Friday, August 31, 2007

chuck e. cheese

So today...I finally got out and did something. It is really weird because all of my friends have older kids that are all starting school. And mine aren't in school. So I am just around bored. While everyone is busy, busy, busy I am just here reading. I read 2 books yesterday. Oddly enough... both books had exactly 228 pages in them. Weird. It is pretty nice though to be just relaxing. My house even stayed clean yesterday, despite all of the reading. And, Oli and I worked on the letter A a. Anyways back to today. KaeLynn called me at 10:30 to see if I wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese's. I figured it would be fun so we all jumped in the car (after I woke Rob up for the morning at that kid can sleep). It was fun. It is a great place. The give you one of those black light stamps and you have the same number as your kids and they won't let you out with any kids that don't have the same number as you. (does that make sense) So the kids run around and play...while I got to sit and talk with Kaelynn and a couple of her friends. It was fun.
Me and the boys...duh.

Eliza and Oli.


Lindsay said...

Chuck E. Cheese is a fun place to go for kids. Carson really wants his next birthday party there.

I can't believe you read two books in a day. Were they anything worth mentioning?

Samantha said...

Seriously, I need a book. and I think it's real fun that you get to hang out with KaeLynn. Even sprung for the pictures huh? They are totally cute.

ashleyboice said...

First....I have to say that these pictures only cost 1 token. (like 15 cents maybe) Of course I wouldn't have bought them if they were the ones that are like 5 bucks in the mall.

second...I actually loved the books I read they were again from the Young Adult section...I can't help myself. I can't remember what they were called but I will go look later.

Lucky Candice said...

I'm sure the kids loved it. I live on the same street as Chuck-E-Cheeses and still haven't taken my kids there. I heard the food is nasty and I have a germophobia with places like that. But it was okay? Nobody's throwing up or anything?


Adri said...

Okay, Ash. I have to ask. How in the world do you find time to read two books in one day?! My kids bother me to no end every time I either a)sit still or b)do something for myself. Your kids must have super self-entertaining skills. Or maybe it gets better when they're older?

ashleyboice said...

Well I will say that these books are not super wordy complicated books. Fast reads. Secondly...Oliver and Rob play together almost the whole day. (they do get easier at an older age...4 is my favorite so far)Then when Rob takes his nap, which is usually around 2-3 hours...I clean really quick (oli totally helps me, he loves to clean). Then Oliver has quiet time. He either watches a movie, or draws or plays computer, or we go outside and he plays while I read. Then my kids go to bed at 7:00 on the dot and they both sleep...almost always without waking up. Then throw in there that Cortney goes to sleep at 9. So I have a good 3 hours to read after he goes to bed.
So I know I have it pretty easy right now....throw in that I can't have any more kids for a couple of years and I will have it easy for a long time...Except the sucky thing is I won't be able to have kids. I am in a really weird time of life. Most people with kids my kids ages have 3 by now. I am of course loving every minute of it. Although it is hard to get used to how great it is. (thus all the reading)

I will also say that I don't really play with my kids. I know that sounds bad. I sing with my kids, talk to my kids, read to my kids and all that...but I don't really play with them (I never have...even with one). Maybe that is why they have "super self-entertaining skills". They really do play by themselves together. Even Oli really plays well alone too.