Wednesday, July 04, 2007

july 4th

Well, we are back from camping. We actually got home today at 10:30 a.m.I wanted to post this picture because shane planned our whole campout and didn't make any of the pictures on my site or on his. Good job Shane. Thanks for going up early and getting us a spot.

We rode up in Cortney's Samurai which was an adventure all in itself. His jeep has no doors and no top, poor little Robbie was getting so wind blown. Once we got into American Fork canyon though it was shady and so beautiful. Rob kept yelling because he was so excited. It is amazing how much a part of nature you feel when you are driving in a jeep with no top (I was going to just write with no top on...but that would be obscene). I loved driving up there. I love Cort's samurai. We got to our camping spot around 7:00 and I immediatly started getting dinner going. Cooking while camping...or should I say eating while camping is MY favorite part. I love eating something delicious while being outdoors. I don't know why. We had dutch oven potatoes and BBQ baby back ribs. Yum. We were joined by my sister Cali and Joey and their 4 kids, our friend shane (supercords), his sister and brother in law and Celeste and Darren and kids (Celly and D only came for dinner...they weren't up for the sleeping part...I think they might have been the smart ones). It was so fun and perfect weather...the kids were running around and playing all over the place. The down sides were that we were right off a pretty busy road and it was sooooo dusty. Rob kept trying to go up to the road and I was so worried he was going to get run over. Also there was a beautiful river running through camp. This was a plus and a minus. It was scary because obviously a kid could drown. It was a plus because since it was so dusty it made for a nice place to get cleaned up...also it was a great noise blocker for when we were sleeping.

After dinner (i am trying to do more friend shane said I needed more paragraphs...I think when I don't use paragraphs it is more the way I would actually tell the story...with no pauses or breaks) we just sat around and talked it was really nice. Then came the interesting part. Cali and I and our kids and husbands all slept in the same tent. I have a huge tent and I figured it would be better than setting up two. So we had 6 kids and 4 adults. Not only that but Cali and I slept on Cots and the two babies slept in porta cribs. It really was a sight. (i will post pictures but I will have to do it tomorrow because only Cali took a camera). We started but first putting baby Grace to bed. After about an hour we snuck the boys (oli ty and jack) in to sleep. They surprisingly went to bed super fast. We tried to put Rob and Carolina to bed at the same time but took them out after a couple of minutes because they just kept jumping on the boys that were trying to sleep. At around ten Carolina said she wanted to go to bed so we took them in and this time they stayed. YEAH. So the adults had about 40 minutes of time where there were no kids bothering us. By this time we were out of firewood. (somehow we overlooked assigning someone to bring firewood oops) So we just went to bed.

Of course that is the part that always becomes interesting...going to bed. I love camping so much I just don't love the sleeping part. Right after we came in Jack started throwing up. Yep, throwing up. Cali luckily had some plastic bags (moms are somehow prepared for their kids throwing up) and he did't wake anyone up while he was sick. Besides Jack the kids slept great. Baby grace didn't wake up once. It was awesome. Poor Cortney got sick in the night and he kept having to leave the tent and run down the road to "take care of business". I felt so bad for him. We woke up at 8:00 Oli was screaming he was going to pee in his sleeping bag (which was funny because he was in Cortney's super expensive Sierra Designs bag and I specifically said I had to have someone sleep in it who wouldn't pee. Oli never pees.) Anyways I scrambled as fast as I could to put on pants and get him outside to go before he woke up the whole tent. Luckily he didn't wet the sleeping bag and we made it okay...we did however wake everyone up.

Breakfast was cereal, the kind that come in their own tinsy boxes. I wanted to make scones or something like that but there were no fires allowed on the 4th. So that was it we left as soon as we finished. Cars were coming up the canyon non stop all morning so we knew we had to get out of there before it got too crowded. We made it home by 10:30.

Was our 15 hours of camping worth it?? I don't know. It is so much work getting everything gathered up to go. And of course washed when you get home. The kids had a blast though. So I think that makes it worth it. I had fun too. I would have liked to stay another night but being the 4th of July it was just too crowded. But it is nice to have such beautiful mountains so close to our home. Plus we have tons of pictures so someday the kids will look at them and think, "yeah, my parents always took us camping."

After we got all unpacked and cleaned up. I put Robbie down and Cortney and I took a nap. I think that is one of the things I miss the most about not having kids. NAPS. I never ever ever get a nap now. And for Cortney and I to take one at the same time is unheard of. Usually it is me letting him sleep or vice a versa. I always hear couples without kids talking about their naps and I always think "I hope they realize how lucky they are". Cortney and I used to take a nap every time we had a day off together. Yeah...I miss napping. Now when my kids are sleeping I have so many other things to do that I don't even want to nap. I just want to enjoy not having someone hanging on me.

Then tonight we headed over to the knowles for a 4th of July BBQ. I love their parties. The kids swam and I just sat and ate and ate and ate. Yum. Cortney threw his back out or something like that (he doesn't really know because that has never happened to him) getting Rob out of the pool. We ended the night with a bunch of fireworks (that we didn't pay for which makes them even more awesome). It was a great night. I have to say since it is the 4th. I LOVE AMERICA. I don't know if it is because I have lived in another country, but I try to never take my freedom for granted. People always complain about paying taxes and such but I don't know if they would if they had lived in Peru for a time.

So shane...enough paragraphs for you. For me it feels weird. I like how one big block looks. I know, it isn't correct to write without paragraphs.

Pictures coming tomorrow I promise.

Here is Cortney and Oli in the samurai, the kids love going for rides with Cortney. I don't really. I always think we are going to crash...or tip over or break down. I need to learn to trust him, he is a really good driver. But I can't help it. He mostly goes without me. hahhaa OH also the smoke in the air is all of the dust. It was REALLY dusty at this campsite.

Rob and Carolina at dinner...they were the dirtiest by far. What could be better than a bottle and a hotdog. Oh and a little camp chair. Yeah yeah I know he is too old for a bottle.
Celly (with weston), Jack, Joey, Me and Rob.
Here Robbie and I are sleeping. Well...I am actually just closing my eyes, but Rob was actually sleeping. The 3 little boys slept in the entry room of the tent. It was just perfect size for them. They didn't wake up at all. (well of course except for Jack's throw up times...there were 4 I think)
Our boys are such good friends. I am so greatful that Oli and Rob are able to have cousins near by. I loved loved loved growing up with cousins as my best friends. This picture was taken in the morning.
Cort and I
Gracie having her morning bottle.
Here Carolina is crying because her bottle was too cold. Joey is trying to explain that this is a camp baba and that it is supposed to be cold.
Cali and Joey slept just across from us. It was awesome.


Myca said...

Ash you guys looked like you had so much fun. I never really camped until I met Jared and he is just the same at Cort. He loves taking his jeep up, and I am always afraid we are going to crash or roll. It is a huge mess camping with the ones too, but totally worth it cause I think they have so much fun.

Douglas & Connie Jones Earl said...

We would have checked on this blog sooner but it was a little hot this afternoon and we decided to take a nap. Woke up at 5:30. Great being old. Dad

Samantha said...

oh snap, dad. I love it. and man, i try really hard not to get too jealous but sometimes i can't help it.

ashleyboice said...

jealous of what???? us sleeping with a bunch of dirty kids that are throwing up in Mazatlan??

cherie merrell west said...

Very odd hearing about my sisters 4th activities through someone elses blog.

What an age.

Adri said...

Sounds like you had fun. You are brave! I would never attempt camping with my kids (at this age anyway). Also, I live in Indiana and I can't imagine camping is as geat here as it would be in Utah. Dang, I miss those mountains.

Laura Lei said... are very brave. Sounds fun though. I can't remember the last time I went camping. I probably wouldn't attempt it here. Unless, I want to die of a heat stroke. I miss cool summer nights.

Supercords said...

I love the paragraphs!!! I'd love even more, but baby steps...

Thanks for coming camping on such short notice, even if it was because nobody had faith in me finding a spot. Next time we'll find somewhere further from the road with more grass.

Love the pictures as usual. I'll have to get mine up this weekend. Check my blog later.


Samantha said...

jealous of my sisters having so much fun without me! even if it includes throwing up kids. I want to sleep with my family in a large tent in perfect trampoline weather!

ashleyboice said...

I wish it was perfect trampoline weather. I froze my bootie off. Ohhhh it was cold at night. Rob at first would start crying everytime he rolled over and his pillow was too cold.

allison said...

i'm with cherie, above...wierd reading about my big brother's 4th of july plans on your blog, but not that wierd since he's your brother, too! Hope you don't mind that I read your blog every so often. I love your musings and love seeing joey and calie and the kids even more. I was dying of laughter at some of the antics...the camping baba and jack throwing up...oh and Gracie is getting so big and so cute! Thanks for posting it all!


Berta said...

Great pictures of a memorial trip together. Kids probably won't remember when they're older BUT, the pictures will refresh their young minds. Loved the picture of Cort and Oli in the jeep!