Sunday, September 09, 2007


Michael got his mission call yesterday morning. Asuncion Paraguay!!!!! How exciting. I am soo happy for him. He had put his availability date as Jan 1st and his call is for Dec is like the week before finals, so he will have to get that figured out. I love that boy. He is such a good brother. I thought somehow since mike was born in Peru that he would be going back to his homeland. Paraguay is close enough. Photo by Nena Earl

We went to Cali and Joey's last night to watch the BYU game...sigh...we lost. Mike and some of his friends came too. It was fun. I will say this whole 4 kids under 4 is pretty hard...well actually it's the 3 under 2 that is hard. Don't get me wrong...nothing I can't handle. Just different from my life of hardly having to do anything...hahaha. It is hard in the night with so many babies. And at dinner because 3 of them can't really feed themselves very well. And we will see how church goes today. Cortney has meetings before church so I will be bathing and dressing all four. I am excited however to do the girlies hair. That should be fun. i also want to say that I love being able to watch my sisters kids, and I love that she watches mine. We both know that there is nothing like a little vacation time away from kids. I have to go know...gracie baby doesn't want me to type anymore.


allison said...

You are SO lucky to get to live so close to a sister...seriously lucky...I am drooling in jealousy!! Way to go handling so many WAS church by the way???? We were thrilled to get ours into nursery for the first time today, yipee!

Laura Lei said...

It's moments like this, that i wish desperately for a sister. Ohh well.