Saturday, March 09, 2013


The first day of the diet we could only eat fruits.  I ate cuties (oranges), 1 apple, blackberries, strawberries, and a couple of grapes.  My favorite were the cuties and blackberries.  I had a couple bowls of the cabbage soup for dinner.

I was pretty fainty the whole day...but it wasn't bad.  I could tell I didn't have a ton of energy and by night I wasn't very patient with my kids.  I also had a headache.  I wasn't grossed out by the food though.   Which was nice.  

Today we can ONLY eat veggies.  Which has been harder than fruits.  We had a sliced cucumber for breakfast and then had our only potato of the week.  I steamed the potatoes and then pan fried them up in butter...we were allowed a small amount of butter today for the potato.  We each had less than a tablespoon.  

Cortney was down 2.5 one day. :)  For me it was 1.6, of course I know I can fluctuate like that but it is nice to have our starving pay off. 


Kim said...

I'm so curious to see how this goes for you. Good luck! I like the updates.

Angie said...

If it's not too miserable for you. I may try this post mexico trip...although just reading about it makes me hungry and grumpy...good luck.

Supercords said...

I'm not a fan of these fad diets, but I enjoy reading about them. I don't know anyone who diets more than you, Cort, Cali, and Joe. (at least for a week at a time) Why didn't Joey join you guys for this one? Too hard to give up WingShack?