Monday, June 28, 2010

I think I need to complain for a second...

First off...

This last week we moved Henry out of our Closet and into the boys room, then we moved the boys upstairs into the guest bedroom. It has been awesome. I love how I can just put clothes away and do laundry. :)

Also Henry started holding his own bottle. Man, what a difference that little thing makes in my life. I love it.

Henry has also been clapping. Not only that but you can clap and then he does it back. Cali couldn't believe it...and ever since has had a one track mind of trying to get Fiona to clap...what can I say he is just advanced. Hahaaa.

The last two nights however I have been up with him all night. Seriously. Last night I was so desperate I even tried to sleep on the bottom bunk of the bunk beds with him next to me. He was so confused and didn't even know what to make of sleeping by mama so he wasn't having it. Talk about hard.

Then our car broke down.

And to top it all off Cortney backed into a BMW at work today. Nothing big...but another insurance claim to deal with.

Put all of those things together with the fact that I am covered in baby snot and my hair has never looked worse...makes for a pretty miserable day. I keep climbing into bed to try and pretend non of this is happening.

My kids are amazed that I am letting them build forts and make a huge mess...but I am just too tired to deal with it so lucky them.

Oh...and I mowed the lawn today...the first time I have ever ever mowed a lawn, period. I almost threw up. I had to google how to start the thing. HAhhahaa. It looks...amazing...well for a first timer. I would say it looks like an 8 year old did it. It is amazing how much I miss my little worker Cortney. I am not made to do all of this alone. :) Just kidding I am a strong and independent woman (repeat over and over).

Now I am going to jump in the shower...I think that will cure all my problems (well at least the hair and the snot problems).


Gords said...

Yo - call your home teacher to mow your lawn next time. If the family I home taught actually called me with something they needed I would be flattered that they trusted/liked me enough to call me.

Make your home teacher's day and ask him if he can give you a hand. Seriously. Sometimes it isn't obvious and they just need a nudge. And when it's all done they'll leave happy.

Hansens said...

I agree with Gords! Except that we aren't your HTs but I have at least 3 people here who can mow lawns quite exceptionally!

I can't believe that this little accident happend today but that is 3 things. Now maybe you're done for a while.

Seriously though, we have 6 phone numbers, call them :-)

angie said...

Oh ash, sounds like a miserable day!

i am, however, very proud of you for mowing the lawn...i have yet to figure out how to start mine. One time Emily and I took turns for an HOUR trying to get it to start.

dirty>south said...

"google how to start it" LOL, that rules.

Grandma Jones said...

Ashley--When you are discouraged thinking all is lost, count your many blessings. The big one is that Cortney was not killed. Another big one is Henry using his legs. That's a big one to me. I love reading your blogs and am still learning how to comment, Love to all from Grandma Jones

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

You are a strong and independent woman, plus you have family that can help. Life goes on. Dad D

cort said...

I couldn't believe my eyes when I got home.....the lawn was mowed!! You are a strong and independent and cute girl, and I love you!

Whitney Amelia said...

when it rains it pours, such is life!!!!! oh man, i really feel your pain. hope things look up for you guys soon!

so funny that you have NEVER mowed a lawn!? WHAT!!!!!!? when you grow up in the boice fam that is unheard of! funny tho, thanks for the laugh.

scrambled brains said...

Hi this is your home teacher's wife, and I agree with that first guy! I was just reading and telling Sean he or the boys should come over and mow next time to which he agreed. Hope you have a better day and send your little guys over to play with the dogs when I am home in the afternoon--I'd be happy to watch them for a couple hours.

AJ said...

Sounds like you have had a rough go of it. But it has also made you a stronger person. Did you think you could endure all that you have endured. Now mowing the lawn is something that everyone should get to do at least once. Then you can really appreciate a clean cut lawn. Definitely call your HT you wouldn't want to take blessings away from them for the service that they can provide for you. Keep smiling and getting a few minutes in a hot shower can do wonders. Wished we lived closer. Zac would love to mow your lawn of course for a cost as he is all about earning money these days. Have a great day!