Wednesday, June 23, 2010

two things

Two things have happened today that have made me so happy. (My kids have been driving me crazy, fighting non stop...I need them to be in school).

First on the way to the store some current hip hop/pop song was on the radio and I could see Rob perfectly in my rearview mirror totally lip syncing and dancing...he was so serious. And because I had sunglasses on I was able to watch him the whole song...and he didn't notice. It was awesome.

Then Oliver came and told me that Henry had two boogers that looked like the birds in cukoo clocks. Every time he would breath the would come in and out of his nose. I went and looked and that is exactly what it looked like. So funny.

Cali is at girls camp and I am watching her five kids this afternoon. Wish me luck. Haha.


scrambled brains said...

Awesome stories Ashley! And good luck!

bBchronicles said...

Could you HEAR ME LAUGHING from Idaho!!! That's hilarious!!! Oh man, good luck TODAY - crazy day.