Sunday, June 13, 2010

Brandon and Mallorie's wedding

How 'bout I post about something other then the accident for a change??

On thursday the 3rd I got the chance to go up to Draper for my cousin Brandon's wedding. Cali, KaeLynn, Jason, Grandma Jones and I all drove up together. It was fun to car pool and get to talk the whole way up to the temple. I wasn't prepared for all of the cousins I got to see it was so fun. We were waiting in the temple waiting room and every second someone new, that I love, would walk through the was all I could do not to squeal. We were sssshhhhed so much. It was so hard to try and be reverent. I love my cousins and aunts and was so great to be there. walked my brother was totally unexpected and so awesome to see him.

That night the whole family drove up to Draper for the reception. My boys had a blast and I didn't see them the whole night. It was a beautiful reception.
Here is all of the Doug Earl family that was able to make it to the wedding.

Cali and I always joke around that when we get older and are going around together we will look just like grandma Jones and Grandma Earl. So we had to take this picture and doesn't it look so true. It is true at least size wise...but look at me and Grandma Earl in this picture we look just alike. Hilarious.

They had a photo booth at the wedding reception. Funny, and such a cute way to remember who was there...

looking at these pictures sure makes me miss my fully capable has been 8 days since he has been able to put his arms around me. When I saw the top picture I thought...look at how good his arms work.

I thought I better post one of the happy couple...hahaa....

Oh and I had to include these pictures of Henry I stole from KaeLynn and Linh's blog he is so cute.

Looks like someone had been feeding him ice cream in this one.
Oh...he is 8 months old today. Why...time sure flies when your not pregnant.


Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Man those are good pictures. Send me a couple of those so I can put them on my computer. So cool.

angie said...

photo booth!! oh man what a brilliant idea!

lysh said...

Ash I feel like such an idiot. I haven't gotten on my blog since I posted the wedding stuff. I am so sorry about Cort. Please send my love his way. I will keep you all in my prayers.