Friday, July 06, 2007

callie's cafe.

One of my favorite places to eat here is Callie's Cafe. OHHH I love it. We went there tonight for dinner. We took the kids which was a bad idea. My Oli used to be so good when he was younger but they kept crawling over the table, throwing stuff on the floor, and trying to get out of our booth.

Callie's Cafe is a total greasy spoon. A place where everyone has mullets. But the food is oh so good. They have something called "Killer's" which is basically hashbrowns topped with green peppers, onions, mushrooms, cheese, bacon, ham, sausage, and country gravy. Ohhhhh. We always order that and pancakes. So tonight we got a double bonus. Bonus 1 killer's, bonus 2 Karaoke night. That's right Karaoke night. I love Karaoke. I wanted to sing so bad (there was probably a total of 8 people in there) but I knew my kids would be going crazy and I would have to stay up there and sing for 3 minutes. I am so getting a babysitter for next Saturday night so I can go and sing my heart out. Two guys sang before we left. The both sang country songs. They looked like regulars. Usually friday is Open mic night. But the guy that ran it was sick. Saturday...the place to be, Callie's.
Cortney loves to take pictures...he of course never has time. He took his camera down to work so he could take some this morning. I would love to blow this up huge and put it on my wall.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you had a blog! Well allright then. Where are you guys again? We moved to Sandy so it's closer than it used to be. We need to hang! I want to go to Callies and sing my heart out too.

Thanks for stopping by my bloggie. It's lame-o but it's me. Nice photo.

LC (lucky candice)

Berta said...

Oh, I want a little Callies! What a fun night out - greasy spoon and all. Watch those 'arteries' it'll catch up with you before you know it - but ohhhhhhhhh sooooooooo gooooooood!

LOVE the picture. He ought to submit his work on Flickr - very cool - love the colors.

Rachel, et al said...

if you blow it up let me know. i want one too

Adri said...

This is hilarious. Because - I used to always drive by this place with someone (I think if may have even been Laura!) and we'd always think that place looked pretty sketchy on the outside but probably had good food. I was always too nervous to try it though. I wish I would have now!
I like that picture. The colors are great.

ashleyboice said...

Callie's cafe used to look REAL sketchy but they now have a new buildiing (well I think it used to be a mexican restaurant) and they now accept debit and credit cards. Hahaaa.

Supercords said...

We need to go this Saturday as a group. Make it happen.