Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 4 bananas and milk

I couldn't post about this day while it was happening because I was in the DEPTHS OF DESPAIR.  I started off the day by making a banana smoothie for Cortney.  I had a small spoonful and I literally dry heaved 5 times.  I was hurting big time.  I tried eating a banana a little at a time.  After about 15 minutes of trying and washing it down with water I tried a little activia fat free yogurt.  Bleech also gross. I new I couldn't do it.  There was no way.  I got online and saw that I could successfully substitute papaya (yuck tastes like a babies diaper), apricots (totally out of season and not available at my grocery store), or kiwis.  at noon I got my weak body in the car (I could barely open the van doors that is how weak I was)...and drove to walmart.  I was on the verge of crying (instead of tears....my eyes don't make tears...true).   I bought 11 kiwis and went to the car and started eating.  I was supposed to eat 8-16 through out the day...but could only get 7 down.  I had 3 bowls of the cabbage soup throughout the day and I was actually hungry enough to think it tasted yummy.  Cortney had 7 or 8 bananas throughout the day and eventually had to plug his nose to get them down.

The good news was I was down 6 lbs.
Cortney was down 5 (which will tell you which one of us had the most unhealthy eating habits before this)

Day 4 was also the day we noticed our stomachs really getting "cleansed"....tmi...yeah I know.

I went to bed discouraged and mad.  I wasn't a good mom at all that day and my patience was thin...real thin.

This morning I woke up and had a rheumatology appointment at 9:30.  Its CHICKEN day today though so I got to eat 1/2 a chicken breast for breakfast.  I did not feel good this morning at all.  I was so weak.  I could feel my heart beating so hard.  It was a struggle just to get dressed. When I was at the doctor it took them a couple of tries to get my blood pressure and I thought "oh boy maybe this diet is dangerous..." but they got it and I was fine.  Afterwards I had blood drawn and was nervous it would make my weak self faint.  haha.  However, around this time I was starting to feel the chicken.  Let me tell you it did wonders for my body.  I feel soooooo much better today.  I have had a couple of chicken breasts and some cherry tomatoes. Chicken is so much yummier than cabbage.  :)

Other side effects that all 3 of us have noticed.... It has been hard for our bodies to regulate body temperature.  We all have been going to sleep with freezing cold feet, and have been cold wearing hoodies during the day.  Along with that, I got up to clean yesterday and was sweating in seconds.

Another big one is that we are all having a REALLY hard time sleeping.  We have all been tossing and turning all night and having our minds racing.

I feel so much more optimistic today.  Plus we are almsot done.

Theo had his appointment with kids on the move...

You gotta love (or hate) henry's blurry photography of the appointment.  I just can't believe how long my hair is. 

The appointment went great and the lady was so nice.  We went through the evaluation and she decided that Theo didn't qualify because he wasn't delayed enough.  He was the most delayed in physical and cognitive development but still was out of their ranges.  I was really happy about that...that is great news.

 such a happy baby!

Also the boy started climbing this week.  That's an annoying but exciting milestone.  


Samantha said...

Ashley this sounds horrible. Horrible. I started weight watchers today. I don't expect to lose tons because I'm nursing, but at least hoping to slow the crazy amount of gaining that's happening. On an unrelated note, I was SUPER mean mom today. Maybe it was the diet, maybe it was Owen telling me he genuinely liked Mario cart more than he liked me.

Kim said...

Diets make me so grumpy. I have not patience for anything.

You are doing awesome, Ash. Good job!

Supercords said...

This doesn't sound healthy at all. You'd think those doctors on Pinterest would know what they're talking about.