Saturday, September 29, 2007

soooo cold

Isaac and Linh were married today. It was awesome. It was also SOOOOOOOO COLD! They were married at 9:00 and it was in the 40's but the wind was CRAZY. Cortney and I have done pictures for a lot of winter weddings. This was worse than a nice snowy day that is for sure.

We went to the temple last night for Linh and Michael's endowments. All seven of my siblings and all of their spouses were there in the temple. What a feeling that was. Plus both of my grandma's and two sets of aunts and uncles. I loved it. My dad was seriously in heaven..."it doesn't get any better than this" he always says.

All in all the wedding was great. I am so happy for them. I am also glad to have Linh in the family. She is going to be an awesome sister. They left this afternoon for Disneyland (she's never been). We had a nice luncheon at Cali's and then we went home and took a long winter's nap. We were soooo tired (I was up at 6:30 to do linh's hair, and two of her friends too). Then at 6:00 it was back to Cali's for the BYU game. Ohhh what a great sure makes things easier when we win. When we lose everyone is really grumpy, and no fun. It was a great weekend...filled with family and friends. I loved it.

It was too cold to get very many pictures. Cortney will take some more later when they get back. Also we had to rent a camera while we wait for his new one to come in....that was interesting.

Here is the whole group...minus Cort (man there is something about extreme cold and wind that makes people not very photogenic)
Ike and Linh trying to stay warm.
It was so hard to get her whole dress in a picture and still get his head. He is 6 foot 7 and she is like 5 foot 2 or something like that.
She looked awesome.
I just put these on...but Cortney is the one that edits pictures so these aren't edited yet. We should have some good ones...despite the weather.


emily palenske said...

Ashley, he looks EXACTLY like you. Especially in that picture where he's got his lips pursed together. Something about those lips makes me think "ashley in photo shoot." What a fun day to get a new sister...she seems so nice...

khepworth said...

Ashley, your new SIL is beautiful. I lover her dress and sash. Very cute!

What's up with the guy standing next to you in the 1st picture? Is he trying to remedy his frostbitten toe? Funny.

Lindsay said...

I wish we could have been there for their special day. Linh looks so beautiful!

angie said...

looks like it was so cold but so much fun. wish i could have been there. since cali doesn't have a blog you will have to tell her how adorable her outfit was for me. she is so cute. love you cousins!

allison said...

Yea for new sisters! Lihn is really beautiful and Issac DOES look just like you. Oh, and I love your blue shoes.

Laura Lei said...

I love her colors. If I could go back in time, I think I would choose black and red.

mumovearls said...

So wonderful Ryan and I wished we could be there. We heard how wonderful it was! I'm excited to do the reception here it is going to Awesome! -nena
her dress is beautiful! Love the Black and Red