Tuesday, July 10, 2007

huge blessing

i wrote earlier that cortney got a $1,000 ticket for having idaho registration still. i was so stressed out at first and after a lot of praying i was finally comforted. yesterday though cortney had his court date. he got all dressed up and went way early. when it came to his turn. he went up there told the judge he was "guilty" and told him the car was now registered in utah. the judge dropped the fine from $1,000 to $27 dollars. ohhhhh what a huge blessing. i am so happy.

just a cute picture of Robbie falling down a hill. We were all in salt lake city because Cortney was taking family photos for someone.


mumovearls said...

trust me I know all about it I have had 3 yes 3 speeding tickets in the last month ok i Know i need to SLOW down but they were all really retarded ones. Ryan is about ready to take my keys away.
He's so lucky though the judge did that for him-N

Rachel, et al said...

okay, i HAVE to comment here. i was just having a conversation with someone about the boice boys...how they have this sneaky way of pretending to be -what's the word- naive, dumb, innocent, but knowing full well what they are doing and it gets em crap!! people get suckered into giving them stuff because they feel sorry for these cute boys with the puppy dog eyes.

i tried to defend them, "oh, they really are just super nice and so harmless" and that got shot down by the people i was with. they all made fun of me for being a victim of boiceishness and said that a boice has never been on the raw end of anything.

tell us ash, did cort whip out the "i'm not really sure about anything" eyes on the judge?

cort-i love you! and i'm glad you got out of the fine regardless of how it was accomplished ;)

ashleyboice said...

Rachel...so funny. I totally know what you mean because i was woooed by a boice boy (cortney...none of the others). cortney had a way of making every girl fall in love with him. all the while acting like he knew nothing about it. today some girl was talking to one of cortney's friend at the golf course and she said "you know cortney boice...he was the biggest player at ricks" hahaa. so true. ya...they have a way of getting what they want. i will say that cortney mostly uses his "powers" for good.

Rachel, et al said...

lololol!! i'm dying. glad you are aware of this cuz i was afraid you would be offended. and yes, cort's mack-daddy days were discussed. so sinister! glad he is using it for good now.

Samantha said...

oh ash. I knew everything would be okay. It was so upsetting when it happened though. I'm glad everything turned out. we get so many blessings.

Heather said...

Dear Ashy, you tell Cortney he owes you the balance after the $27.00 for shopping money. So you go to him tonight and say "I want you to pay me $973.00 NOW." He can work it off by doing dishes for the next 5 years. Hee, Hee J.K Cort. Just want you guys to come visit.
Wuv, sis

Whitney Amelia said...

Ash and Cort....I have not commented in a while but your blog is looking so good, I read it everyday. Great photo btw cort of the flower, I really need a better camera. Do you want to sell yours any time soon? Your kidos are getting so big and beautiful, do you think either of them will take after their uncles or dad? I see it in Oli!
It would be good to see you guys. We need a family reunion!

Lucky Candice said...

Oh wow - 1,000 is a lot of mula. Cort takes photos? Maybe he could take our family photo this year?? I love the blog - keeps me updated. Want to hang out sometime!


Berta said...

I AM SO RELIEVED . . .not in a 'bathroom-sort-of-way' but that it was only $27 - YOU ARE SO LUCKY, MR.! I take it you found the registration (or whatever you were searching for!) - I'm glad you can breath easy now. Reminds me of when I dressed all you kids up (when you were really little) because I got a speeding ticket in front of Kennedy school and I wanted the judge to feel SORRY FOR ME because I had so many kids. Well, I looked great, all you kids looked great . . .but the judge was blind (literally) - Judge Forebush - blind almost all his life. Needless to say, I had to pay the fine - and it was HUGE! Ouch, when you have a ton of kids - no mercy for me! You are fortunate! Lovin' all the pictures - I'm stealing some here and there - hope you don't mind. Miss you guys. Hope to see you soon.
Love, Mom