Wednesday, July 25, 2007


So...a great thing has happened. Luv's diapers are now stretchy where the tabs are. I know this is a very boaring topic, but it is something I have been waiting for forever. I personally love luv's. I think they work really good, my kids hardly ever leak through and they don't leave that gel residue that some diapers do. I also like the smell of the diaper. Cortney however doesn't. He refuses to have diapers that don't stretch. And since he does A LOT of the diaper changes at our house I usually buy the costco diapers instead. But now Luv's diapers stretch. Very exciting indeed.


Rachel, et al said...

funny post. personally the smell of luvs makes me nearly vomit. i used to babysit this little boy that wore them and - i hate to say it - i really didn't like this kid. just couldn't bond with him. luvs=bad memories.

happy that both of your needs are met though!

Laura Lei said...

Funny topic. I personally love diapers that stretch. I also get the Costco diapers. I can't say I have ever used or smelled luv diapers. I will have to try them out. Thanks for the tip.

ambea said...

ash, when I bought my recent box and discovered they were strechy all I could think about was telling you!! Every diaper change I keep thinking I've got to call ash and let her know. amber