Tuesday, January 31, 2012

That's a lot of Hair.

So Cortney shaved his beard last night.  I am pretty sure the end result is WAY worse but I have a feeling it won't be around for very long.   Here is a progression of pictures Cort took with his computer last night. 
 It was getting pretty out of Control. 

Can you believe how long it was.  

This is how he left it.  Worse right??

Rob told me a couple of days ago that I should break up with Cortney because of his beard.  I know the kid doesn't know what that would entail but I thought it was funny that Rob didn't like it.  I actually like Cortney with some beard, just not that much beard.  He looks like he has such a small head now.  

I am one lucky lady?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pinewood Derby

So I feel like I hit a huge milestone as a mom tonight.  It was my first pinewood derby.  Of course we didn't start working on the car until tuesday...and I went and picked up some paint today for it.  We are the ultimate slackers.  

 Oh Henry...why is your face always messy. 

 This is how my boys look at all times.  Our primary meets right here in the gym and this is what my boys are doing every week as I clean up. 

 Oliver...what a good boy.  You can tell how inwardly nervous he is in this picture. (he's just like his momma like that)


Here he is watching his car race. 

 So serious. 

 His is the black truck coming in last place.  He actually didn't do too bad and came in second almost every single time. 


 Me doing what I do best. 

 He got the nitro ninja award.  

Weird that we didn't get one picture of the actual truck. 

I just remedied that and took a couple quick pictures of it with photo booth.   Not too shabby for throwing it together last minute.  Cortney just told me "next year I am pulling out all the stops".  We will see. We have a family in our ward with 3 boys and they have never not gotten 1st place.  This was their last year and the dad of that family told Cortney some of his secrets.  Huh...we will see. 

 Oliver thought it was awesome (although he did say it needed to be sanded better and painted again...hahaa)

So TWICE now I have found random computer t-shirts in our laundry.  Cortney and I both have NO IDEA whose shirts they are.  It is blowing my mind.  Either one of us is having an affair with a super nerdy computer person...or some one is sneaking into our house and doing their laundry.  
Is this your shirt???

Weird right?

Monday, January 23, 2012

A blessing and a name

Bright and early this morning we blessed our little 
Theodore Bunker Boice

Our church starts at 9:00 and we can barely make it there on time when we don't have a blessing to get ready for.  We woke up at 7:00 and surprisingly enough made it to the church before it started.  

From Cortney's family we had Bob, Roberta, Cameron, Leah and Tyler.  It was so nice of them to come down and they really had to brave some horrible weather.  Then they turned around and drove right back home.  Hard core huh? (we saw them for a couple of minutes and then they were back on the road)

From my family we had Jason and KaeLynn's Family, Justin and Angelique's Family, Joey and Cali's family, Isaac and Linh, and then my Mom and Dad and Grandma Jones.  

Cortney gave a beautiful blessing.  

After sacrament I had to teach Sharing time and everyone else in my family had to teach too so we all separated and did our duty.  My mom stayed in primary with me which was fun.  

I had Cortney snap a couple of pictures after church of the special guy.  He wore Tyson's blessing outfit because mine was still too big.  It is a funny little outfit and we can't help but call him Chappy or Pip when he wears it.  (oliver also wore this outfit.)

 I just wanted a picture of the three of us but Henry has been feeling really left out today.  

 He just started kinda smiling on Tuesday. 

What a cute little profile (his not mine :)) 

 Poor Henry.  All day he has been saying to me "hold you." Don't worry...I held him.  I held him all morning. 

 He loves to hold baby Theo. 


Theo started crying and Henry was telling him SHHHHH...  

 I love Theo's face in this one. 

Cortney's going for the prophet of old look. 

 Henry was going crazy cause he wanted to hold Theo.  I love how Cortney is with our kids.  He is the best dad.  Seriously.  I asked Oliver today if he thought dad was scary when he got them in trouble.  He said "yeah, but you are scarier."  No kidding. 

 Two old fashioned men. 

After everyone got home from church we met at Cali and Joe's for a little dinner.  It was nice to all get together and our kids love it with all their hearts when we are together as a family.  I love that they love their cousins...they always get along too.  Well...except for the two year olds. 

 Brook and Stella. 

I spend a lot of my time doing just this.  Theo takes a long time to drink a baba.  30 minutes at least.  When I nursed it was 10 minutes at a time max...so this seems long to me. 

 Cali and Dad working in the kitchen. (LIKE ALWAYS)  
Have I mentioned Cali is PREGGERS.  Yup.  She is pretty darn sick right now and still working in the kitchen.  I am pretty sure it is okay to mention it on here because she told her young women today...if not...oops the cat's out of the bag.  

6 kids.  Yikes. 

She is due in July. 
Ty watching football.


Yup still feeding the baby. 

We just started yesterday trying out the Dr. Brown bottle.  So far it hasn't really changed how much he spits up.

Look at that cute little hand.   (i lost my thumb nail the week Theo was born, it's finally coming back in)




It has been so nice having my parents back. (they leave again on Wednesday.  It went TOO FAST.  They head to Mexico for a month and then on to Arizona.)

Tyson and Zac.

It was a nice day.  I am glad everything is over (this weekend I had a breakfast for all my teachers here at my house...5 people showed...then I had the blessing and dinner, sharing time, and rob had a talk.)  I am EXHAUSTED.  

Thanks to all of our family that came.  We love having your support!