Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A total ECLIPSE of the heart.


Cali and I woke up this morning at 4:45 so that we could make it to a 6:00 showing (in Lehi) of Eclipse.

I am not going to act too cool...pretend that I am not obsessed...I am putting all of my pride away...because let me tell you...

I absolutely LOVED the movie. With in the first 5 minutes I knew that this movie was going to BLOW away the other two....and I was oh so right.

Cali and I were acting like a bunch of school girls. We were so nervous and giddy the whole way to the theater. It was so nice the way we did lines, no stress, no crowd.

We sat in our seats and saw some people with an eclipse popcorn bucket...we had to have one...even if it was, cough, 8 bucks. Worth every penny. Cali got the bucket I got a cup...we really wished we had t-shirts, but didn't have the time.

It was a great time and so wonderful to get away. Of course I didn't sleep all night in anticipation but it was well worth it. Thanks Cali...I had a great time.

In the car minutes before going inside.

We asked an employee to snap a picture of us with the poster (I am sure he gets this non stop)...It looks like Edward might have his eye on me...hahaa.

we stopped at Kneaders on the way home for a little breakfast. It is amazing what you can get done if you don't get any sleep.

What a great day. I am so happy. (silly I know, but I don't care) Cali and I could NOT stop grinning.


My baby is sick. I am leaving to LA to see my sissy sam and my mom tomorrow, I was going to take the baby with me but now I can't. How can I leave a face that looks like this?? Luckily I am flying out of Idaho Cortney will have help from my mom and dad in law...I feel bad for them...because there is stuff he still can't do, especially with Henry. So Bob and Berta...thanks in advance for all your help. I can't believe he got sick right before I am leaving.


Cali said...

Ash...I knew you would get this post up quick! I can't stop smiling when I read this. So seriously embarassing, and so so so much fun. I feel pretty tired now that I am back to real life with all my kids hanging on me, but it was worth it. I LOVED every minute of our morning together.

cort said...

You guys are total Geeks!

Sherry Ward said...

Ashley, you are adorable! Have fun on your trip!

Earl Family said...

That sounds like so much girlish fun! How awesome.

gramyflys said...

Sounds like a blast! You two busy mamas deserve some "away time." I am glad you get to go to Sam's, but we seriously need to know the name they have chosen for their new little doll!!!! Dying to know!
Have a great time with your Mom an sistas!!

Supercords said...

You guys are awesome. I secretly wanted to go with you, but I never would have made a 6:00 am showing.