Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday

When I couldn't think of a name for my soon to be born second child...I decided that I would give him a name that meant something. Everyday I am so glad that I named my boy after my in-laws. Everytime Robbie is in trouble and I say "Robert Boice come here!" I think of my father in law. It kinda makes me feel like I am getting him in trouble (and I love it). Hahaha does that make sense??

Look at these two, Robert Boice times 2. My two Bobs. I love it. (plus what kind of grandpa really wants to hold a kid with that messy of a face?)

Today is Bob's birthday. Happy birthday! I am so grateful for you. Grateful for the patriarch you are to our family. WE LOVE YOU!

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Cindy said...

Yes, I know!(about the getting him in trouble part) I knew him as a 'single' guy when he and Roberta first started dating! No 'sass' there! GREAT man.