Friday, June 29, 2007


So...I want a big family. I don't know what "big" means but I know for right now I am nowhere near done. I know being a mormon stay at home mom people are always wondering...."I wonder when she is going to get pregnant?....Do you think they are done?" and other such questions. I have Rheumatioid arthritis as most is not a good thing to have. Very sad disease. Right now though I am doing awesome...I feel almost no symptoms thanks to the study I am in at the University of Utah. I had an appointment yesterday. It always makes me so happy. Anyways I had to sign that I wouldn't get pregnant for two years while in the study. I was soooo sick before I started the study that I didn't know if I could have anymore kids anyways. So it is definatly worth it. The drugs that I am on (I take 9-11 pills a day plus two shots a week) are too dangerous for pregnant women. It has been nice to have a break....and not feel guilty about it. But today for the first time (mainly because my baby is getting old he is almost 20 months) I thought....I really want another baby. I still have over a year before I can get pregnant. It is good for me though. I was so bad before that at least now my kids get an awesome mom rather than a mom that can't do anything. I feel as if I am falling behind. I still have plenty of time. I know that. I can still have my "big" family. This picture is funny. I LOVE hospital food. This is moments after I had my ROB. I pushed him out as fast as I could because I wanted to insure I got to eat lunch. I love how happy I look in this picture. I love being in the hospital. For me it is one of the best parts about having a new baby...along with of course having a new baby.
Here is Rob in all his glory. It is amazing how kids come out just how they really are. He was El Divo as Cali and I called him and he still is today. Cortney and I have the cutest babies. I think the other best part of having a baby is seeing what they look like. I love that. So that is it...I will have another one Septhember 2009 at the earliest. And to all of you we aren't done.


Samantha said...

watch out ash- i thought i was maybe "falling behind" and then I had twins... but I know how you feel about that. I am so happy that you are in that study. it is so worth it because you get to be healthy.

Myca said...

Wow Ash, I didn't know until recently that you had rhuematoid arthiritis, and not until just now that you are a part of that study. I am so glad that you are able to feel so good, and actually function. I know a lot about the disease, but didn't realize the extent of treatment, and medications it requires to manage. So what happens when the study is done? Do you or can you continue the treatment and medications? I am just glad that you are able to be a mom.