Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Today was nice. I love having Cortney home. We spent the morning getting the house cleaned up...and then we headed up provo canyon for a picnic.

Of course I don't have any pictures. Cortney has been taking so many pictures of people that he never wants to bring the camera to take pictures of family things. It is driving me crazy. Although I can't really blame him.

Every park in the canyon was jammed packed. We headed up to Vivian park and even though it was pretty crowded...the day was beautiful and the boys (and me too) had so much fun. I tried for a pretty long time to catch a fish...to no avail. Cortney let the boys reel in 2 fish each and they thought it was awesome. I love seeing Cortney in his element.

Oh and for the record...Henry rolled from his stomach to his back on Saturday. Yay!! He has done it only a couple of times since but I can tell he is really starting to want to be mobile. I love that baby. (although at church on Sunday he was being SOOOO loud. It was unbelievable.)


Sherry Ward said...

That sounds like so much fun! We need to start doing fun stuff as a family too! I don't blame Cort either on not wanting to bring his camera. Jory always makes me bring my camera to Almo, but I never take it out cuz I need a break! ;)

Tyson said...

henry sounds like he's being killed when he crys. it's scary