Friday, June 25, 2010

Oliver turns 7

Another year has passed and Oliver has turned 7. It amazes me how fast time flies once you have children. A blink of an eye. He was obsessed with not having a party or any presents...he just wanted 50 dollars instead. Oliver is a collector. He loves to collect anything he can, and money is one of those things. He isn't even saving for anything. He just wants to be rich. I worry about him walking around so loaded. It felt totally weird to convince my child to get presents and have a party. Usually I would just the boy, save yourself some trouble. But, I never buy my kids presents and HOW can you just not have any party...this time I think making him have presents was the right way to go.

He begged me to be able to open his presents the first second he woke up. I obliged...although this isn't usually how we do it. He had asked for clothes this year (weird I know), and he also got a video game, an erector set (from aha), some dried fruit (my 7 year old the grown up), Tech decks and clothes (from bob and berta) and cash from my parents. He loved every second of it.

Some things about Oliver right now...
Favorite tv show-SpongeBob
Favorite food- Rasin Oatmeal cookies, Cereal, Fried bananas
Favorite color-Purple, blue and black
Favorite thing to do- play with cousins

How would it be a birthday celebration without some cute pictures of Henry??

He makes this face all the time.

I found this bow and couldn't resist...
I wonder if I will ever have a daughter.

Oliver doesn't like I always have to make something other then the usual cupcakes. I made his favorite strawberry shortcake.

We decided to take the boys to play some laser tag for Oliver's birthday, we went to liberty land in Lehi which is now Trafalga...we were the ONLY people there. It was crazy. Thursdays all of their attractions are 3 we really lucked out.

Cortney and Henry while we were waiting (phone picture), doesn't Cort look like he is doing so good. He is doing so much better...better every day. He is still really sore but he does 3 hours of physical therapy twice a week. That is helping. I think nights are still really hard for him but he seems almost normal.

These next pictures were taken with the video camera in a DARK room but I wanted to include them because someday the boys will look back on these and think, that was so fun.

Oli..the birthday boy.

The boys getting the low down of the game...Jack fell last night and got 8 staples in his head...thus the bandage. Hahaa....can you believe that happened while Cali is a camp??

Ty...he won every time.

Rob kept saying to the laser tag employee that was playing with them, "I am just a kid I am only 4 years old"...then he would say that the guy wouldn't say anything...he would just shoot him. hahaa
He was so sweaty.

This picture is the worst because it was pitch black...Jack loved it and kept wanting to know who won.

The boys played teams...Oliver and Ty vs. Rob and Jack. It was a close race. And a great day.


Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

This looks like a great party to me. Happy Birthday Oliver. 7 is big. Grandpa Doug

Angelique said...

If you don't end up having a girl, Henry looks pretty darn cute dressed up as one. Hilarious.

Happy B-day Oliver!

Allison said...

Henry looks so cute in that big bow! I've done that too...

I had called Joey earlier and we talked for like 2 minutes until he finally said, "K, well I'm at urgent care with jack now, so I'd better go!" I was like, ".....uh, ok!" Glad to know he's ok! And that is crazy it happened while cali is gone!

angie said...

That strawberry shortcake looks delicious!!!

Sounds like Oliver had a fabulous birthday!

Sherry Ward said...

Seriously Ash-you NEED to work on getting you a little girl! ;)Other then that,CUTE pics of the kids.

Grandma Jones said...

Ashley--I'm so glad you blog so regularly. I read every day but I'm just learning to comment.

ali said...

ashley - I am dying at the dress-up pictures. I dated a guy once who had 4 brothers and his mom's only wish was to have a girl. She did the same thing with her last boy...dressed him up like a girl!

But now she has tons of granddaughters!