Thursday, September 06, 2007

blue skys from pain

Today I went to a funeral for a newborn. One of my young women's little brother. It was sad. I talked to her for about an hour tonight. Her dad also died when she was little. I wish I knew the exact right thing to say to her. She thinks God is trying to teach her something. I hope she will be okay. I feel lucky that I had parents that had such strong testimonies. Parents that helped us keep going after Zac died.

On a less serious note...the power went off last night for 4 hours. From midnight on. It was stormed so hard here. It is crazy how dark it gets when the power goes off. I woke up the second it came back on...the noise of things powering back up. It is amazing how much we depend on electricity.

I just got done watching Newport Beach on MTV (I think I am allowed to watch that show now...sorry mom if I am still not allowed to watch MTV...hahaa) I am sorry but today on the show it was a first date between two kids on the show. I seriously felt embarassed watching it. I was covering half my face as they hinted to each other that they wanted to go to prom together. Oh my goodness. I love reality tv. Now my friends obviously weren't rich like that but...watching them there in that restaurant...that is just how it was for me. How funny. As an adult I don't ever have to hint around to someone about something. I always say how I feel. That is something as a teen I was usually scared to do. The show really made me remember how nervous, I always was in those kind of situations. It was the funnest ever then but I am so relieved I don't have to do that forever. I WOULD DIE if my first date was recorded and played on national TV...I don't know how those kids do it.

Oli and Rob stayed at the house of another lady in my ward while I was at the funeral. She had parakeets and 5 baby hamsters. My kids were so excited. Oliver now wants a pet hawk and a pet eagle.


Kimmy said...

I, too, am now getting hooked on Newport Harbor. I love it!!

Hey, Aaron saw Cortney at the golf course this morning and told him that I never got your number to call you. He was wrong! I wrote you a comment a couple days ago and didn't hear back. Don't worry...I'm not mad. I just don't want you to think I didn't try. We're leaving today...bummer I missed you!

angie said...

i haven't been watching that show but i was at my mom's last night and she was taping it. i tuned in just as the date was awkward. makes me remember why i don't date. i am addicted to yet another show.