Monday, March 29, 2010


Let me start off by saying there is seriously no air freshener better then a spring breeze blowing through open doors and windows. I love it. This time of year rules.

Secondly, my kids played outside ALL day. I don't think the TV was turned on at all, which by the way is really saying something. Rob did however accidently kick the neighbor kid in the eye while jumping on the it is definitely give and take.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


tonight I went to the Young Women's Broadcast, for my church. Wow.

I dreaded going...just because...I feel like I haven't seen Cortney in two weeks, and it is always hard to leave my little Henry. I just feel anxious when I am away from him. is always stressful for me to find church clothes that actually fit my post baby body.

The second I walked into the conference center, I felt all of that melt away. Seeing thousands of young women dressed in church clothes walking the streets of Salt Lake is amazing. We are a force.

When President Monson walked in 20,000 teenage girls were instantly silenced. I watched him closely as he walked in, as he passed by his wife he gently put his hand on her cheek. My breath caught at seeing such a intimate gesture from such a powerful man.

It was so great to hear the talks...much needed. I am so grateful I went. The best part though was when we all sang together the closing song. Wow...we good, so powerful. All of the thousands of female voices together, singing so loud. The air felt thick with music. I can barely describe how amazing it was.

Then after it was all over I needed to use the restroom...I took a handful of girls with me and we headed to the bathrooms. There were like 100 bathroom stalls in the bathroom, it was incredible. We have some smart smart people in the church. The bathrooms alone deserve the last Wow I am going to type in this post. Wow.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

which baby does he look like?

Everyone is constantly asking me which kid Henry looks like. I personally think he looks exactly like Oliver...except when Oli was a baby he didn't smile much. Henry smiles constantly. I snapped some pictures today so you can see for yourselves. These are all three of my babies at 5 months.

Robbie his fat cheeks in this picture.

Oliver (6 months)


Oliver and Jack...Oliver was un-phaseable (i know I don't think that is a word, oh well)...we called him botox baby because he always had this expression on his face.

The rest are Hens (obviously) I don't think these pictures show just how similar he and Oliver look. I couldn't get one that looked the way I wanted. Oh well. He is such a good baby. So happy. (oh and yes you can see some barf in his mouth on some of these pictures...oh well)


tonight I went back and was looking through some pictures of when Oliver was a baby...I found this funny picture and had to put it in here.

Cortney one year dressed up as Santa...what a dream come true and SOOO not like Cortney. Here he is with baby Jack. So funny. Cortney looks like he isn't enjoying it at all.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patty's day

St. Patty's is a funny holiday...Oshin kept wondering what all the green was about. It was very hard to explain to her what and why we celebrate this holiday.

since our husbands are out of town for March Madness...Cali and I decided to feed our kids together. We made green bread and had delish french toast with green whipped topping and Kneader's syrup. Yummy. I am not sure what Oshin thinks of this very american dish (well I don't know if it is american or not...but definitely not peruvian..that is for sure)

Crazy bad picture of the kids looking a little wild. The weather was perfect today so the kids were running around outside like a bunch of animals. It was fun seeing them all in green...except for tyson who is too cool for that.

Cali and I have 8 kids together, plus she was babysitting Oshin...that makes 10. We fed 12 people...pretty crazy...that is one big family.

Henry and Fiona just holding hands. I love having these two babies so close is awesome. Henry just kept looking at her like he wanted to eat her. hahaa
We took these three babies everywhere this week...and people kept asking if they were triplets. Funny.

I had to post this video of Fiona and Henry. It shows just how they are...Fiona crazy and moving all over the place and Henry a lump on a log just trying to get things in his mouth.

It was a good day.

I couldn't decide which video to all means if you are not a grandma of these not feel the pressure to watch. I realize this is so boring...but not to a grandma all the way in spain.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


First let me say that I think the whole time changing thing is BRUTAL. Especially when you have to get up for 9:00 church. Wow. We somehow happened to make it only 3 minutes late. Robbie had to give a talk and also say a prayer. I wrote the talk during sacrament meeting...slacker...I know. He did a great job...I am always in shock when he will just go up there and do like he is supposed to. He never does what he is supposed to do. He spoke pretty clearly and loudly into the microphone. He always acts like he is so awesome afterwards too...i love him.

Cameron and Leah came over on Sunday was Cam's birthday. We had lasagna (Cali saved my bacon and suggested I just buy a frozen lasagna from costco instead of worrying about what I should make for dinner) it was delicious...Cam brought a salad and we finished it off with dessert. All of the food was so good that we all ate ourselves sick. It was fun having them over. We love having them so close and try to get together once a doesn't always happen that way but we love seeing them when it does.

We gathered together all the paper and crayons we could find (both very scarce in this house) and made up some cards for Cameron. Robbie is starting to try and write is very frustrating for him but he really does a great job...especially considering he hasn't been in preschool yet.

Oh and yes I am in my PJ's...Cortney and I had gotten in a long sunday nap...which I wouldn't have been able to do if I had been slaving over a hot stove all day...thank goodness for Costco lasagnas.

Henry got in on the action too.

What a cute boy huh? He is growing so fast and turning into a chunk. He is starting to look exactly like Oliver...don't believe me...tomorrow I will post pictures.

Oh....I hope he stays blue eyed...

He loves to watch TV it doesn't even matter what is on if the tube is on that is where his eyes are looking.

Cam is such a good uncle...playing uno with my boys takes A LOT of patience. I love Rob is sitting in this picture. He has always had the best posture.

And of course what birthday would be complete without candles and a cake.
It was a great night and my kids were very worn out once Cam and Leah left...which is always a plus.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I have had so much going on lately...or maybe it just seems that way.

Yesterday Cali and I went to watch our Cousin Courtney dance in a competition at BYU. We met up with our aunt was great to see them both and we had such a great time.

I was so tired when I got home and so were my boys...Rob and Henry slept the entire time Oliver was at school...from 12-3:00, it was awesome. Even I got a little nap in there.

Awesome picture right??
Rob fell alseep while listening to the Beatles. Both of my kids are obsessed right now with the Beatles I love it.

Today I threw a little shower for my friend was stressful to get ready for it but it turned out great, I am sure glad it is over though. I spent the rest of today relaxing.

My baby is 5 months old today. Wow. Time flies.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

See...he isn't always being made to cry

To make up for the crying video I posted the other day I had to post one of him laughing. Even with all of his laughing he looks like Oliver is making him nervous. Or maybe it is the camera...because he was REALLY laughing before cortney got out the camera.

Today my brother Mike came over. He came in and looked at the baby that Cortney was holding...and said "Hey, are you babysitting or something?" Cortney said "yeah I am own baby." Michael didn't even recognize Henry...he thought Cortney was watching some different baby. That is how much Henry has changed in the last little bit. I don't think I have seen Mike since my parents went on a mission...he really needs to come around more.

My lesson went well...I am not going to say I rocked it...but I was able to say what I wanted to say. I felt really good about it. And I finished just right on time. Always a good thing. I can't believe how crazy nervous I get.

Saturday, March 06, 2010


So in the last month I started my medications again. I feel so much better. Wow.

The first day I went to go pick up my prescription at the pharmacy I asked first before they filled it to see how much it was going to cost. She checked my insurance and everything and then came and told me it was going to be $1,333.00. Ummmm...what? For 4 little shots. She preceded to tell me that that would only be the first month then after that I would have met my deductible and it would be $333, for every month after the fist month. Yikes I couldn't believe it...I mean we don't have that kind of scratch. So I told her I wouldn't be filling it right then and that I would have to explore my options.

So anyways I went home and went on to the drugs website, filled out a simple online form and then the company that makes enbrel sent me a card in my email that makes my prescription 100 percent free. Yup...FREE. I couldn't believe it. They pay 100% for the first 6 months and then after that I have to pay 10 bucks. What a miracle. What a blessing.

Each of these babies is 400 dollars. Probably one of the most expensive things in my house. These are the self injecting ones...the hurt so bad but it is pretty awesome how it works.
I have to do the injection on the front of my stings like you wouldn't believe and I have to leave the needle in for 15 seconds until the needle pops out on it's own. My right leg always looks like this a couple of days after...then comes a bruise. It heals just in time for me to do it again. (I alternate I guess it takes 2 weeks for the bruise to disappear).

Side really should have put some lotion on. My leg looks all chalky and blotchy. hahaa

So for forever I have been working on getting my blog into a book ( finally finished 2007 and sent it off to the printer on Feb 18th...the completed book got here on the 26th...they sure are fast. I was so happy....(it is so awesome)

2007 ended up being 240 pages long.

I can't wait to get my other years done now that I have seen how awesome it turns out.

Tomorrow I have to teach Relief Society in my ward...I have been having a nervous breakdown all week. is like my worst nightmare. I can't wait for tomorrow to be over with.

Friday, March 05, 2010

my baby's funny

The other day I was making a kinda growling noise at Henry and he started crying. It was hilarious. Cali said to me...hurry go get your camera so you can get this on I did it one more time...poor baby. Watch his face as he starts to frown a couple of times before he cries...I am not mean I promise. I totally comforted him afterwards and now he isn't scared of that noise.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

happy birthday to me...

30 years old. What can I say?? I feel old. It seems like only yesterday I was turning 20. I guess that is a good thing though, they say time flies when you're having fun.

I had a great birthday. I started it falling down the stairs at 6 a.m. when I was on my way back from the bathroom. I hurt my back pretty good. I thought it was a totally typical thing to do. MY little boys were so awesome and let me sleep in (I think I slept in until 10)...Oliver even straightened the house (he knows me so well). I woke up and got ready then Cortney came home to take Oliver to school...While Rob and Henry and I left to Cali's house. Oshin (Cali's Peruvian daughter...I can't believe I haven't blog about her before...she has been here since january 1st...that will tell you how horrible I have been at blogging) watched Carolina, grace and Rob while Cali and I headed for a lunch date at Happy Sumo. We had gone for Cali's birthday two weeks before. I love that place, and almost always go there for my birthday (they give 10 dollars off on your bday). Cali and I had a great time. We stopped by my house on the way home to find that Cortney had done the dishes (my biggest dream come true) and had left cupcakes from a local bakery. How sweet. Then we went over to Cali's and just hung out.

At 5:30 Cortney came and he and I went to Mimi's Cafe (they also give you 10 dollars off on your birthday). We spent a delicious dinner together. It was great to be without all our kids. (thanks Cali) After dinner we headed back to Cali's house to watch survivor and american Idol. Shane was there and Justin and Angelique dropped by with a dessert from Kneaders (yes please). We opened some presents...

Cali and Joey gave me a shade shirt that they caught at the BYU basketball was extra special because Joey had to totally fight a lady for it and almost re-injured his post op heel.

Shane always tells me that I never cook anything without brown sugar (he does have a point) he gave me two kinds, dark and light brown sugar. He also gave me some xango face care and a book mark.

For my birthday Oshin played me a couple of songs on her violin....I loved it.

From Cortney, I got a a gift certificate for a massage from a massage therapist that I really liked...from years ago...I was impressed that he remembered her name. He also got me a borders gift card.

We watched idol and then realized that Survivor didn't record. So we headed over to our house (that was a first) and watched it here.


I was so spoiled, one of my neighbor friends brought me over a peach and vanilla cake (that was delicious)...and another brought me over a Jamba juice gift card.

I also got money from my Grandma Jones and both sets of parents. Lucky me. OH I almost forgot. A couple days before my birthday Oshin watched the kids so Cali and I could go shopping so I could find a couple of pairs of pants that actually fit me. And I actually found some...that really started my birthday off right.

My mother in law made this nice collage of me...I wanted to include it so I can have it in my book when I print this up.