Saturday, June 05, 2010

Pool time...and a g list celebrity...

This morning we woke right up and went to a bunch of garage sales. It was fun but we had no big finds. I was looking for some baby toys, because I have none...and babies really want something to play with. The little boys managed to find a bunch of junk (that people were giving them for free)...I keep telling the boys they can play with the toys for a week then I will throw them away. I don't really like toys...they are always making a mess. Haha.

After we were done we stopped by the nursery for some veggies. I love cooks nursery and I could spend a whole day there. Unfortunately no one else in my family feels that way so we were in and out. I picked up zucchini, cucumbers, peas, jalapenos, carrots, strawberries, tomatoes (early girl, and cherry), sweet basil, lemon thyme, and cilantro. Then we came home and Cortney mowed the lawn (he had to mow it twice because it had been a while...) while I weeded and planted the garden. I am so excited to see what grows. Last year I got some squash beetles in my summer squash and they quickly killed my plant. I was devastated. Hopefully I won't have any problems this year. Cortney showed me how to mow the lawn. I know as a grown woman I should already know how...but it wasn't something the girls in our family did. I did like three strips before I turned it back over to him...but I did...for the record...have a splinter in my palm that was hurting. haha.

We were so hot after working in the yard we decided to go swimming. We got a pool pass this year and are hoping to put it to good use. Cali and I went to the pool on Wednesday and the kids loved it. We had 9 kids with us so we were dreading how hard it was going to be but the kids did great...better than expected.

Robs unitard...he has had it for two and a half years now...although it is time to retire it because it was so small it was making his bum hurt.

Our camera can go in the is a weird feature but I wanted a waterproof camera because I drop things in water all the time (I have ruined three cell phones in water). Anyways I don't love my camera is durable. And it was kinda handy just having it in the pool with us today.

Henry loved the pool. He would just lay back in his floaty with a very relaxed look on his face. He didn't make one sound the whole time we were there. He loves to kick his legs.

The camera takes pictures under water...we spent almost the whole day just trying to get one successful picture.

look at his little boobs. Adorable.
Oli coming down the slide.

Cort and Rob...
THe first time they went down they let Rob go by himself. The second time the life guard told him he had to go down and go on the baby slides...I could see from where I was at the bottom that he was disgusted by this suggestion. Cortney ran up there and went down with him. Rob couldn't believe that guy thought he was a baby.

As we were going around and around on the lazy river Cortney spotted Tyson from Survivor. I know I know he isn't really a celebrity...but we have watched him on two seasons of survivor so it was pretty funny to see him.

This is the first picture I secretly snapped of him.

This one cracks me up...the next time around Cortney pretended to take a picture of me...but if you click on the picture for a closer look you will see Tyson giving us the thumbs up. Hahaa....I didn't notice this until I got home and saw the picture on the computer screen. How embarassing.

Then we continued to try and take a picture of the boys underwater....
The top of Rob's head.

Finally Oliver got it. Cort probably took 50 pictures of the boys trying to be in a shot.

Me and hens went round and round the lazy river just like this...and yes my arms got REALLY sunburnt.

Tyson again...Cortney would snap a picture each time we went around. Haha.

Henry was EXHAUSTED...he fell asleep in the car on the way home and I had Oliver snap a picture. Cute baby.

After we got home Cortney worked on some projects outside. While Rob and I took a little snooze. Then when Rob woke up we took a family walk over to the school where the boys rode there scooters while Cortney and I sat and watched. It was a wonderful day.


Melissa B. said...

Ok, when are you coming to MOSES? Make sure I come to visit when you are here. Even if it's the day after giving birth.

connie said...

Sounds wonderful!
Love Grandma Connie