Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I have been drawing a blank these last couple of days. It could possibly be because I haven't left the house and nothing has happened. Usually though a million times a day I think..."oh I better put that on my blog".

Oliver did learn how to do a cartwheel today...which is actually more impressive then it looks (it is a very hard thing to catch on a crappy camera...I was using not our regular one). I tried to show him how they are done but...I couldn't do one. I am so scared to. When my RA was bad my wrists couldn't hold my weight and my mind won't believe they can now. So I had to just tell him how to do it. He lands on his feet and everything. As soon as the school year starts I am going to enroll him in gymnastics. When we first got married cortney could do a front flip just standing on the ground(I don't know if he still can...I doubt it...well maybe). I would always tease him and try to get him to try out for the Ricks College Cheer squad. Boys that do gymnastics are cool right??

After we did cartwheels Oli thought it would be cool to jump over this ball. Here he is in action.

It never ceases to amaze me how athletic my kids are. Oli can do anything. A couple of months ago, we were at the park and Joey was throwing some baseballs for Oli to hit with a wooden bat. He hit almost everyone and he hit them far too. I am SOOOOOO not athletic. Infact tonight we had family dance time. We always put on some great music and me and the boys dance, dance, dance. I do my crazy mom dancing...I am not trying to impress anyone. Tonight though Cortney thought it would be good to get some video footage. Oh my...I looked like I was 7 feet tall and so lanky. It took me back to my younger days when I was a total spaz. I wish I could post a still shot from the video. Maybe I will figure it out. If anyone saw it they wouldn't believe that athletic kids came from that.
Rob's surprise face. He does this all the time. At church on Sunday he didn't cry in nursery. Either Cortney and I have to go with him...but at least now he isn't bawling while sitting on our laps. During singing time they would ask..."should we sing the monkey song" and he would tense his whole body untill it was shaking and with his hands in fists scream "NO". Every song he did that on. Oh my oh my. At least he didn't punch any elderly people like he did last week. That was a relief. I see people that say..."we try to teach our kids not to hit...but to use their words, at our house". It just makes me sigh. I always want to say..." our house we think that fighting is the answer." Of course I say nothing. He did find his match though...the smallest (and youngest) girl in nursery. He walked over to her and her mom said..."Careful she is pretty rough". She hit him right on the head like 3 times and he just stared at her in awe. I really think he has found his first love. I still felt really bad when he tried to kick her in the back. Hahaaa. No I make him sound like a terror. Well he does like to fight way more than Oli but Oliver was a first child. And he could totally talk by now so he didn't have communication problems. I just know that Rob is SPUNKY like me. I can live with that.

Well that is all. Justin's wedding is on Saturday. YEAH! After that Cali and I are going to Moses Lake for like ten or so days. I love Moses Lake in the summer. It is my happy place. Plus I had so many great summer times there growing up. I always spend a lot of time remembering that.


cherie merrell west said...

I am so coming to Justin's reception. I hope everyone is there. Also I can't wait to see sam and the babes.

What cousins are coming to this thing anyway?

ashleyboice said...

I am not sure what cousins are going to be there. I think a lot are coming. I do know that no one from the Jeff Earl family will be there. But there are lots coming. Can't wait to see you!

Laura Lei said...

Umm...I hope you post your dancing video. I love the crazy mom dance. I dance for Rose all the time. When she laughs it almost feels like she is mocking me. Hmmm...a born mocker.

ali degraff said...

I am glad to hear that someone else is completely uncoordinated and athletic. Troy prays everyday that Jack gets his coordination.

Supercords said...

Here's what I read:

blah blah kids blah blah dancing blah blah the wives will be out of town for 10 days!!