Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I am trying so hard to get caught up but it seems I am buried under insurance paperwork, and doctors appointments.

Last Friday was Orem's Summerfest...lovingly called Oremfest around these parts (cali's house and mine that is). It is one of our most beloved traditions here. There has never been a year that we haven't gone. Cali missed it one year because she was in the hospital having Carolina but that didn't stop her husband and kids from going.

When the accident first happened I was so out of it...not connected to the outside world at all. Cali called to remind me that oremfest was coming...and that we were going. I didn't even want to go that will tell you how overwhelmed I was with Cortney's problems. I LOVE a carnival. Well I finally decided I should go...that we should get out of the house and let Cortney rest. I am glad I went even though I felt kinda guilty and worried about Cort the whole time.

Oliver's school does free school lunch for kids under 18 for the month of June...the boys and I love walking over with our neighbors. I talked Cali into coming with us before we went to Oremfest...saved us so much money, fair food is expensive. The kids loved it.

After lunch we made our way over to the was nice and NOT crowded...just how we like it. We bought up some tickets and tried to cram as much oremfest as we could into as little time as possible. It was FREEZING...seriously we were all drenched and it was 50 degrees out.

Henry and Fiona...they stayed like this the whole time...they didn't even get to peek out was way too cold.

I shared this delish plate of fries with the kids...oh they were so good. I would love a plate right this minute. Cali wasn't eating any carbs so I felt so bad eating this in front of her. No wonder I can't get into my pre-pregnancy clothes. haha

Grace and Carolina on the carousel. Carolina was in HEAVEN...that girl was smiling so big. All of the kids loved this ride.

Ty and is interesting because lately Oliver and Tyson are hanging out and Rob and Jack are hanging out. Rob wants so bad to be one of the big boys...instead of one of the little girls.

I love seeing all of our kids on a ride together.

Jack and this point it was raining SOOO hard. We had had enough...we ran to the cars as fast as you can with 8 kids in tow.

Cali and her crew.

Me with mine...I was having a real time getting ready for the day since Cortney's accident. In fact today 11 days later was the first time I have actually gotten ready. Phew...I think that is a good sign.

Just a cute picture of Henry rolling around. He loves paper and will roll all the way across the room to find some.

Saturday my kids spent most of the day at my neighbor's house. They were so nice to have the kids over...and it REALLY helped me out. My kids have probably been the hardest part of the whole accident thing. It was really hard having them here and having Cortney trying to rest...they just don't get it. The weather was so horrible too that they were going crazy all cooped up in the house. They had so much fun over at Kempton's house and were playing in the rain...then they watched a movie. They even had popcorn...although Rob told Sarah "this has no flavor" embarrassing right?

Anyways Cali and I had set out blankets to go to the parade but we decided it was just too cold. So I told Sarah where our blankets were and she said she would pick them up for me and use the spot. When my kids found out that the neighbors were going to the parade and we weren't Rob said to me "why do you hate us??". After a lot of begging and pleading I decided to brave it and take all three kids to the parade alone. I quickly got Henry dressed in warm clothes and made my way over to park for the parade...I seriously had to park like a mile away...and I was carrying 22 lb Henry on my back...I begged the kids to go for ice cream instead but they weren't buy it.

Luckily we made it to the parade...and by the time we got there it was half over. Hooray, I got to be the best mom ever...and I didn't have to stay forever. They kids loved it...even Henry was good even though it was WAY past his bed time.
I just love how expressive my babies are...hahaa

The boys with their friends trying to get candy.

Me with my neighbors...I love them.
Me and Henry.

The parade was great...and I was actually glad to be out of the house. Afterwards we went to eat but all of the lines for the fair food were way too long for me to wait in, especially since henry was on my back and at this point my back was nearly broken in half. So we got in the car and we headed to SKIPPER'S. I love skippers. Seriously. We shared an order of 4 fish sticks with fries...and an order of 12 hushpuppies. The boys gobbled it right up. There is something so cute about seeing your little boys putting malt vinegar on everything and eating it right up. They loved it. Then we went out to the parking lot and watched the whole firework show. It was even better then watching it in the park because it wasn't crowded and our car was right there so we got home in no time. It was a great little moment for me with my three boys.

I also wanted to post for my own record that I finally talked to Henry's doctor about him not bearing any weight on his legs. The doctor had me go over to the Hospital and have some blood drawn on my poor little baby. They had to strap him down to a little bed and put a rubber band around his chubby little arm. I felt so sad for him. But the lab tech was so fast and Henry was so was over in no time. I was pretty proud of my little baby. I am sure everything is going to be just fine...but I am relieved to be able get started on checking things out...just for peace of mind. The doctor gave me the number of the pediatric neurologist at Primary Children's and I will make an appointment up there in a little while. I am sure my mother will be so relieved.


PJ said...

We got soaked to the bone when we went to SummerFest. I'm glad you guys stayed somewhat dry and had fun.

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Yes, your mother is relieved to get started with Henry's legs. Love the rest of the blog. great pictures. I love the one with Grace peeking out.
Love Mom, Grandma Connie

{natalie} said...

i loved those chips things too, we had some at art city days last week. they were delish and i was trying to get ethan to go watch the process so we could replicate them.

i hope cort is feeling better, it is hard to be the mom + the nurse!

your boys are getting so big and henry is so cute.

so are brave to go to the parade alone and in bad weather, good job.

Angelique said...

When Dougie got his CT scan I was able to go to the Primary Children's extension in Riverton so that I didn't have to go all the way up to SLC. You may want to check that out. It was so much better. When I called to schedule the scan they gave me the option.

Great post..sad we missed Oremfest. I was in Idaho, Justin in St. George. The food sounds so good to me right now. Yummm.

Allison said...

You and Cali are so brave heading out to all those fun, but crazy places with all your kids! We do the free school lunch thing too because it's something different to go do and my little guys think school lunch is totally cool!

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

HENRY, you are a chunk. Grandpa D

Christensen's said...

Glad you came to the parade!