Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Theo 6 months Henry 2.5 years

I took Oli, Henry, and Theo to the Doctor on friday.  It was pretty crazy.

Theo is getting big.  I can't believe it.  It seems like yesterday I was getting ready for him to be born.  We are so lucky to have him in our family.  He is the best baby.  (seriously, I have had a lot of really good babies and he just might be my best so far!)  He hardly ever cries, and when he does I know he means business.

He still isn't sitting up, which makes me a little worried, to be honest, but he is rolling real good.  He also has to go to see the pediatric dermatologist up at Primary Children's hospital on Friday so they can take a look at his little red birthmarks.  But other than that the doctor thought he look great.

Theo's stats:

Weight 14.97 lbs--7.86% (up from .81% last time, whoop whoop.)
Height 26.2 inches--29.65% (up from 12.55%)
Head 17 inches--44.79% (up from 26.7%)

The doctor was thrilled with his weight gain especially since he is nonstop spit up all the time.

I have been wanting Cortney to take some pictures of him but he has been so busy so I pulled the camera out today and shot a few pictures before his nap.  (i suck at taking pictures...out of focus...white balance is off...but I am thrilled to just have some shots of six months)

He is starting to get dark hair and dark eyes.  

 He really wasn't sure about me taking pictures. Unlike Henry...henry has always loved the camera. 

 He always has his tongue out like this.  And I think he is getting a tooth, hence the drool. 

 This one was under exposed and out of focus but I LOVE how he looks in it.  It shows how big he is too.  He still has a real hard time sitting in the bumbo.  His head goes to the side, some of our other kids have done this too.  Eventually they grow out of it.  I need to do some baby stretching.

 His eyes were getting so sleepy from being outside where it was he needed to go to bed. 

 Me tickling him with my little toes so I could get him to smile.  

What a good boy. 

The day he got his shots he was so sad.  I mean SAD.  He couldn't move his legs at all.  It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen.  He just had his legs up like a frog and kept them like that all day.  If I touched his legs at all he would bawl his brains out.  I had a picture of his legs but I lost it.  It really was so funny, and sad.  The next morning he was still under his covers because he couldn't kick his covers off or roll around at all.  I have never had a kid get so hurt from shots. 

Here he is so sad. 

I was supposed to take Henry in for his 2 year appointment right around the time when Theo was going to be born.  However, I forgot all about the appointment in all the stress that surrounded Theo's birth.  So here are Henry's 2.5 year stats...

Weight 33.29 lbs---82.01%
Height 36.7 inches---65.83% (haha he's a little heavy for his height)

Henry didn't even flinch when he got his shots...he just wanted a bandage so bad.  He loves the doctor.  He just kept wanting it to be his turn. 

Oliver went to the doctor because he eyes were almost swollen shut.  I thought he maybe had pink eye but it turns out it was just really bad allergies.  :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

'round here

Things have been going pretty good over here at the a-frame.  We are adjusting pretty well.  Henry still says "I wanna go home mom....please??", every time we pass our old house on the way to take the boys to school.  It breaks my heart every time.  He has stopped waking up in the night though...and that is nice. I too experience pretty strong heart pains every time I go over there and have been avoiding our old house.  I feel sad closing that chapter of my life.  I have some really good memories there.  (still getting the run around on closing...ahhhh biggest stress ever)  We are meeting lots of our new neighbors and there are TONS of little kids for my kids to play with.  Just last night I let my boys stay out playing night games until WAY past their bedtimes.  Oliver said he's never had so much fun.  It makes me happy that there are so many kids.  They are constantly playing basketball, baseball or tag in our huge yard (or one of the neighbors).  

Tomorrow we go to a new ward, and we are ALL REALLY nervous about that.  Oliver already has his scriptures by the door ready to go.  So scary. 

Cortney and I both spoke in church last week.  We talked about mothers.  It was a HUGE stress for both of us.  Our friends Will and LorriAnn sat with our kids so we could sit on the stand.  (of course Henry stayed with us...and took his shirt off during Cortney's talk...happy mother's day...hahaa)  I had told Cortney I would try my hardest to take up 20 minutes and leave him with 10, however the night before I did a little run through of my talk and it took 8 minutes!!!  That left he and I freaking out.  (I honestly have never seen Cortney so nervous...well not in a long time anyways)  I got up and the first time I looked at the clock to see how much time I had left I had already gone 30 minutes.  OOOPS.   I felt like my talk went great and I said all of the things I wanted to say (funny, heartfelt, informative..hahahaa).  They canceled the intermission hymn and Cortney was left with 5 minutes to speak.  He gave a touching testimony and before we knew it, it was all over.  I went on to primary and we said most of our goodbye's.  It was really sad for me to leave the ward, and I mostly just keep pretending it isn't happening.  I think it will probably hit tomorrow when we are at a place where we know no one.  

Besides having to speak in church my mother's day was great.  I love being a mom. Cortney and the kids got me our traditional dozen bagels from Einstein's and some coconut m&m's (to die for seriously...I polished off the whole big bag in two days).  Cortney asked the boys what kinds of things I like and Rob said "burp rags"...haha, he is so right.  The boys both gave me beautiful cards.   Rob's said "Mom thanks for always taking me to church."  I loved that.  Oliver's was a play on the book "if you give a moose a muffin",  It was about giving mom a muffin, and then the rest of the book was talking about how I really like my house clean and my kids to be well behaved.  Hahaa.  So true.  

I just said to Henry.. "my back hurts".  Then he said, "your back hurts? you need a bandage?"  I love that kid. 

I have been so stressed out about our house selling or not selling and then having two payments...but I have really been trying to remember how good my life is.   Stress, shmess.  Haha.

Last Thursday the office at Rob's school called me.  She said "I am here with Rob and his teacher... (I immediately thought, oh crap, what has he done to get in trouble)...then she goes on to say...he isn't bleeding or crying, but he bumped his head pretty bad at recess and you need to come here."  I wasn't too stressed out, bumps are old hat for me.  I deal with that kind of thing all the time.   When I got to the school I walked into the office and there was Rob sitting with an ice pack on his head.  He took it off and I gasp in surprise.  It was much worse than I expected. 

We took some pictures the second we got home. 
 He fell and hit his head on the bars at school.  I am pretty sure now he had a concussion because he didn't remember anything from the next day.  

Oh did I mention that this tough guy didn't even shed a SINGLE tear??  

 Look at that.

I took this one a couple of days later.  His eye swelled so much that he couldn't see out of it at all.  He couldn't even open it.  (yup still wearing the same shirt)

I snapped these next pictures one morning when Rob was helping me out with the morning feeding.

 Sweet boys. 

Henry joining in too.  He got a hair cut last tuesday and looks so grown up.  (where did my baby go)

I am kinda coming around to this mother of only boys thing.  :)

Gotta go, henry is standing on top of Cortney's desk and getting down a fly rod.  YIKES. 

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Theo firsts

When I went to go get Theo out of his bed last night he was on his tummy.  It was his first time rolling over and he officially beat all my other kids...they didn't roll for a while.  It makes me happy, especially because he was supposed to be handicapped.  I have a feeling that every milestone is going to be a huge accomplishment for me.  (I can't wait to see him rolling in person)

Also, I may have accidentally given him Henry's milk bottle this morning instead of the formula one.  (ooooopppss) Poor baby drank the whole thing right down.  (oh and yeah I know Henry is too old for a baba...but he LOOOOOVVES it.)

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Yup...we live in an a-frame

The first weekend of April when we first got an offer on our house we were a little panicked because there was nothing for sale in the neighborhood we were looking to buy in.  we weren't sure what we were going to do.  The day we got on offer I looked in our local rental listings...and I noticed there was an ad for a house that was an A-frame.  There is only one A-frame house around and it happens to be right by Cali's house.  So we went right then and looked at it (all of these pictures are from that day).   It was big (like almost 2500 sq feet) had four bedrooms and two baths and best of all was in our budget.  We filled out an application that day.  

Over the next month I kept looking for other places but no other place came up that was in the right school boundaries.  It looked like it was just meant to be.  We were supposed to live in the a frame house.  

We moved here on Saturday.  So far it has been weird for all of us...just trying to get used to a new house.  

We rent the two top floors.  In the bottom floor lives 3 single girls.  They brought us a welcome basket the first day we were here.  

The house is on .44 acre lot.  Nice and big. 
We get to our house from the stairs on the side where you can see a deck. 

living room. 


Yup there is a catwalk going to one of the balconies. 
I really hope my kids don't die on this. 

 Both bathrooms are huge.  We have never had more than one bathroom so it feels pretty decadent to have two.  

The house also has a HUGE laundry room.  I love it.  It might be my favorite room in the house. 

 My room (plus cortney too) main floor. 

 Cortney's office. main floor. 

Kitchen (it has the smallest oven I have ever seen in my life....guess I won't be making cookies that often)

 Henry's room (upstairs)

 Oli and Rob's room (upstairs) (this room is least double their old room)

I took this picture is taken from the boys window and it is a picture of Rob and a neighbor kid.  Oliver is there too you just can't see him.  They were playing baseball.  There are tons of kids my kids ages around here.  I am SO excited for that.  (I really hope my kids never fall out the window, we are sooooo high up)

It feels weird to be living in a new space....but good at the same time.  We are trying to get used to it and trying to get unpacked.  I need everything in its place before I can really relax.  So far, I have got the kitchen and The boys room done.  I am really working hard.  It is hard for me to have things out of order.  

Neighbors have come by and greeted us.  The kids have been walking back and forth to Cali's house.  I think it is going to be great.  I think it is the right thing for us (so hard to know). 

Cortney said to me today...someday we are going to look back on this time of our lives and say..."remember when we lived in that funny house that one time...."

Friday, May 04, 2012

not okay

So we're moving.

I am kinda freaking out.

It is really hard to pack up your whole life (six years in one place!), and be okay with it.

I am excited for a new chapter of our lives.  I really am.

But this is sad, and scary.  (and not fun at all)

I used to be a old pro at moving, not so much anymore.

Really all I want to do is climb under my covers with a good book and pretend that none of this is happening.

Hey, if you are in the neighborhood, you wanna help us load up a u-haul tomorrow?