Sunday, June 13, 2010

how nice

My awesome neighbors Jed and Sarah took Oli and Rob to church today. It is so awesome...and nice (my kids can be hard at church). Mornings are especially hard around here because Cortney is trying so hard to sleep and the kids are trying so hard not to sleep. I am so grateful for them. Cortney is snoozing away and I am able to get all the stuff done that I have had to overlook all week. It is wonderful.


PJ said...

lol I asked Oli and Rob if they needed to sit with me to be reverent. They said they didn't. ;)

Jonna said...

Cortney, you are one lucky little Devil! Kenny and I are thinking of you, and hope you are back to normal very soon. I can remember way back when, and you always were doing crazy stunts on your skate board, and had cuts, bumps, and bruises from head to toe. Some things just never change- LOL.
Hang in there.

Kenny & Jonna Warnke