridge a full brand new bottle of teriyaki sauce fell out and almost all of it spilled my rush to stop I somehow made a gallon of mill spill too. What a mess. I was so sad because the sauce was a total splurge for me...what a waste of money. Plus I was starving and it really made me hungry for chineese take out.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For Tyler...

It looks like you inspired Oliver's story writing this day...consider yourself very lucky...
In case you can't read it...
My uncle's name is Tylier. One day me and my dad and Tylier went to the skate park. No one was there. The skate park had grinds and big jumps. One jump is so big! It doesn't even have a ladder. My dad road a bike and so did Tylier. Then I got all sweaty. I whus (was) very hot. I went on a jump. I fell on the ground. I got hurt bad. I laid there until someone came. My skate board got pushed so hard it went up a big jump. Then my dad found me. We left. THE END.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Morning Musings...

I have a bunch of stuff I want to journal...but I know a lot of people don't like a lot of words with out pictures...Just skip this.

All weekend we spent every second at Cali and Joey's for March Madness (well starting thursday actually). It was really really fun, but I am exhausted. We made some dang good food...watched some AMAZING games (go cougs) and just sat around (trying to keep our kids out of the theater). My kids are more than exhausted they are mean...I don't know how long it is going to take for them to get caught up. The weekend was even better because my cousin Angie was in we got to hang out with her too.

When I wasn't at Cali's I was at church meetings. I had three this weekend. At one they were trying to teach me everything I needed to know for scouting...scouting is weird. I know nothing about it and I don't get it at all. Turns out there are a ton of meetings that I am supposed to be going to but I haven't been. I need a scouting for dummy's book. Seriously.

My house is a mess...we didn't eat here much this weekend but we also didn't do dishes...not once. There is nothing that makes me madder than waking up to a dirty sink. I hate it. I tried to get some Saturday cleaning done (once I got home from my 8 am meeting) but both Cortney and the boys were crying about it so I just gave up. (I don't want to be raising a bunch of boys that aren't going to help their wives clean...that is my worst nightmare...) Oh and for the record...Cortney always helps me...I am not complaining about that...he is practically my man servant...haha.

I forced Henry to the ground and made him taste some banana cream pie...he bawled his brains out and then gagged until I cleaned his mouth out. Crazy can a chubby kid like him not eat pie. It doesn't make sense. (he did the same thing with sour cream...)

Yesterday was Henry's 3rd time in nursery. He cried so hard when we left him. When I went to check on him 5 minutes later someone was holding him and he was crying (like red face, slobber and snot everywhere crying). I stayed in there until he was playing and not noticing me and then snuck out. It was like he finally realized that this nursery thing wasn't going away. Poor baby. They said he cries every time someone opens the door. They also said he LOVES snack time.

I have been thinking a lot about being super strong in the church...and how to raise kids that are super strong in the church. I hope I can do it.

One of the biggest things that has been going on is that my rheumatoid arthritis has gotten pretty bad again. I went off my methotrexate in September so I could start planning to get pregnant again (you need to be off the drug for 3 months before you can start trying). Then when Cortney was laid off in January, I thought there was a good chance I was already pregnant, so I didn't worry too much when my Enbrel (shot) couldn't get refilled (1600 dollars without insurance). When I am pregnant I don't hurt as much. But I keep not getting pregnant, and it has taken me longer to get COBRA set up then I would have liked.

In the meanwhile I have been hurting more and more each day. I kept telling my mom "mom, I won't let it get bad, I will start my steroids before that happens.". Slowly, slowly everyday I got a little worse...until all of the sudden out of nowhere, my hands don't work. It was so slow I barely realized how it happened. It really made me think about sin...and how slowly we go along until we find ourselves in over our heads. It has really hit home with easy it is to be off the path without even realizing it until you end up in the wrong know?

So I woke up this morning and could barely move. It was time. Time for me to start the steroids I have been putting off this whole time. The crazy part hands already feel a little better. I feel like I have some repenting to do...hahaa.

Along with my Rheumatoid Arthritis, I also have something called Sjogrens Syndrome (sounds scary huh...haha)...which is basically dry mouth and dry eyes. My mouth and eyes don't produce saliva/tears in a normal way. I don't have all. I used to think I never turns out I probably would cry if my body actually produced tears. I can only imagine how cleansing tears streaming down my face would feel. And my poor mouth is constantly dry. Usually I don't notice the Sjogrens very much because the medicine I am usually on controls it and keeps it at bay. So along with my RA getting worse so has my Sjogrens. It is driving me crazy. Every night my eyes feel like they have 10 eyelashes in them...and my mouth...oh my is actually painful. When I try to eat it hurts. BOO. Of course I eat anyway but it isn't fun that it stings. Things that are spicy, or have a lot of acid to them kill...and dry food...forget about it. These reasons alone would have been enough for me to start the steroids this morning. I can't wait to feel better.

Also my aunt Peggy was here last weekend...we went and watched BYU's Dancesport. My cousin Courtney was competing. It was so SO much fun. And it was so fun to see my aunt...we stayed up talking really late one night, I really love my Aunts. I have been blessed with great family...I really have.

There that is all. If you actually read all of are like my best friend.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A post about nothing, and the best news ever

So today I went to get Henry out of his nap and there on the floor next to his crib was my phone!!! For the record I cleaned what I thought was every inch of Henry's room, I moved his bed, I folded all the blankets, I went through the toys...his room is the size of a closet so there aren't a lot of places to look. Henry's pack n' play is right up against a wall so I had put a pillow in between the wall and his bed so he doesn't bonk his head at phone was under that pillow. I have never been so happy. I couldn't believe it. Someone had turned in on Airplane mode before it was it wasn't ringing. It wasn't even out of batteries. I am so glad to know where it is...I need to email my grandma and tell her I found it...she was so worried. She is back in Arizona for a month or so, and then she will be back at Cali's...we are missing her.

On Saturday before the BYU game we went to a church in the neighborhood so Rob could relearn to ride his bike. He is so good...he doesn't really know how to stop or start but other then that he is really good.

I sat in the car trying to keep Henry kinda safe...

Here comes tons of pictures of me...but I love little Henerbens in these...

Look at those chins..His jeans are getting too tight...haha

See his thighs are busting out of these jeans...

He can run REALLY fast...and then he trips and falls down...all the time. It is awesome. He prances around everywhere. And if I say run run run he goes even faster.

Rob in his pj's

Oliver spray painted and put stickers all over his bike (annoying)...he is so Cortney's kid.

Check out my kicks...I got them at walmart for 5 bucks...

Cortney with his awesome car...haha.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

my husband's pretty hot

Yesterday I was looking through Cortney's phone at some of the pictures he has taken. I found something funny in the process...I couldn't believe how many self portraits Cortney had in his phone. I randomly picked 5...he had tons on there...i just counted...over 20. Oh also, cortney has a CRAZY creepy mustache right now. You should see how people react wherever we go. I always say "yes my husband has a super creepy mustach". He hates when I say that. He wants me to act like it is just a totally normal thing. Oliver asked me if dad wears the mustache so that no girls want to marry him. hahaa.

He shaved off his mustache this week sometime. It is awesome. I love it when he shaves his face. It is amazing how creepy (have I said that 3 times now?) a mustache makes you look....

Thursday, March 10, 2011


So I went from this...

To this...
Needless to say I am pretty bummed about it. My second phone is a 20 dollar pay as you go phone. It seriously is like the same phone I got 8 years ago. I haven't checked but I bet it has memory and snake as the games on it. I heard Cortney saying "I thought if she had a nice phone she would take care of it" hahaha...I really tried, I really did.

For the record my last phone was free because of an insurance claim or something. just sayin'...

Nothing drives me crazier than knowing my old phone is somewhere sitting in my house. Tucked away in a shoe somewhere...or hiding in a cracker box...who knows where it is. I checked everywhere. I went through every closet, cabinet, lifted and moved every piece of furniture more then once...I even cleaned out the whole freezer and fridge, because who knows, it could be in there. I moved the oven even.

I have tried to make peace with it and let it go...but it still makes me sad.

I had my first Sunday as Primary President last week. Cortney was out of town. I started the morning off with ward council. (my neighbor watched the kids) Then I was conducting and doing both sharing times. I had no idea what I was doing. People were like...I think we have to say a prayer now. I was totally out of my comfort zone. HOWEVER...I put Henry in nursery, because I can...and because I couldn't do what I needed to do with him trying to play the piano. It was the best thing on the planet. Even with all the stuff that I had to do, it was my easiest Sunday in a LONG time. Way easier than having to chase and lug Henry around the whole time. I was so happy. It is only a month early but man it felt so good. When I went in there was my baby sitting at the table in his own little chair eating snacks...I couldn't believe he it, he isn't a baby anymore. He even colored a picture. Yikes.

So if you need to you can call me now (who am I phone could be lost for a whole weekend and I wouldn't have one missed call...haha).

Saturday, March 05, 2011

trying to find the happy...

Cortney is out of town I didn't mention that before...and my phone is lost so I have been pretty sad.

Then this morning my kids let me sleep in until 9:30, when I woke up on my own. They were being so quiet and watching a movie. I love when that happens.

Henry slept in until 11...honestly, I started getting worried so I went and cracked the door to make sure he was still breathing...and then he woke up a couple minutes later.

I had calming dreams of finding my phone all night.

Then I watched this video that I took yesterday morning (on my phone boohoo)...what a good baby...

If that doesn't make you have a heart of stone.

So annoying

Today I lot my my house...and somehow the ringer is off. My house is spotless right now, every single it isn't like it is hiding in a pile of clothes somewhere. Cali and I looked for almost 2 hours. we looked everywhere. I mean in the freezer, in all the kids backpacks, everywhere. We even cut under a cushion on the couch so we could see if it fell down there. There is nothing more frustrating to me than not being able to find something. I feel like I am going to explode into a million pieces.

Then tonight we played games with friends and I was just so stressed out inside. It was all I could think about my stinking lost phone. Then I got in a fight...a dumb fight (not like a fist fight but you know how game nights canbe...haha) because I was annoyed and now I have 2 things to feel rotten about.

So...if you need to text or call me don't. You can email me.

I am so mad. Where could it be.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

I need your help ladies... now that I am 31 I think it is time I start taking care of my skin. So...I want all you all out there to tell me what is the best thing you've used on your face. Don't be a sister out.

Also...I have had the HARDEST time finding someone that gives a good haircut here in Utah so if anyone has someone they absolutely love please let me know. Every time I just go to someone I have never heard of that can get me in that day and I never get the hair cut I want. I like mine now but it looks NOTHING like the picture I took in to the girl. I would probably even go back to her but she is moving. So...what do you know?

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The rest of my big day

My birthday was so great. I don't ever want presents and such...but I can't help it birthdays are a big deal to me. When I was little all year I would count down to my birthday. I would make samantha wake me up with a prerecorded message. It was a little out of control.

I kinda want people to make a big deal of my birthday, and I am totally embarrassed to even say that.

This year was perfect.

After Cali watched my kids for my hair cut, I came home picked them up and took them over to my friend Sarah's. She said she would watch them while Cortney and I went to lunch. I had a birthday coupon to Mimi's cafe so Cortney and I went there. I love being with Cort (good thing!)...we are still best friends after all these years. We had such a great time and then Cort gave me my present. I had told him I didn't want anything but...he got me this...

I haven't had a functioning stroller for months and months. HENRY is HEAVY too. I decided this time around I wanted a fancy umbrella one.

Problem is they are expensive.

So since October I have been looking on KSL (craigslist) for a used stroller. I would check multiple times per day and I never found a good deal. There were tons of regular strollers but none of the umbrella kind. And I had certain ones in mind...I really did my really.

Then I found one that seemed like a good deal, and Cortney secretly called on it and went and picked it up. I was so happy.

He got me a Maclaren Quest...they retail for like $230, but he got it for $50 bucks.
It weighs 12 lbs and takes up no space at all ( a HUGE deal when you have RA and don't have a garage). It pushes like a dream.
I couldn't stop smiling all day I was so happy for the stroller.

Plus the grey color matches Henry's eyes. (he isn't crazy about riding in strollers but he was pretty good this day). It is even easy to push rob in it.

After lunch I picked my kids up from Sarah's and stayed and talked for a while. Then I went and hung out at Cali's for the rest of the day.

Jason and KaeLynn were over at Cali's when I got there and we talked for a couple was awesome I loved seeing them.

The husbands got home later that night and we went to Happy Sumo again. It was awesome.

Then on Saturday Cali and I went to the Mall for a couple hours because I wanted to buy some sweatpants (funny I know...but I like to be comfy) with my birthday money from the parents.

Can you believe I had that awesome of a birthday?? I know it kinda makes me sound like a diva...and I admit, I kinda am for my birthday.

On top of all that I got tons of emails, texts, comments and facebook posts saying all sorts of really nice stuff. That really made me feel good. Plus my inlaws called to sing me a very enthusiastic happy birthday and they sent me a amazon gift card. I LOVE AMAZON. Plus my grandma Jones gave me some cash too.

The only draw back is I am 31 now and I swear I look 100. :)

I had to post this picture of me and my THREE boys. We had just read a book about all the different kids of frogs and then we decided to youtube some frog videos. We are watching them on my ipad. Henry LOVED it. I love quiet moments like this when everyone is being good. (these moments are rare...that is why they have to be documented).

Today my kids built a fort and ALL THREE played in there for a really long time. I love how patient and kind they are to Henry. That is one of the many benefits of REALLY spacing your kids out.