Wednesday, January 27, 2010

my very own chia pet

Um...hello, how cute is this??

I made this green hat for Rob when he was a baby...I thought it would be cute but it turns out it just looks like green hair. I had Cortney snap a couple of shots while he was home for lunch today. I just couldn't resist. What a cute smiley baby huh??

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Make em laugh

Cort got Henry to laugh today for the first time. It was awesome

Thursday, January 21, 2010

henry at 2 months (one month late)

So I have been meaning to post Henry's stats from his two month appointment on Dec 14th. Whoops...I am a little late on that.

Head- 15 inches 12th percentile
Weight- 9 pounds 1.5 ounces 4.5 percentile (I can't believe he is so other babies were always at least 75th percentile)
Height- 22.5 inches 20th percentile

Fourth percentile....are you kidding me. Such a change from how enormous Robbie was. I couldn't figure out why I didn't have any clothes that fit Henry...turns out my kids were never this size. They skipped the newborn size.

Henry was weighed yesterday and he weighed 11 lbs. And moved up to the 6th percentile. hahaa.

He is getting to be such a good baby. Ever since I haven't been nursing he is so happy.

And here a little video of Henry on his 2 month birthday

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Empty Sea

Yesterday all of my brothers and sisters (sorry sam) that live here met at the MTC (missionary training center) to see my parents set apart. Oh...all of our kids were there too. We all met in a room and watched them get their blessings. The guy giving the blessing said some pretty powerful things. It was amazing to be there to watch.

Some of us waiting in the MTC lobby. It was fun to see little missionaries walking around everywhere. I love missionaries.

I realize I look like ANDRE THE GIANT next to my mom in this picture, for some reason. As for all of my weird faces...cut me some slack I was REALLY sad.

Now that is more like it...I look a little smaller next to my dad. Ohhh...I love my parents.

Isaac and Linh
Justin, Angelique and Dougie
Jason, KaeLynn, Abby, Zac, Brooklyn and Eliza.

This next picture was taken January 30th of 2008 almost exactly two years ago. This was also taken at the MTC.
Our family Rob, Cort, me, Hens, and Oliver.

Strangely I don't have a picture of Cali's family at the MTC because she had her own camera.

This is a picture Rob took of Henry on the way home from the MTC. Awesome huh?? The boys always call him "Henry Barfer" (yes this boy has a lot of nick names).

My parents really are hardcore. They really think they should give all they can back to the Lord...I think that too...but they really do it. I am so proud of them I know it is a hard thing to do. I am also grateful for their example to my children. Both of the boys are obsessed with missionary stuff right now. Tomorrow morning they are off to Madrid.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

random nothings.

Oliver brought home a note yesterday from was a note from a kids parent they wanted Oliver over to play. His first invite to play with someone. I am not really ready for Oli to play over at someone's house. Maybe it is just because he is my first born, but I just am not ready for that. So I called to see if the little boy could come over here instead. It was nerve wracking...I have never had anyone over (besides my neighbor's kids and my own nieces and nephews). Now I am just glad it is over. They both asked if he could come over tomorrow and I told them both he can come over maybe once every other week. Even that seems like a big commitment to me. Is it bad that I just want his only friends to be his siblings?? (yeah I know that can never last)

Ohh I love this picture of Henry...this is totally what he looks like. He always has this expression on his face. I also love that I have my reminders written on my hand. Cortney needed AA batteries and then I needed to remember to bring soup this saturday for Young Women's. I can't help it, that is the best way for me to remember something.

Tomorrow we go to see my parents set apart. Then we won't see them again until we go over and visit them sometime in Spain.

Monday, January 11, 2010

2 steps foward 1step back

2 Nights in a row Henry slept through without waking up once. Then last night he was up every hour. Now, the little guy is sleeping laying across my chest. About every 2 minutes he starts squirming and 5 toots come out. I feel bad for Hens on nights like this. I feel bad for myself and bad for Cortney. And now I really have to pee but I am trying to let him sleep and I know the second I put him down he will be bawling his brains out.

The diet is going well. My family had two get togethers this weekend. One we had pizza, spaghetti, and hot cookies (like 12 dozen of them), the second Jason made his most delish pancakes. Both nights I just had a salad. Boo

I have lost 5 pounds though.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Boo hoo

My parents leave on their mission to be presidents of the Missionary Training Center in Madrid Spain, in the morning. I am so sad.

We had pancakes (well I had a salad) at Jason and KaeLynn's tonight and then a Family Home Evening.

On the way home Oliver said "That talk Grandma gave tonight even wanted to make me cry". Then in his prayers tonight he said "Thank you for the time we were able to spend with grandma and grandpa."

We are going to miss them.

Friday, January 08, 2010


I have been calling Henry Henhog since he was born. He just looks like a hedgehog...he really does. And strangely enough right now hedgehogs are all the rage right now in baby clothes. Seriously, hedgehogs are everywhere right now. It stinks because I want to buy every hedgehog thing I see. (the bouncer he is on has hedgehogs on it) I took this picture today I couldn't resist how cute he looked.
What a cute baby...right??

The other thing that is all the rage with little boy clothes right rock star motifs.
I took these pictures (there are tons sorry) yesterday because I finished this little hat for baby. It is made out of the cutest charcoal grey yarn. It is so fun to crochet little hats because they are so fast to make.

He was pretty much done at this point...(that is why I call him king Henry...this boy knows what he wants).

It has been exhausting lately taking care of this little guy. Seriously babies are a lot of work, it is never ending. I don't think this baby likes all of the veggies I have been eating, he has even worse gas then before...if that is possible. BUT...I have started weaning him (I start on medications in February that baby can't have) so last night at 11 I fed him a HUGE bottle made with formula and then he slept until 8. 9 hours straight. That is a first for him. I was so happy this morning. On top of the world. I think he likes formula so much more then my milk. Formula hurts his stomach less. hmmmm. I am excited to have him all the way weaned. I was happy I got a chance to nurse him, and I would still be nursing him if I could...but Yahooooo I can't, bottles here we come. I can't wait.

Rob continues to be a handful...the LOVE of my life and the bane of my existence, as I call him lovingly in my mind. Last night I was helping him say his prayers and I told him to say "please bless me that I can obey my mommy"...and he wouldn't say it finally he said "I can't say that" I think he knew that that wasn't going to happen.
look how cute he is though...I love this smiling picture of Rob...he hardly ever smiles in pictures.

Honestly Oliver would be a child model if I let him. When Cortney gets out the camera Oliver really starts hamming it up. He has all sorts of poses and faces...he takes it so seriously. Hahaaa I think it is so funny. (he is just like me)

That is all for now. My parents leave on their mission on MONDAY. gasp. I seriously don't know how I am going to do this.

Monday, January 04, 2010


Now...I am not trying to get sympathy...I am not fishing for people to tell me how great I look. I know I am lucky to be the size I am...but the truth of the matter is, I am heavier then I have ever been in my life. INCLUDING pregnancy. Yikes. So and my fat bum (oh and Cortney's too) are going on southbeach.

Heaven help me.

It helps me to post what I am eating so...I will probably do that again (like I did 4 years ago...have I really had this blog that long??). If all goes according to plan maybe in a couple of weeks I will fit into the pants I was wearing the week Henry was born. :(

Sunday, January 03, 2010

my blessed little one

Today we blessed little Henry. What a great day I had. My in laws (plus grandma Alice) showed up early this morning as we left for church. I was SO happy to see them. I was glad they made the drive up here even if it was just for a short visit.

Cali and Joey also blessed baby Fiona. So everyone came to my church first and they we hurried over to Cali's. It really was the best of days. Henry didn't cry once during his blessing (surprise).

People that attended: Mom and Dad, Bob and Roberta, Alice Ward, Cameron, Leah, Morgan, Jason, KaeLynn and kids, Justin, Angelique, Dougie, Mike, and Isaac.

henry getting some Grandma love from grandma Berta. It was so nice to have someone else hold him today.

We played wii after Cali's sacrament while we waited for the luncheon to start.

It was awesome to see the two grandma's play each other in a game of tennis.

Just a handsome picture of Bob.

My nieces Morgan and Leah came too they are so good with Henry.

I got in on a little tennis action myself.
Cortney trying to get the wii mote from Rob so he can put him in time out...
Here he goes...
Gotta love that face.
the three of us... dad made some dang good food.

the kids eating.
Henry and Fiona...the stars of the day.
Me and Hens.
Roberta and Bob and Hens.

mom and dad and the babies.

It was a great day...thanks to our families for being there.

Friday, January 01, 2010

I just did 3 posts(just so you know) on Christmas...That was a lot of work. Pheww...

las vegas

For Christmas my dad rented a "Christmas Cabin" for us in Las Vegas. When Mom and Dad found out that they were going on another mission they decided we had to go somewhere together for last hurrah before they left. It is really hard to find somewhere that fits 30 people, that is close by, and a little warmer then Orem. This home in Vegas fit the bill perfectly. And it turned out the "christmas cabin" was a Christmas mansion. This place was INSANE.

It was such a beautiful house. 9 huge bedrooms 10 bathrooms. The craziest part of the house was how quiet the house was. It had such good insulation or something. It really helped with all of the loud kids running around. It also had an awesome theater, the kids (and adults) played beatles rock band all day. We also had the pool heated to around 90 degrees. I swam one night (well if you can call sitting in the water swimming) but Cortney swam tons and said it was the best part. The kids loved it and were in there all day.

The house.

The entry way

The pool...duh.

The hall way to all of the bedrooms.

Game room with bar.

One of the Master suites.

We left for Vegas Monday after work. We followed Joey and Cali down in their car and got to Vegas around 11:00 p.m. We got a couple of rooms at the Circus Circus, along with our friend Shane for 23 dollars a room. Man...that is so cheap. You can't beat that. Then Tuesday morning we headed over to meet my parents at the house. We hung around the house and then around 3 most of the boys left to the BYU bowl game. What a fun game, the perfect end to a great season.

It was FREEZING that night. Super windy. These boys are hardcore.

Everyone that I see says "man Cortney really has a beard right now" I hardly notice until I see a picture like this where he has it all fanned out like that. That is a big beard. He looks like Bluto.
from the movie popeye. Well...I guess he needs a unibrow...but his beard is definitely Bluto worthy.

A blurry but awesome photo of the boys rushing the field when BYU won. Tyson is wearing the blue puff coat, he is the ultimate BYU fan.

Ty stoaked.

Justin went up to the cameras when espn was interviewing Bronco M. and held Tyson up...all of us watching the game at home saw him on TV for a long time. First we saw Justin and then up came Tyson. It was awesome.

Just a note...Joey and Shane are missing from the picture because Joey had surgery on his ankle and is a gimp right now. Isaac and Linh were also there but were in the car because it as SO cold.
Max hall holding up the trophy.

Finally a picture that Cortney is in.

Mom and I drove all around town Tuesday night looking for a Christmas tree (not just any Christmas tree but one that was on sale...we weren't willing to spend over 20 dollars for it). We found one and I am glad we really brought the Christmas feel to the place.