Friday, December 29, 2006


This Christmas we spent in Rexburg Idaho. We have had a great time and were very excited to finally have a kid old enough to get what was going on. We started off Christmas eve morning shopping for a family of nine. Our little family was in charge of a three year old girl and a one year old girl. I pictured what I would have wanted for my two kids of the same age and got some littlest pet shop stuff for the three year old, and for the baby, a winter coat, a fleece, footed pajama's, a long sleeve shirt, courderoy pants and a little purse. Cortney dropped all of the presents off on Christmas eve and ran while the kids watched from the car as all of the little kids in the family jumped for joy. It was great. We had Christmas eve dinner at Grandma Alice's like usual and it was YUMMY. We all headed home after a short nativity and my kids went straight to bed. Oliver slept without waking up but at 7:45 bolted out of bed to run and see if santa had come. Oliver got Heely's from Santa that he had been asking for since his birthday in June. He was shocked he got heely's and so happy. He also got a Tech Deck skate park from mom and dad. Rob got a car and race track (he is still a little young for it but I didn't want Ollie to have too many presents). Cortney fixed my wedding ring for me and got me sun glasses from Costco that I had been eyeing for months. Cort got a hunting shirt and vest from me and the boys. It was a perfect morning. Every little thing that Oliver got out of his stocking was the "awesomest ever" and he kept telling me that it was the "best Christmas ever". Rob also had a great time finally being able to open the presents he had been trying to open all season long. We had breakfast and a long day of snacking on the yummiest treats imaginable.



Oliver could barely believe that he actually got HEELY'S

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


My beautiful Ollie

Oliver and kelton head down the hill at GRANDMA's and GRANDPA'S house

Kelton and Carter catching air

Oliver and Kelton

Kelton and Carter stuck in a tree