Wednesday, June 09, 2010


So we are here at the hospital. They had us here at 10:30 and they just told me the doctor scrubbed in at 1:25. It should take 1-2 hours, and then on to recovery. It was scary saying goodbye to him nut I know he will be alright.

Cali has Henry. She said his second tooth broke through today. No wonder he was waking up in the night. Babies are a lot of work even the very easiest ones. Thank heavens for her. Henry loves her and Fiona.

Bob and Berta have my other two boys. They were taking them to the skate park as I was leaving.

Bob buzzed my boys hair last night. They look great.

I am writing this on my iPod so sorry about any misspellings.


Mandi said...

I hope it all goes well. You guys are in our prayers.

amber said...

thinking of you guys!!!

Cali said...

Sorry, I guess the tooth I thought came through was actually the first one! But it is coming through any minute I can tell. :)

Hansens said...

Sounds like you have some good help. That's important in these times. Please give Cort our best and call if you need anything.

gramyflys said...

What a scary scary time for you guys. You are in our thoughts and prayers. So grateful it wasn't worse for Cortney.