Sunday, May 29, 2011

Henry 18 months

On the 20th of April Henry had his 18 month appointment. So here are his stats more than a month later.

Weight 26.85 lbs 64%
height 32.5 in 57.65% (down from 77% at his 15 month)
Head 18.5 in---27.9% ( down from 45%)

He is such a good boy.

The receptionist convinced me to bring rob in at the same time for his kindergarten shots. At the time I thought it wouldn't be a problem because I would be felling just fine, but I was so sick that day so Cortney came along to help. It's a good thing he did because it took all of my strength to hold Robbie down during his shots. You should have seen his face when the nurse told him he had to pee in a cup. I thought he was going to freak out. I forgot to prepare him for that.

Robbie's stats... 5 years 5 months

Weight 48.5 lbs 81.75%
height 47 inches 94.85%
Body mass index 15.44 51.79% what this means is that even though he is in the 82% for weight, he isn't considered chubby because his height to weight ratio is right on.

He is such a huge kid. My biggest. I love that someday he is going to be some huge cute boy. I better get his temper in check before that happens. :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

i wish I was one of those people that is good at keeping a secret...

But guess what I'm not. Don't tell me your secrets...seriously.

This really isn't a secret since almost the whole world knows already...but I am pregnant. Yup. Baby number 4 is in the process of being made? That sounds weird...but I guess that is what's happening. I am 11 weeks pregnant, and sicker than a dog. Like seriously sick. Being sick pregnant is one of the hardest things I ever have to do. It is so hard (on everyone around these parts). Someone said to me "well at least your not as sick as so and so" I was totally do they know how sick I am. Yeah I show up and do my calling every week anyways...that is because I am hardcore, not because I am not sick for every second of it. Plus...sick is sick.

So most people know already. It isn't hard to guess...I have put make up on like 2 times in the past 11 weeks...and my hair and clothes forget about it.

I really wish I could be one of those people you didn't know was pregnant until they were like 20 weeks...

I said to Rob one day "Rob I am so sorry I am so sick" then he said "I know mom, we're all sorry but at the end of this you will have a new baby." I couldn't believe my 5 year old is so wise. But he is so right.

I am pretty sure this is going to be another boy. I had a dream where I was watching the ultrasound and sure enough...boy. I am not even trying to get my hopes up. At the same time...if it were a boy I could be done. I've always said I will have 4 boys and then no more kids. Cali says I can't make any rash decisions while I am sick...but I can't imagine being sick like this again.

I cried so much the first day I was sick...which was by the way the day we got back from Mexico. Good timing huh?

I haven't been to the doctor yet. I need to get in there but can't muster the energy to make the should see the house.

So that is why I have been neglecting posting on my blog. I can't seem to do anything...except sleep and feel sorry for myself.

Cortney has been amazing. Before we got pregnant I asked him over and over if he was ready to be a single parent. Poor isn't easy...that is for sure. He is awesome. Everyday I've wanted to blog about how much he helps me but I can't do that without letting the cat out of the bag.

I can't wait to feel start eating again. To love food. I can't wait.

And now more pictures of mexico...I am so sorry I have at least 2 more posts. yikes.

This next day we went to an aquarium up the road. It was CRAZY stinky inside. But the kids loved it. I almost throw up just looking at the pictures because I am remembering the smell. It wasn't bad but if I would have been sick I wouldn't have been able to go way.

I love this first picture of us outside because Cali is putting sunblock on...that was the vacation theme...a lot of sunblock applications.

Oli and Ty and a tub of manta rays.

Sea Turtles

Yes, this is a great mothering moment...Cortney capturing the turtle almost biting Henry's fingers off. It really was close...I had to jerk them up fast.

Arturo the Sea Lion (along with the emigs there in the background). I am pretty sure he was to blame for 90 percent of the smell.
Fi looking all grown up, and Joe.

I always try to include any picture with Cortney. Just because there never are any

Henry loved this place and wasn't scared of anything.

Just a random group shot that I love.

After the aquarium we headed downtown for a little shopping and lunch. The economy is so bad down there right now as most people aren't vacationing to mexico. It was a ghost town everywhere we went. We let the kids pick a souvenir, which isn't as easy as it sounds since there were 13 kids. Oliver got a stone kitty or dog (hard to tell) and rob got a starfish.

Then we stopped at a chicken place...which is always yummy.

grace b. fell asleep.

Rob loved the food.

Part of the group eating.

Henry is OBSESSED with soda. He cried and cried when I wasn't feeding it to him. He drank my whole drink.

and then i had to give him Rob's

Fi just ate limes the whole time.

Cousins...cute huh?

We then walked around looking for ice cream, and ended up in a grocery store.

I love the look of our big group walking around.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's day

I am going to keep posting about my mexico trip...I am so sorry about that it must be grueling....seeing tons of the same picture over and over dragged out over a month. I am sorry. I want the pictures for my own sake.

In the meantime I wanted to post a bunch of random pictures of this week.

Henry. He is a total diva. He needs me 24/7. I haven't been feeling good and it is driving him nuts. I lay in bed and he lays over the top of my head. Or sometimes he stands on my head and tries to look out my window. He also loves to take all of my covers off of me so that I can't rest. He cracks me up. He has been doing a little better in nursery. He still totally cries when we drop him off but then he does pretty good the rest of the time. He really loves singing time...and snack time.

Cort went fishing this week with his friend Robb and actually took some pictures.

Oliver started baseball. It is his first year ever playing. (if you don't count t-ball, which I don't) He is so even though this is his first year he is doing great. He gets to be on Jack's team so that is fun too. He is loving it so far. He really loves the uniform. He is begging for his own batting helmet.

We (the boys) have been playing a lot of back yard baseball. It is sad because Rob really wants to play baseball year. In the meantime he is getting in some good practice. Cortney had me pitch him so balls on saturday...I couldn't even get the ball CLOSE to where he was standing. Yikes. The boys don't get any athleticism from me that is for sure.

Rob has an AWESOME primary teacher. He has been lucky to have her for two years. Oliver even got to have her as a teacher when he was little. Anyways on Saturday she had a party over at her house for all the little kids. (all boys) She did a little face/body painting on Rob...isn't she amazing...

She said Robbie was the only one who would let her paint on him...he kept having a million ideas of what she could do.

I will tell you though....what a pain to wash off today for church.

On to Mother's day. As we all know today was mother's day. Cortney always makes sure I have a wonderful mother's day. He totally takes care of me. I slept in as long as possible this morning...when I woke up the boys were excited to show me my presents...
I got some awesome cards from them. They were so proud. Oliver made me the pretty flower pen you see in the vase. Rob made me a key chain. Then I got some sourdough bread and some sour candies. My best present though was...
Cortney cleaned (and I mean really cleaned) the fridge. Don't mind that the there isn't a lot of food in the fridge (much less absolutely NO PRODUCE)...I haven't been feeling good, and haven't been to the store. This was all I wanted...really. It does me so good to have it done. Thanks Cort.

I just want to say...thanks to my moms. I am so grateful for everything you do for me and my family.

I also want to say how grateful I am to be a isn't something I take for granted ever. I also want to say that on the way into church Rob screamed at me "I hate mother's day" hahaa. Motherhood isn't really what I pictured it to be but man, it is the best.

Then to close it out...Oliver's little book he wrote to me:

I love you more than pizza.
I love you more than school.
I love you more than sugar.
I love you more than the park.
I love you more than fruit.
I love you more than ice cream.
I love you more than cotton candy.
Happy mother's day I love you more than anything.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

mexico day 2

I haven't been feeling well and haven't felt like posting. But...I want a record of this I guess I have to get on it.

The second day we were there we spent the whole day on the beach. It was awesome. Cali bought a little sun shade/tent from costco...and we set that up and sat in there the whole day.

Cali and I were in charge of lunch and we made BLT's with avocado. They were really good.

Oh I should also mention that Cortney almost died this day. Haha. He went fishing every morning before everyone got up but this morning when he left the tide was out super he walked out and was standing on some rocks about a mile out and then he caught a couple of fish in a row and next thing he knew the tide had come all the way in and he was stuck a mile out in the ocean. He didn't know what to do so he started trying to run back as fast as he could...the ocean was up to his chest and rising. He lost all of his flies that he had tied special for the trip. He even considered letting his fishing rod go...which will tell you just how bad it was. I was grateful he was still alive (of course...but annoyed that he almost died...we have to many kids for him to be so reckless....).

Here was our tent set up. Perfect coverage for people with skin as white as ours. The white pillar is the back of the house. So we were just right there.

Rob was literally out there all day every day. He had pretty bad sand rash to show for it too. He loved everything about the ocean.


Carolina surprised me this trip too because she usually doesn't like swimming at all...but she loved the ocean.

I think this picture is hilarious! It shows just how happy Henry was. He would go out every morning then in for a nap and then every afternoon back outside. Then at 7 down for the night...he was way easier than I had planned.

Fi. She loved this dress. She fell over in the ocean a minute after this so we had to take the dress off...she threw a little tantrum. It was so funny.

Look how empty the beach was. You can't beat this I am telling you.

Cali and I were also in charge of dinner this night. We made baked ziti. Every time we made way too much. Of course.

Every night everyone would get there kids down by 7 (there were 13 kids total) and then we would play games and talk. We stayed up way too late and had so much fun. We played ticket to ride, feast or famine, pit, big boggle, Risk (boys only), and I think that was all. I couldn't believe everyone put there kids down. Usually we are the only ones that want our kids down early...but we all wanted them out the picture...and they would be SO exhausted from playing outside all day that they would fall right asleep. Heaven.