Monday, August 20, 2007

Funnest ever

So we just got back from Moses Lake. We had a GREAT time. It was exhausting...we were going all day and late into the night the whole time we were there. My dad's computer ate up my pictures at the I will have to steal some from someone but here are some that we managed to keep.

All of my cousins's babies...(the ones under 1 years old) Scarlet, Owen, Kate, Grace, Elsie and Sebell (I so don't know how to spell that).
Here I am with Amber at my brother's reception
My sisters adorable kids. The are getting so big and looking more like babies.
We always want to stop at this scenic overlook by twin falls when we drive home. Unfortunatly Cali and I don't get a chance because we have too many kids. So today we stopped it was a nice break...I wish I wasn't so afraid of heights. The whole time I kept thinking Cortney was going to let Robbie fall over the edge.

I will write more later...sooo tired...and so many shows to catch up on.


Rachel, et al said...

why are you such a knockout?!

Kimmy said...

It was so fun to see you and get to hang out. You guys are so much fun! Glad to see the pictures.

angie said...

i hate you for being so photogenic...but i love you.

Lindsay said...

Those are such great pictures!

mumovearls said...

cute babies I have been totally loven on the twins this week-nena