Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

The kids and I headed up to Rexburg today with Cort's brother Cameron. The kids were so good in the car but I have never been so excited to be here. It was so good seeing Cortney again. (he has been gone)

The kids have been so excited to go trick or treating. They were so happy to get to go with all of their Boice cousins.

Trick or treating (man it is a lot harder in the country where all the houses are so far apart)

Rob, Leah, Morgan, Aspen, Carter, Oli
Carson, Kelton, Bodin, Cooper

Oliver the Jedi. He kept telling me he didn't have the force.

Can I please tell you how obsessed with this boy I am right now. I couldn't get enough of him trick or treating. He was so worried that they would shut the door before he got up there. Then he would be worried he couldn't get it in the bag.

Some kids trick or treating on a pony. It was awesome...they would go all the way to the front door. Gotta love Rexburg.

Robs costume/shoes made him fall about 1 million times.

All of the kids running together. Such a fun night.

I would also like to give a shout out to my best friend Amber BEA...I love you! Happy Birthday. I thought about you all day...but I didn't have my phone and Cortney's didn't have your number (good excuse really I did think about you...I always do on Halloween).


Supercords said...

That's one serious ghost. I was out trick-or-treating with Cali's kids. I think we all have some photos to post later.

khepworth said...

No Way, Trick or Treating on a horse! That would be awesome!

khepworth said...

BTW, hope you guys are hanging in.

Laura Lei said...

Trick or treating with a horse? Awesome.

I love the costumes. Rob makes an adorable ghost.

Angelique said...

Wasn't the weather so great? We used to have to wear our coats around our costumes because it would be so cold. I love Idaho.