Friday, October 03, 2008

Game Day

So it is another BYU game day.

We put up our we do on game day. My neighbor across the street puts up a Ute's flag so I feel I really have to put up a Y flag.

I made some cookies for the party tonight. They turned out pretty dang cute...considering...I don't have an icing bag (not to mention a pretty short attention span).


I used pioneer woman's recipe found here
They are so cute...and you paint the cookies before you bake them with tinted egg yolks.
So fun to do with the kids. I bought some halloween cookie cutters this week so we can make these again halloween style.

*****NEW NOTE*****
My friend Natalie mentioned in the comments that she doesn't use this recipe very often because it has raw egg whites in the frosting part. I had forgot now that I remember a couple of notes on the frosting. I too thought the raw egg white was freaky so I left it out. And the recipe for the frosting uses a whole bag of powdered sugar. So that is obviously WAY WAY more then you need for these cookies. I just made my own recipe...I wasn't crazy about the one I used. Next time I will find a better recipe. But for now leave out the egg white and cut the frosting recipe AT LEAST in half.


Allison said...

Those are so cute! Enjoy the game!

{natalie} said...

i like that recipe but the egg whites gross ethan out so I don't use it too much. but i like the slight lemon flavor. the cougar cookies look delicious. i love the picture of the boys on the step too.

tiff said...

well, aren't you mother of the year, showing off with all your craftiness. Where's matt payne's name?

FiddleWiz said...

You know, Ashley...if y'alls ever come down for the games, you should swing by and say hi at Subway in the cougareat. You MIGHT just see me there ;) I work 12-8:30 (long shift, blech).

Cindy said...

Okay, Ashley--that is awesome! What a great thought for the cookies. And we hang our flag every game too! Good game.

ashleyboice said...

Natalie...the egg white grosses me out too....SO I left it out. No raw egg whites for me.

brittany said...

Hey cuz

I have sort of a question for you!! I was wondering if maybe you have an extra room!!! I could trade you for babysitting!!! Let me know... I just need to move!!!

Thanks Brittany 801-636-5023