Wednesday, June 09, 2010

back and better then ever

We are back from the hospital. What an exhausting day.

Here is a picture of the bone sticking out. It doesn't do it justice...but it is the best my little camera can do.

Getting ready to go in.

I can't believe how good his head looks. He had a huge bump the night of the accident but today it hardly looks bad at all. He is SOO blessed.

I sat around and waited all day. It was pretty nice and relaxing. I read, emailed, ate (the worst hospital food I have ever tasted) and talked on the phone. After the surgery the doctor came and told me everything went well. It took less then an hour. He showed me the new picture of the shoulder. I will scan it soon. It looks awesome. I think there are 10 total screws in there. The doctor said Cortney's collar bone is naturally curved more than most. They had to bend the plate a little.

He told me that they would call me to come to Cortney in 45 minutes...1 hour and 45 minutes later I was feeling a little I called the nurse to see what was going on. She checked on him and then said he was really hurting and that the doctor was in talking to him and they were maybe going to take some more x-rays. UM what??? I couldn't believe it. She told me she would call with any more information. About an hour later they called me back and said he was almost ready to go home. I tried to ask the nurse what happened but she didn't know because it all happened in another department. When I asked Cortney he was so out of it he told me he never talked to the Dr. Hahaha. The nurse did say that Cortney was given TONS and TONS of pain medications through his IV. He even got 25 mgs of Morphine (which is A LOT) and then 3 other different kinds Demerol, Toradol (I think anti inflammatory) and then something that sounded like Delota (who even knows what it was). She said one of the kinds was even way stronger then the 25 mgs of Morphine. But after each one he was saying his pain was still at a 9. After the anti inflammatory he finally said he was at a 4 (he doesn't remember any of this). The weird part was that the pain he was feeling was coming from his triceps area. The doctor said he thinks what happened is, now that his shoulder is feeling better he can feel the other places that he hurt when he crashed. So they didn't do more x-rays...and they were able to get his pain under control. The nurse told me I was going to have a horrible night. haha.

This was right when I got there. He kept saying "I feel fantastic". All he wanted to do was sleep...which is understandable considering all the drugs pumping through him.

I had to include his lovely shave job.

Here he is waiting for his oxygen saturation to stay up. He kept falling asleep and then forgetting to breath.

Finally his stats were in the 90's...I love how drugged up he looks...sad huh?

He barely made the cut off for not having to go upstairs and stay longer. was nice to get home. I was starving and so was Cortney. They said he had to stay 3 more days in the recliner. But he already feels a million times better.

I will try and post the before and after pictures tomorrow they are awesome!


Sherry Ward said...

Wow Ash... did they give YOU some anti anxiety meds? I would have been begging for some! I was thinking about you guys tonight and wondering how things went. I'm so glad things are well. Please call us if you need anything at all!

khepworth said...

Ash-you are a Rockstar!
So sorry to hear about this. What a scary thing to go through. Glad to hear the surgery went well. We love ya Cort!


Myca said...

Oh Ash I am so glad things went smoothly and now Cort can really start to feel better and recover. Great update...oh and by the way it was probably's a pretty strong pain killer as well :)

Toilet's Blog said...

Good updating ash! thats super hard to do after a long day at the hospital. Speeking of the hospital I call bull on the food not tasting good, all hospitals have good food. Keep us posted with you good updates we are all watching and praying for the fam and cort.

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Love the picture of Cort looking worried!!

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

I liked the worried picture, vintage cort and then all the convict pictures you should keep if he ever goes rogue. Dad D

Cindy said...

Glad the surgery part is done. You were so good to have the presence of mind to take pictures! You have all been in our prayers.

angie said...

Glad he is doing better!!

Anonymous said...

ash, can you have my mother call me?

Angelique said...

Ew. The bone sticking out had to be sooo painful. Poor dude. Glad it went well.