Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I had such a great time in Moses...I always do. And everytime that I am there...I spend all of my time thinking about how lucky I was to grow up the way I did. Ohhh....I want that so bad for my kids. The church in Moses is the perfect size. Big enough to have a couple of guys to date but not so big that to be cool you have to be a rebel. I can't imagine raising my kids here where everyone is mormon. Of course Cortney and I aren't really the kind of people that sit down and make a plan for the future so even talking about what we want to do, or where we want to way too stressfull. We still have a couple of years to decide what we are doing. I don't want to have to move around while my kids are in school. I think that would suck for them. I also want my kids to have roots somewhere. Somewhere they call home. Where they know people and people know them. I love the feeling of knowing people when I go home. Does that make sense??

Anyways it was sooo fun seeing my cousins, and aunts and uncles. There were only a couple cousins that weren't there and it was really weird you could feel that they weren't there. Like a big hole. Three are on missions. And a couple of others working or too far away. I have a really fun family. And I LOVE all of the people they have married. Because my cousins are so awesome and they were always my best friends, and know me better than almost anyone...that is another reason I want to live around my brothers and my kids love their cousins the way I do (come on family what do you say...we should all move back to chance...I know). When I hear people say they barely know my cousins I can't believe it. When I was first growing up I thought everyone had it like us. But most people are not as close as we Earls are. Not to brag. Hahaaa.... Well anyways back to the reunion. It was just like old times. We had scones, sat around and talked and talked, there was boating, and swimming. And of course we had a family dance. We used to have them all of the time and we all love to dance. We would sometimes invite a couple of the boys we liked over but I think they would always feel a little weird that two boys were there to dance with 10 cousins. Hahaa. The dancing was so fun. We are definetly not as young as we used to be. We were tired after the first song. Ohh...I forgot the food. SOOOOO much good food. Wow. We can cook too.

The second day was volleyball and races at the stake park. We all wore matching shirts (loved it) and sat around and ate and talked. My boy Robbie was wanting me to hold him the whole time so I mostly just sat there. Oli did win his age group race and he was excited about that. Mostly because he got 2 two dollar bills. One for the race and he and I were some of the winners of the egg toss. Neither Oli or I caught the egg once. It just wouldn't break. I was throwing it as hard as I could but it wouldn't break so we stayed in untill the end. It was soo fun. I was so sad to leave.

After the day at the park we went home and got ready for Justin and Angeliques reception. I just want to say that I am so happy that Angelique is in our family. I love her. She is going to be a great sister and we are so happy to finally have another one. She is awesome. The reception was fun (long but fun). We had a lot of work to do Joey and Kyle and Lihn and Isaac scooped ice cream all night. Cortney was busy taking pictures and Cali was running around making sure everything was taken care of. Not to mention taking care of her own kids. Sam has twins so she is pretty much out of commision. And I mingled. I hate to admit it...I mostly just talked to people during the reception. I can't help it...I was born that way. I did help pick up afterwards though. Here are some pictures. My family. With new additions Lihn and Angelique. Yeah. All of the kids were so tired. It was a hard picture to take. Plus finding one where no one is blinking is a whole other challenge. When is the next time we are going to be dressed up and matching though??? WAHHHHH my parents are going on a mission. Feb. 4th to Bogata Columbia.
My little family. It is nearly impossible to get a good picture. Plus Cortney is the photographer so we never get any. AHhhh. Oh well. With us this is as good as it gets. Cortney is getting a brand new camera soon. YEAH. I can't wait. He just sold his Nikon D100 and is getting a D200.
Kyle and Joey scooping.
Cynthia and Shelly helped the whole night. Man they were working sooooooooo hard the whole time. Another reason I would like to move to a small town. I want friends that I will have for over 20 years that will love me so much that they will work so hard at my kids reception. That is true friendship. I LOVE THESE LADIES. Every time I see them I am overwhelmed with how much they mean to me.
Cali and Celly at the reception. I thought both looked fab. in this picture.

THat is all for tonight. I stayed up way too late. Hopefuly Rob will sleep in.

Oh also my sister in law Whitney had her baby on Monday. I am so excited and happy for her. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!


Kimmy said...

I agree...I think your whole family should move to Moses Lake. Sounds like a plan!

I love that you are fully willing to admit that you just mingled the whole time at the reception. That's what we love about you!

Lindsay said...

I, too, enjoyed growing up in ML. That's one thing I really like about Tri-Cities. I think it is similar to ML in the fact that there are lots of members to be friends with and date, but not so many that you have to be a rebel to be different.

I think you guys are really lucky to have had cousins you are all best friends with. I don't have any cousins on either side so it was quite a different experience growing up.

On a final note, that picture of your family at the reception is great. I can't believe how huge the family has gotten. How crazy!

angie said...

i am totally down for an "earl compound" in moses lake. we can all live in the same neighborhood. we should work on this right away.

Samantha said...

yes, we will slowly take over our small town. Well, more than we already have at least. I love the picture of shelly and cynthia.