Sunday, July 01, 2007


I don't even know what to title this blog entry. For the last 4 days my little guy R.O.B. (I always spell it l ike that because he is Robert Owen Boice....kinda like G.O.B. on arrested development) anyways that was way of the subject. I meant to say that for the last 4 days Rob won't kiss me. Now....I am not that touchy of a person by nature. I was born with a strong sense of personal space. And because of that both of my children so far were born "not touchy" I don't know how else to describe it. When they are babies they never let me cuddle them. Then they get a little older and learn that it is the nice thing to do to hug and kiss and stuff like that. Rob though all of the sudden won't give me the million kisses a day that I have grown accustomed to. Sigh....I don't know why. Maybe he is just playing hard to get...he does that. But every time I tell him I need a kiss he just ignores me or closes his eyes or runs away. I am trying to not take it personally. He was born that way. But it is hard. I hope it is something he gets over.

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Heather said...

I totally know how you feel Ash. My kids are the exact same way. Why is that? Oh please help explain this to me......I need a little smooch every now and again.
Wuv Heather