Saturday, October 18, 2008

A fun day...and an accident.

Sorry about the millions of pictures.

This afternoon I did the girls hair and we headed up to Vivian park.

Cute GG

I am so obsessed with her

CC's hair. Both girls sit sooo still while I do their hair it is amazing.

All of the kids fished.

I was so scared that someone was going to get hooked. Jack was crazy with that thing.



Angelique and Justin came with us. Ang had some carrots, Rob tried them and said "I love it" He ate a million.

Carolina did good from her first try.

We were all having fun on the park look at Grace. She was loving the slide (Angelique helping was great to have a couple of extra hands) everything was great until I heard Jack crying...

I ran over there calm as can be his mouth was bleeding. I grabed his sweatshirt and covered his mouth.


Poor boy...time to load up and head home.

I got it all cleaned and Also happened to have a big thing of ice so that helped. He is doing much better...and we even went to Denny's for the free kids meals. I think he will be okay. Hhaha I hope so.


Scott & Tami said...

I LOVE all the photos!!! Looks like a great outing. It's always the boys that get hurt...somehow it just ALWAYS happens!!!!

calistaemig said...

Leave it to Jack to fall on his mouth. Ash, don't say sorry, how many times has he gotten a crazy fat lip in his young life....I can think of at least 3 right away, including once when I had his jaw x-rayed to see if it was okay.

Wow, I have never seen my girls with such intricately coiffed hair. You were made to have litte girls. How did you get them to hold still? I can't believe you did all that PLUS Dennys.....brave woman. Well, needless to say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures.

love, Cali
ps-you've really come a long way with the whole injury thing. You look so calm in the picture where you are holding the sweatshirt on his mouth.....
pss-If I never see chinese food again, it will be too soon!

Angelique said...

We've loved seeing you guys more! Thanks for letting us chill with you.

mumovearls said...

Ash I am so proud of you with the Girls Hair! So Adorable! This might be a good reason to have a little girl some day! -nena