Tuesday, October 21, 2008

oh snap

Somehow I got in my mind that Cali was coming home this morning. Turns out...that she is coming home tonight at 11. Man, I was all ready to leave. The house was clean...the kids were dressed. Oops.


Supercords said...

So does this mean we are gathering together for a big Survivor Night tomorrow, or is it too soon? I think 30 Rock premiers too. Hopefully you guys have come to your senses and realized that Kath & Kim is a pile of crock.

kate said...

I am sorry to hear of your situation. I know few people right now who are not going through hard times-including ourselves...at least you can blog for support! Our hard time is too ugly to publish, but I want you to know I feel for your family. I can tell you how I feel (which you already know) and that is that Cort is without a doubt the most talented and capable person I have ever had the privilege of knowing/admiring. He can and will do whatever he decides upon. I have no doubt that you will all be fine with him leading your family. Just don't try to make a go of it on Hawaii, and you'll be fine! I can relate to his disappointment, having put my heart into HHS for 4 yrs. It takes a while to get past that-he is lucky to have you: so supportive. Wishing you the best! Kate Schroeder
P.S. Your perm is totally inspiring! P.P.S. So is taking care of (13?) kids at one time!

CorT said...

Wow, that was a nice little note from Kate! So sorry I ditched you baby. I miss you:(