Saturday, September 22, 2007


We are watching a Stone and Nathan for the week (we used to live in their parent's basement...don't worry they make it worth our while). I actually love watching them. They are pretty good...and we are so used to eachother, since we did live in the same house for 2 things are always relaxed. Everytime I watch them I always think...I can't wait for my family to be like this. I can't wait to have old kids and young kids and lots of them. It feels like it will take forever to get there. Stone is 12...he is so good with my younger kids. He takes Rob wherever he wants...he gets him drinks and helps him do stuff. I know that if they were real siblings that maybe they would fight more and such. But...I remember loving my little siblings...I used to love to take Mike everywhere with me. I still do. Today we played outside for a while.
It drives Rob crazy that he can't do all of the big boy things everyone else can do. He begged me to put on his shoes so he could ride the scooter...once he got out there he couldn't figure it out. Cort took him for a ride.
The cruised all over the neighborhood.
Oli is starting to learn to ride a skate board now. He has the scooter down (and has since he was two) I really need to go buy some kneepads and elbow pads.
Nathan riding the 4-wheeler
Here Rob is crying because dad is too tired to give him any more rides.
Stone took Rob on rides after that...notice his big tear on his cheek.
Stone and Oli.

So I am watching them until friday...It will be a long week mostly because...
1. I am not used to getting up and getting kids dressed, lunches made and on the bus before 8.
2. I am also not used to HOMEWORK...I hated it when I was little...I think I still do. It is hard for me to make them do it. They like to whine a lot.
3. Piano practice...they have to do it everyday. Man...I thought getting them to do their homework was hard.

We are happy they are here though. And for a week I get to have a big family.


Samantha said...

do you have to take them to their house to practice the piano? Sounds like fun though.

Berta said...

GREAT pictures - thanks for the peek of these sweet boys! Sure miss you guys - but the pictures help to fill in the void.
Love you -

ali degraff said...

You sound like a really good babysitter. That's it...I'm sending Jack over!

mumovearls said...

so funny I love that you watch other peoples kids - older kids are way easier to have around

Lindsay said...

That's nice of you to watch them. I imagine it would not be fun getting kids to do their homework or practice piano. I hated practicing piano as a kid. That's why I only took lessons for a year!