Sunday, March 30, 2008

oh the joys of a sick sunday...

So both of my children have been really coughing this week. But then last night Rob woke up in the night crying (he hasn't woken up in the night since probably at Christmas). He had turned the lights on in his room and was freaking out. Then he woke up super early because he was coughing so much. So I knew we wouldn't all be going to church. I went (trust me I was the lucky one for sure) and then I came back for an hour before I had to go to YW presidency meetings. So it was a long morning for Cortney. Seriously...the day just drags on and on when everyone is home sick. Cortney took out the camera this afternoon...

Oliver always looks like he is taking his senior that boy can pose. He cracks me up. The funniest is that he is wearing a basketball tank top. (his absolute favorite...not mine to say the least)
They spent the whole day climbing on poor Cortney. I honestly feel so bad for him sometimes.

I tried to sleep...and did for a second but Cortney came in with the camera and kids.
Shortly after everyone came in Rob bit Oliver on the leg...
Here he is in time out.
Poor have to click on this pictures to see his big tears. His cheeks get so red when he is sick.

Then he noticed that one of his toenails was too long...

So he tried to chew it off. (I know my mom will love this one)

Striking a pose.

Then I got out the paint book for them to do while I made dinner...they were bored today. Way more than usual.

Of course I never have paint brushes...Q-tips were good enough for me when I was a kid so I guess they are good enough for my boys.

Cute Oli...even if you insist on only wearing basket ball jersey's and shorts.

I can't wait for the winter to be over and for good health to be back in full force.

oh I also wanted to say that I didn't edit a single one of these pictures...cortney just keeps getting better and better.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

i miss you always

So Cortney left on Thursday to go fishing...I hate HATE it when he is gone. I seriously can't handle it. Then I want to post about how I hate it when he is gone but I don't want all of cyber web to know that he is gone...which leads to me freaking out and being scared. On Thursday I tried to spend the night at Cali's but my kids were not going to sleep so I packed up at 10 and drove home. I knew that if I stayed I would have to wake up EARLY since all of the kids would be so excited to play together. It was a good choice too...because my kids actually slept in until almost ten. I was pretty scared though when I got home. Cortney had tried to show me how to use a gun before he left (scary thought I know...)but just seeing a gun freaked me out so I begged him to put it away. I slept with a golf club instead. Hahahaaa. I know it isn't normal for a lady to be so scared. I kept talking myself out of it and I put my head phones on and was cleaning but then I heard something fall off of a ledge (where we put the keys) so I was scared all over again. I luckily this time had a big ol' stack of books to read while he was gone which always makes the time go by quicker. And he is usually annoyed at me if I just try to read when he is around.

Friday was better. I convinced myself I didn't need to be scared. What happens happens. And...I can be really mean and scrappy so I could at least try my hardest to attack someone if they tried to come in.

Then today I got to go to the Young Woman's General Broadcast. It was awesome. It was my first my first time in the conference center, which is so beautiful. One of the young women that I was with had a sprained ankle, and was on crutches. So right when we stepped on to the grounds a man came up to us and ushered us to the front of the lines...then (after security) another man came up with a wheel chair and insisted she use it (along with a young man to push her). She tried to refuse and no one would let her. It always amazes me...the church is awesome. The talks were all really wonderful...and it was great to see Thomas S. Monson as the Prophet. Wow. I was really grateful for the opportunity to go. It was funny because it seemed like all of the moms and leaders were listening and teary eyed...while a lot of the girls looked very sleepy. The girls in front of me were writing on their note pad..."I am so bored" in bubble letters. I just kept thinking..."well that is ONE good thing about growing up in Utah...being able to attend something like person". I would have LOVED LOVED to get to attend when I was still a young woman. It made me miss my mom...I don't know why it just did. They always really make you feel like you could do anything...and that what you do can make such a big difference. I always felt that way when I was is good to be reminded as an adult. But what a great night, Thanks Cali for watching the kids and making it so I could go. I really appreciate that.

Cortney got back tonight. Yeah...back to normal now.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

book club

book club...also known as my favorite night of the month. Last night the book we reviewed was tiffany's choice and she actually chose one that was part of a trilogy so we read all three. The books were; The Thief, The Queen of Atollia, and the King of Atollia by Megan Whalen Turner. They were all very good...although thankfully all three are written so I didn't have to wait for the third to come out. We met at Mimi's Cafe. Ohhh there is almost nothing better than eating out with some girlfriends on a weeknight. Tiff had a volleyball game before the meeting, which is funny to me...I can't imagine having some sort of sporting event to play in. It was a great night. So fun.
I don't know why I look so weird in these pictures...I promise I was having more fun then it looks. I think I was stressed at someone trying to figure out how to use Cortney's Camera. People never know to look through the eye hole...they are looking on the screen...and don't know what to do when no picture shows up.

It was so fun, I laughed so hard.

Then this morning I woke up and headed to the library. I love going there. I adore books. I got a whole bunch of books but, I had to pick quickly because Rob kept running away and throwing books on the floor. (this was after we had attended story time...which Rob loved and Oli hated...he thought it was boring) Then we rode the elevator upstairs. Rob pushed the emergency call button. I really thought nothing of it but when I got to the counter to check out my book someone that worked at the library was just running back from the elevator, and she said "no it wasn't someone in one was in there). Oops. I guess I should have waited for them to ask if we were okay.

Monday, March 24, 2008

my hick

Cortney grew up in Rexburg Idaho. And for those of you that have been to Rexburg know that there are "hicks" that live there. I looked up the definition for hic in the Urban Dictionary...the definition is as follows:

A red neck type of person. Not trailer trash, but farmer cowboy red neck. Usually of lower intelligence, has long bull horns on front of dualies truck and a rifle rack in the window. Common among rural praire areas, ie Saskatchewan.

I thought this definition was really funny. Anyways. He spent his whole life being the opposite of a hick. He was feuding with them his whole life. He was a cool skater kid. And now, that we have moved. He has changed. Now don't get me wrong...every once in a while I see that cool kid I met on a cold night at craigos...but it isn't very often. Now a days he wears camo, carhartts, boots, long johns, fishes, hunts, talks about wheels and all other sorts of hic behavior. My most recent proof...this weekend he went to the jeep safari in Moab. Here are some choice pictures. roads.
It amazes me that people go to watch this.
This one is pretty self explanatory

Just a cool shot of A LOT of jeeps.

Cortney really wanted to get pictures of the sweet people that were there...I only choose a couple of the pictures because...its late.

A friend from our ward, Jory came along on the trip....last minute. I was so glad that Cortney had someone to come along with him. Cortney had a great time with him, and was really glad he was there. (his wife is in YW's with me and I adore her...)

Here they are at their campsite.

Cortney in Samurai heaven. He said his samurai did SOO good.

One thing broke (he told me but it was just a bunch of car mumbo jumbo to me) and here he is fixing it...pretty hot huh?

Another one of him fixing it...this is probably the first trip cort has been on where he is in the pictures.

and of course they ended the weekend with a ticket for parking 10 feet from where they were supposed to. GREAT.

He said it was one of the funnest things he has ever done. I am happy he got to go and glad Jory went with him instead of me and the boys. No offense cort. I love to go ANYWHERE with you but I am not a fan of crazy driving over steep cliffs.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Girls night out

It is funny because...for us girls night, a lot of the time means girls plus 6 kids. Joey and Cort are out of town this weekend. (march madness in Vegas for Joe and the Jeep Safari in Moab for Cortney) We colored eggs yesterday with all of the kids. They broke 2/3 of the eggs...we started out with 3 dozen and ended up with exactly 2 dozen by the time we were finished. Then Cali and I had Rob and CC out of our sight for 1 minute and they broke another dozen. It was fun though.

Then we headed over to McDonalds for the kids to play in the play place. They had a blast, and it was nice to get them all tuckered out before bedtime. Then we returned to Cali's for the slumber party. The funniest part of the slumber party was Rob kept asking to go in the room with all the boys. And I told him he wasn't big enough (he hated that of course). Then when Cali and I went upstairs to take the boys to the bathroom there was rob sleeping on the floor with the big boys. They were already asleep when he came in. It was so funny. here he is. We were in the room for a couple of minutes before we even saw was very shocking.
And this picture I took so you could see where he was sleeping. So that is him under the orange blanket...then Oli also on the floor and then Ty is in the bed next to Oli and Jack is on the top bunk.

Cali and I ordered chineese takeout from the Rice Wok here in Orem. We love the food there. And then we watched Enchanted which we LOVED. What a cute movie. We seriously were smiling the whole movie.

Then I spent the night and we got a relativly good nights sleep considering how many kids we have combined. They were however up at 7 am. so that wasn't too sweet. But a fun weekend none the less. We have to do an easter egg hunt today. I will post some pictures if we manage to take some.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

mug shot

he has poured out a jar of sunflower seeds...and a bag of cookies. At least that is better than yesterday.

lucky me.

Today...I got a present in the mail...

A beautiful necklace from my mother in law and my sister in law Heather.  The designer is lisa leonard let me just say....she is amazing. I have been dreaming of owning a necklace of hers for almost a year.  I check her blog often and every time I am just so amazed by her creativity.  So...I was SOOOO excited to get this in the mail today.  What a great surprise.  And what a great way to turn a boring day into a great one.  
So I took a lot of pictures...just because I think it is so beautiful.  It says....
I love that my Roberta had them spell Rob...R.O.B (for his initials Robert Owen Boice)

I am so happy.  How nice of my inlaws.  And how great it is to get a birthday present on a day other than your birthday.  Go take a look at her blog.  Soon your heart will be dreaming of owning one too.  It is perfect timing for mother's day...have someone buy one for you.  She has tons of different styles.  I swear...the first time I looked at her blog my heart was beating so hard...that is how much I love her stuff.

Monday, March 17, 2008

king of the road

I went today to get a Utah Driver's license. Oye. First the line at the DMV was like nothing I have ever seen before. I get to the front...and yup, I have forgotten my social security card...what?? So I run home, Cali is watching the kids and they are all for some reason doing a lot of yelling today. So I go and try to find my the important documents file...but it isn't there...none of the birth certificates or passports are either. Then I remember that Cortney got a safe...for one of his hand guns?? I think... Anyways he has put the documents in there. I call him for the combo...he tells me it should be on a paper in his closet. I can't find the paper but I remembered that I told him to email himself the combination. So I get the combo (that word feels weird to me) and I can't get it open. I feel like I am trying to rob a bank or something. So finally he tells me you start the opposite way from the junior high locker I finally get it open. And there inside the safe is the combination and instructions on how to open it. hahaa. Anyways. I headed back down to the DMV waited in line waited and waited then I had to do a 25 question open book test. I haven't taken a test in like 9 years. I was shaking and nervous and I had to say a little prayer just like I did when I was in the 7th grade. I was so nervous. Teenagers on my left and right were failing the test (you can try 2 times in a day) and I was freaking out. Ohhh and to make matters worse my phone rang super loud...My best friends girl by the CARS and no cell phones are allowed in the testing center...I turned BRIGHT RED and hurried to get it turned off. I fully expected to fail...(you have to get an 80 percent) but sure enough I missed one...and the lady at the desk told me the one I missed wasn't in the book. It was asking if it was illegal to drive in the "gore" while merging onto the freeway. What in the world is the "gore" and why was it in quotation marks on the test??? I don't know. I passed though with flying colors. And now I can drive again...yeah.

Also good news for me. I wrote last summer that we couldn't have a garden for 3 years because Orem (well my neighborhood) is infested with the Japanese Beetle. Well this year they are letting us. YES!!! I can't wait. Oliver and I talk everyday about what kind of veggies we can't wait to grow.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Finally...a fun Saturday.

For forever we have had a whole bunch of stuff going on on the weekend.  So we couldn't have a fun day just being together.  Well this weekend we really should have worked on the basement all day but...Cort was super wiped from work this week.  

I woke up for a stake camp meeting at 9:00.  Ayeyeyeye....Camp is coming.  I don't know if I am ready for it.  But the meeting was fun...YUMMY breakfast was served.  For me that makes something sooo worthwhile.  

Before I start on the are some pictures of my kids on Friday.  We do a lot of dancing here at my house.  Both of my kids think they are so good.  

Notice their hair...Oli went to the bathroom and spiked up both of their hair.  So they could be cool dancers.  My kids REALLY need a haircut.  oye.  
Rob just showing me his cool moves.

Then this morning while I was at the meeting Cortney took some pictures of them.  
oh oli
And a super smiley picture of Rob...very rare. 

So once I got home from my meeting I begged Cortney to forsake the basement and take me to IKEA (i had a return  to make).  I love diapers in the bathroom in case you forget one (which I always do), a wonderful family bathroom, baby food for sale, free baby sitting.  The list goes on really.  We dropped Oliver off at the play zone.  Hooked Robbie up with a spongebob episode on my ipod...and it was like Cortney and I were all alone.  Then we finished the visit off with lunch in the Ikea Restaurant...we ordered two kids orders of meatballs, Apple glazed salmon for me (with root vegetables I had never even seen), and Pasta and meatballs for Cort.   

Then on the way home we realized we had missed Rob's nap so we thought...we might as well stop at Cabela's.  Also a much loved place.  
Rob was freaking out over the fish.  At first he was really scared but then he was screaming...girl screaming at every fish that swam by.  Of course as per usual when the camera came out he put on this face. 
Oli of course loved it too. 
Then we had some father son bonding in the shooting galley.  
I love this cute.  When we took Rob in he freaked.  He wanted to GET OUT.  
He ran out of the shooting place and hid by some furniture...with this scared look on his face.  I guess he and I will be the anti gunners in our house. 
Then we went and looked at the toys.  (i thought I would never get him out of the candy shop)

The three of us looking at the wildlife display. There are two stuffed lions trying to take down some kinda gazelle type thing and Rob kept saying..."they fightin...they fightin with me".  Man...I will never have a blonde child.  
The typical look I get when I try to get a kiss from my little boys.  

Then tonight we took a "family walk".  Because I actually needed to tape the enrichment reminders to doors in our neighborhood.  IT WAS FREEZING...and snowing.  Wow.  A great day...and one of my kids is in bed, YEAH!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

great day

Today I had one of those days. A day where I felt like I was accomplishing things all day long. The house was clean, errands run, dinner in the oven, Rob down for a LONG nap...that kind of day. I love those.

Todd and Tiffany and children came over tonight for dinner and drywalling. Tiffany and I stayed up stairs with the 6 kids while Cort and Todd finished the ceiling and half of one of the walls. Ohhh. It is so great having them over. Todd has helped us so much and Tiffany is one of my best friends in the world so it was a great night. (I don't know how great it was for Todd and Cort but I had a blast). I tried to get some pictures of them in action...but there isn't good lighting yet down there...

In this one I had Cortney pretend like he was helping Todd. They kept stopping every time I came down so this is as good as it gets on pictures. being so mischievous. Mostly potty related and naked related mischievousnesses. Tonight Tiff's Roxy (2) came running out with a worried look on her face. We followed her and her and Robbie were in the bathroom. Rob had taken off his pants and night diaper and tried to flush them down the toilet. Those night diapers can hold A LOT of pee so the thing was HUGE and needless to say they didn't flush down. They just overflowed the toilet. Luckily she told us. There was a lot of water on the floor already. Tiff told me I better get my camera.
This is the look he gave me when I came in...
Then he just kept on playing in it, like it was no big thing. Thank goodness I had cleaned the toilet like 2 hours before this. Not that that makes it much better.
Notice the water on the floor...
when I put the camera away and the kid got in trouble he was so shocked. Ahhh....

All week anytime he and Carolina are together they go and pee randomly in one of Cali's Showers. Usually one of the other kids come and get us or we catch them ourselves. Yesterday they were in the guest bathroom naked and brushing their teeth.

I don't know what to do with him sometimes. Nothing works on this kid...he could care less about punishment....of any kind.

Cali is gone...boohoo. She went to a sisters weekend with Joey's family. I am always so bored when she is gone.