Friday, September 14, 2007


Well I know I haven't posted all week, which is not my usual style but...I've been busy...and nothing interesting has happened. I am going to get back on track. For now though I wanted to say that Robbie got undressed (he loves being naked right is really irratating). I needed to grab his pj's so I put him on the toilet (on oli's dora potty seat) really fast to sit there while I got them. While on there he went pee. How exciting is that. I am not going to potty train him anytime soon was still cool.


Lindsay said...

How awesome! You may be able to potty-train him earlier than you expected. I always dread potty-training my kids, but both of them NEVER showed any interest prior to potty training.

Lindsay said...

I checked out your book blog and loved it! I'm going to go buy a few of them.

HEATHER D said...

Dang girl you are good. I wish my 2 boys would have learned that on there own. They were good at sitting on the toilet....peeing.....but not in the toilet! ALL OVER THE FLOOR!
I love those little boys.