Friday, October 10, 2008

Holy Smokes

my kids got haircuts (thanks to Cortney)...oh it makes them so lovable.

I know many of you read about my potty training issues with Rob a couple of months ago. Well...that failed horibly so I gave up...I knew when I started he wasn't ready. He has been 100% on diapers. Until the day Cortney lost his job I had started potty training that morning. On Tuesday before I found out he pooped his pants once and peed his pants probably 5 times. ( I would find him outside hidden with wet pants). From the second I found out about Cort's job...he hasn't had one accident. WOW. I honestly can't believe it. Tonight as I was putting his diaper on for bed (I am not crazy about changing sheets) and he cried and cried about not wanting a diaper. What a blessing. It came out of nowhere.

Yesterday my visiting teacher stopped by. She said she couldn't stop thinking about me all day...and finally said to herself "I just need to go over and check on her". She didn't know anything about Cort's lay off. She is an awesome woman, her 15 year old son just had a heart transplant...and she has been through a lot, she has a lot of experience in "hard times". Plus...she is just like me. She isn't super cheesy and fake. She just tells you how it is. It really helped to talk to her. She understands. I am glad she listened to the spirit.

Little things that are changing with Cortney's new found unemployment. No more loads of laundry with socks and socks covered in GRASS. It took a lot of laundry time to keep up with Cortney working in the dirt everyday. Also...In the 5 seasons Cortney has worked there he could never get up with the kids in the night...that is all me because he wakes up so early. So last night when one of the boys came in he took care of it. has been forever since Cortney has been around in the morning. The boys barely know what to think. Rob asked Cort if they could go fishing at his work will be interesting to see how we explain that it isn't daddy's work anymore.

We both are feeling totally calm now. (I am not just saying that either) I honestly can feel prayers working. As if Rob's sudden change in poop habits isn't proof enough.


Cindy said...

Hang in there. We are praying for you guys. So grateful for prayer!

mumovearls said...

For some reason they just decide to stay clean and dry! I can't figure out what the change is... Hendrix has been funny with her potty training. We love you guys so much Ashley, just hang in there. I love that you can see the good (like no grass in your laundry) hahaha! Glass is half empty or Half Full!-nena

Alisha Marlatt said...

Hey Ash, I haven't read any blogs for a while so when I came to yours I had a lot of catching up to do. I can completely understand where you are coming from. That's another reason Tom has gone back to school. He doesn't have a lot of jobs so we figured now is as good a time as any. It's difficult to adjust our spending back to our college days. Anyway, I am so sorry for you and You'll be in our thoughts.
Love you,

mumovearls said...

Tag your it! I left details on my blog-nena

Berta said...

I always marvel at how the SPIRIT works and I marvel even MORE when people LISTEN to the SPIRIT when it whispers to them. Kudos to your Visiting Teacher - give that woman a hug! I'm glad your both feeling calm and relaxed - things will start happening soon. Congrats on the R.O.B.-poop-thing! Now, that's an achievement!