Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Theo 15 months

Theo had his 15 month appointment last week.  I have been so worried about his head shape because he has a big bulge on the back left side of his head.  I gave him a little haircut the night before so the doctor could get a real good look at it.  (he thought he looked fine.)

at the appointment

My kids have always loved crawling into this little cubby at the doctors office.  I thought it was real funny to see them both in there. 

I had to include these of Henry at his 15 month appointment because he is doing the exact same thing.   

Henry at 15 months...

My doctor has been concerned about Theo having some developmental delays for quite some time. (probably since he was 9 months and not sitting up) So he decided since he wasn't walking it was time to make an appointment with kids on the move.  They do different kinds of therapy depending on what delays your kid has.  I honestly don't think anything is wrong with him and I told the doctor that he was smart but he just couldn't walk...the doctor then mentioned that along with walking he wants 15 month olds to have a 3-6 word vocab...haha...I think that was the doctors polite way to tell me he was worried about that delay too.  (longest run on sentence ever).  Anyways he was supposed to be evaluated today but he had a super high fever last night (103.8)...and so we had to reschedule.  

My sick sick baby at 2 in the morning getting a bath.  Cortney ran to the store to get some tylenol...and he ran into a frazzled mom in the medicine section looking for gripe water (although she wasn't sure what it was called)...he helped her find it and gave her a little pep talk.  She had a 4 day old cryer...poor thing.  (glad I am not in her shoes)

Theo's stats.

weight 21.63 lbs  31.52 percentile
Height  31 inches  41.11 percentile
Head 18.5   54.81 percentile

Theo is such a good baby.  He is getting into trouble like crazy right now, emptying drawers and cabinets, trying to climb stairs, throwing his food all over the place...typical baby boy stuff.  He has such a nice personality though.  He is just so relaxed.  He loves his brothers, they can really make him laugh and he loves being around them.  I think he calls them all OLI but I can't really tell if that is just a coincidence that he says that. He yells MOM all the time but he uses it for both Cortney and I. It basically means help me.  He loves food and I always have to try hard to remember to feed him since I never had to feed my picky eater Henry.  His body looks so different than my other kids so slender and slight (even though he isn't skinny...he just isn't barrel chested with cankles and huge feet) compared to my thick meaty babies.   He isn't cuddly at all but he does want me near him at all times.  He is starting to wave a little and has taken a couple wobbly steps (mostly when he doesn't realize he is doing it on his own).  He doesn't like us trying to make him walk at all.  He is an all star crawler though.  I kept telling my doctor he is like the fastest crawler ever and has perfect form...he wasn't impressed.... haha.  

A couple of weeks ago Cali and I were talking (it was cali's cleaning day so all the kids were over) and Theo crawled into the room covered in purple stuff.  He had found a FULL bottle of delsym, he opened the childproof lid (my kids have super advanced opening skills), drank some and spilled the rest.  It was horrible.  He spit up a little while later and it wasn't purple so I figured he was okay.  A couple of hours later he broke out in a super weird rash and Cali and I decided he needed to go to instacare.  The doctor figured it was just a reaction to having the cough syrup on his the time Cortney got home with him it was almost all the way gone.  Better safe than sorry. :)
mischievous baby. 

Theo is such a joy to us and we love him so much.  He goes into nursery in May and we are counting down every second.  He is such such a good boy (and still sleeping from his sick night last night)

 One last thing....Theo loves sleeping under a pillow.  He pulls the pillow over him right when I put him in bed...It's kinda cute. he is sleeping and peed through....Time for overnight diapers. (my kids sleep tooo long for regular size four diapers). 


Angelique said...

You look really pretty in that always do.

Marion has finally caught up to Theo in weight! :) He is such a cute little guy.

lanita said...

First off, I LOVED the Giant Jam Sandwich as a little girl. Great choice, Oliver! Secondly, you weren't being a "diva" on your bummer of a birthday. You would think a clean house and happy kids wouldn't be asking too much, but often times it just is! Being a mom ain't easy.

Sherry Ward said...

Lincs has been with Kids on the Move for a little over a year now and he has progressed A LOT! He was two and said MAYBE 1-2 words. I LOVE them!! Sorry things have been a little stressful for you! I am seriously happy to watch your boys if you ever need a break! PROMISE!! =D